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26 January 2015

An In The Pink Card

Last week I made a few cards from my kit leftovers.  I could not post them sooner, as I was sending them in the mail, and did not want to spoil anyone’s surprise. (Yes, anyone is college girl!)


I know my card making skills to be very hit and miss, but I was especially happy how this one turned out.

She got it today and texted me a photo of the bulletin board over her desk – it’s filling up nicely with cards!  There is nothing more motivating than that to encourage more card making!

24 January 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop for January

Hello, and welcome to the January 2015 monthly blog hop where we all join in trying to meet the challenges set by the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  Here is the line-up this month:
Blog hops are one just source of shared fun in the internet scrapbooking realm, and today I am showing you a layout about another – swaps.

Swap Fun! – a Counterfeit Kit Challenge layout


Story: Back in May 2013, Sian of From High In The Sky arranged an around-the-globe swap of treasures among scrapbookers.  Here are the photos of the items I received and those I sent which I blogged about back then.  I printed the photos in two sizes, perhaps to be included on a Project Life page, and then set them aside and forgot about them.  I unearthed the photos recently and set about scrapping them.

Style: The title work here was done in response to the this month’s #3 challenge over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge to use negatives on your pages.  I think the HUGE title reflects that there is big fun in swapping little bits.  I know a design professional might say the scale is out of proportion – but I say phooey – it’s fun, I like it, and it is MY page!  As you can see, I had mostly negatives left in this set, and even then I had to finagle an ”A” from the negative of a “V”.

Stash: All the supplies for this page came from my January 2015 Counterfeit Kit, with two very important exceptions. When I started looking at the photos closely, I recognized two distinctive items received in the swap that I had not used yet:  the butterfly brad and the yellow arrow clip.  I even remembered where they were – in my box of bits and bobs for Project Life and for crops.  I used them at the top of the page to start a visual triangle of arrows in decreasing sizes around the page.


A year and a half later, those two bits (or are they bobs?) are about all that is left of that huge stash of little treasures received from Jennifer of On A Tangent.   It makes me smile to think of so many little treasures having been used.

Now I challenge you to work with negatives on your page.  Or if you happened to participate in the Great Big Swap of Very Small Things, why not see if you can use some of those little treasures on a page, if you haven’t already depleted that supply.

 But first, go check out what Laura of Beads, Buttons & Birds has whipped up.  Enjoy!

23 January 2015

Last Bits and Bobs on Paper

Well, I haven’t killed my kit this month, but mortally wounded it.  This layout was compiled solely for the purpose of cutting into uncut papers and opening up untouched embellishments.

Bros. (brothers abbreviated) – a layout from my January 2015 Counterfeit Kit


Story: This photo of  my husband (right) and his younger brother was probably taken in the mid to late 1960’s, about the same time as the snapshot of me and my sisters in my last post.


It was purely coincidence that both photos were in a large stack of random stuff in no particular order I decided to start working my way through this month (and next, next, next).  This old snapshot was sent back to my husband by his cousin, who had unearthed it from my husband's uncle's belongings after he passed away last year.  From the small decorative images printed on its border, I suspect it would have originally been sent at Christmas.  My hopes that the exact year would be noted on the back were dashed - I will have to see if my mother-in-law has a copy marked in her albums.

Style: The page was almost complete in 30 minutes . . . until . . . .  I messed up the subtitle and had to fix it.  Usually my mistakes can all be undone with Undo – but not this time.  In the upper right hand corner I had used some mint green letters to include the boys’ names, but they lacked sufficient contrast against the kraft and gold background.  I decided to outline them in black – and in an abundance of caution I used colored pencil instead of ink.  Still, the gold dots resisted the color and it looked bad.  I tried erasing it – that is why I had used pencil, after all.  It should work great – well, not so much.  Moving on – so I could still finish up in under an hour.

(Reminder to self:  Add their names back in, oh and a date too!!)

Stash: Luckily an old Studio Calico advertising card I pulled from my scraps worked with the other colors on my page, and covered the letters (which I didn’t even bother to remove) and smudged pencil.  A few word stickers from Authentique stand in for journaling.

I also grabbed that old book page from my stash, and its inclusion on the page qualifies this layout for the second challenge this month over at Counterfeit Kit Club.

Drop by on Saturday to see my layout for the third challenge of the month.  I will have completed the trifecta.  See you then.

22 January 2015

Inspired by Single and Pretty

Blog friend, Sian From High in the Sky, is one of the featured teachers over at Get It Scrapped this month and next.  The topic is pretty layouts with a single photo, which is right up her alley.  I have always admired her style, not to mention her storytelling.  Anyway, I thought I’d try my hand at it.  My January 2015 Counterfeit kit had many pretty papers to mix and match.  Now is the time, it would seem.

Ready for Church – a layout from my January 2015 Counterfeit Kit

ready for church-001 

Story: My sisters and I pose in the front yard, ready for church.  We are all in dresses, and we oldest two have those little doily veils we were required to wear.  I’m not sure how little sister is getting away without wearing one.  Is she winking at somebody in a knowing way or just squinting from the sun?  Perhