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24 April 2015

Cards from Kit Leftovers

Sometimes it is the most fun to craft without having to think too much, so I have spent a lot of time finishing up cards from my Creating Keepsakes classes.  Quick and easy can be very satisfying!  (Getting all those cards photographed is not as quick, so I have none to show you today.)

It is also satisfying to figure out ways to use up the last few supplies in a class kit.  Here are three cards I designed using the leftover materials.  I incorporated ideas, like layering pretty stuff under and atop transparencies, from the card class.


In addition to the the leftover bits from the card class, I supplemented with some old Sassafras stickers, and a journal card and button pack from other MME lines at that same time.  I think my favorite is the bottom card there with all the branding strips Zyron-ed onto the card front.


Here is a card I made from the leftovers of my April Counterfeit Challenge kit.  This is a perfect example of one I overthought.  I didn’t like it, until I started removing items.  When it looked pretty good, I stopped.  How is that for a little reverse engineering.

Now I can clear my desk of these two projects and work on something new.  I will be back here in a couple of days with the May Counterfeit Challenge kit – it’s a little something special.

21 April 2015

Counterfeit Crush Revealed

Yesterday, I showed you a layout that I did based on my scrapbook crush.  Today I am going to show you some of her work, and another attempt of mine to counterfeit her style.



delightful you

And SHE is:  Celeste Smith

and her blog is (click banner!)

I hope you will go check her blog out and enjoy more of her lovely work.  She has been especially prolific during March’s Calvinball over at Get It Scrapped.  And she’s been a wonderful inspiration to me!

And you can see the rest of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge team's crushes revealed over on the blog.

20 April 2015

Counterfeit Crush Blog Hop

As explained over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, the design team is participating in a game of guess that scrapbook crush.  Ready to play?

taking a break

My crop crush is a digital scrapper.  She has a clean and simple style.  She utilizes subtle layers behind her photos, which are often accented with a thin white border.  I admire her use of plain cardstock backgrounds and copious white space.  Even more than that, I like the way that she can make just a little color and pattern have big impact.  She rarely uses photos larger than 3 x 4 and she employs just enough embellishments to make the page look finished instead of sparse. She sometimes uses grids – and can even make those look more minimal than usual.  She has excellent pattern mixing skills, and often you’ll find a small paper strip along one side of her page. If she were a paper scrapper, she would be a "masterful scrapbook designer" using up small scraps with ease.

As you can see, my layout incorporates much of what I like about her style, while staying true to my own style with a medium to large title.  It was difficult for me to restraint myself to so little color or pattern.  For Pete’s sake, that’s a white cardstock background, and you can fully see half of it!!  In order to keep myself from using too much patterned paper, I limited myself to just 3 x 4 Project Life cards from this month’s kit. In fact, 3 cards with their own white space!  Overall, the effect is so unlike me, so like her!

Need another hint?  I have attempted to copy her style before.

Check back tomorrow here and on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog to see who I am talking about and scrapping like.

Here is the rest of the team that is participating in this challenge:

19 April 2015

Me On Monday With Elvis In The Barn

Well, in a fashion!!  I’m posting a bit early, because I couldn’t wait to show you these snaps.


These are snapshots taken last week at my friend’s little “rustic retreat.”  At her dad’s house is a barn/garage he built many years ago.  After he passed away 3 years ago, she wondered what she would do with the tractor, truck, tools and other things in there.  Well, she’s very sentimental, so she has only managed to part with a few things that were his, mostly to family members and close friends.  So the main floor of the barn remains pretty much the same – a farm-type garage.

DSC01405barn pics

But there is a loft to the barn, and the more she thought, the more she wanted to use that space.  So she has turned it into a retreat, a sanctuary for both her and the "extra" antiques passed down to her and collected by her and her late husband.  Most of what is included here is quite old, but you will spot some newer collectibles and lamps to brighten the space.  Even she was amazed when she kept pulling things out of storage in the basements of her house and her brother’s house too.  Isn't it nice that she can now enjoy seeing them.


Her first rendition was completed a year ago, but at that time nearly 1/3 of the loft was taken up by stacks of lumber that her dad had saved.  (See where she gets it!)  When she realized she had more collectibles than space, she enlisted the help of a friend to build shelving for the walls using that old lumber and freeing up floor space.


Although it is one big room with all the walls lined with goodies, she has made sections for the “entry”, “living room”, “kitchen” and the “bath” (no actual indoor plumbing, mind you).  There are a couple of cozy spots with lots of personal family pictures that I am not including to respect her wishes.


If you look close enough you will see that she loves bears, cats, white glassware, heavy steel/iron tools and Elvis.  Yes, definitely Elvis.  It is not enough to collect one, she needs many, many irons, rolling pins, vases, scales, you name it.  If she has one, she likely has more than one.


She has a knack for putting together sweet little vignettes like this one in the “laundry room”.


And this one because she loves music, especially Elvis'.


She has actually entertained up here when the weather is just right.  The barn is not insulated, with only ceiling fans for air circulation.  On the day I visited, here is what sat on her table – I had not seen this pattern before.


I took lots more pictures to give her a complete set.  We spent a good part of the  morning looking around and her sharing some personal thoughts and stories related to pieces.  Her memory amazes me as to how each piece came into her possession.  Whether through several generations of relatives or on antiquing trips with her late hubby, she recalls the details.  I plan to help her create an album where she can write down those details of the personal pieces along with the family stories.


This old oak chest is my favorite piece, it is particularly spectacular to see it with the lid lifted.  Because she was worried about it warping in the heat, she thought it best to keep it closed. So no peek for you! This little girl figurine with the basket on her hip (not antique) caught my eye because the pose was just like my Lladro piece that sits in my living room.  Sometimes we do like the same things (add this to Elvis, old china of any sort, and Boyd's Bears).


What a pleasant morning retreat for us both.  Then, of course, we had lunch out and went antiquing.  When she points out something interesting at the antique shop, and states that she has one similar – she is not kidding!

Why not snap a shot of yourself and let us know who you have been hanging out with?  Sian and the gang have inquiring minds.

15 April 2015

Creating Keepsakes Unpacking

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon turned dreary that I finally made it into the studio to unpack from the CK weekend.  Wanna see some pretty stuff?

We attended 10 sessions including the crop over 2 1/2 days.  Hey, either go to scrap big or stay home, we figured.

I have always been impressed with the classes that CK puts on themselves.  The instructors, Nicole Harper and Annette Hardy, were both excellent.  The pace was good, not too fast.  They don’t skimp on supplies, which are from some of my fave manufacturers.  It was like receiving a six month subscription to a kit club class by class.  You will see some completed cards there, but we didn't complete a single layout - much homework still to do.

ckc class bckc class dckc class d-001ckc class eCKC class fckc class g

I took 2 layout classes, 2 card making classes, a pocket scrapping class and 1 technique class from CK.  My favorite was Trendy Techniques with Gossamer Blue.  I love their On My Desk collection, and purchased more of that collection in a companion kit at the CK booth.  From other class sponsors, we took an alcohol markers class, that was interesting and an embossing class that was a bust until I won the big prize!

ckc class hckc class a

An opening night technique workshop featuring Paper Loft and Queen & Co. included mostly paper with few embellishments, in their hopes of also selling you companion pages.

class a2

Even when it is part of a larger workshop, Creating Keepsakes outshines with their generosity.  We also enjoyed a little jewelry making with Craft Fantastic.

ckc crop pack

The disappointment of the event was the paid crop, we were squeezed 4 at a circular table that they originally expected to sit 6.  I only worked on cards for lack of space.  We got a few goodies on the way in, and there were two fun activities.  First, Queen & Co. provided a buffet of small embellies.  We scooped up six of those little condiments cups of various buttons, bling, wood veneer, etc.  The other event was a paddle auction:  you pay for paddles in order to bid on about a dozen items.  I won 1000+ more pieces of bling on a 25 cent bid, and sis-in-law won 3 packages of cardstock on a 75 cent bid, the highest you could go on a single item.   Cost effective procurement, maybe not, but there was entertainment value.  Disappointed overall and not having completed much scrapping, sis-in-law and I have decided that next time we will save that money and bring a card table to crop in our room.

So you are probably wondering – did you shop, S?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we did.

ckc buy one 

We stuck to our plan of only looking and not buying until we had been in class, so that we knew what kind of supplies we would be getting.  We were rewarded in each CK class with a $5 coupon off a $20 purchase in their booth, and you could use more than one! (Other vendors had other coupon offers for their classes.)  The vendor floor seemed to be even larger than in Nashville in 2013; every booth was very well stocked with bargains and new products.

 ckc buy two
In addition to the On My Desk companion kit, I picked up another card class kit in the CK booth.  Along with a few papers to complement other class materials, I could not resist fun new Thickers, St. Louis Cardinals papers, Notes & Things kit by Project Life, Teresa Collins Life Emporium, $1/roll washi tape and a few cute buttons.

CKC Freebies

Oh yes, and let’s not forget all the freebies I won as door prizes (oops - that is the wrong magazine pictured – I won Vol. 12 of Card Creations).  My favorite is that CTMH page kit won at the very first workshop – it has a very cool stamp set.  I won something at more than half of the classes I attended.  My consistent good luck was astonishing to me and even more so to my sis-in-law.  Not to worry, she walked away with some door prizes too.

Now that it is all sorted out, I need to finish all the class projects.  But not this week as I need to come down off my scrappy supply high before jumping back in!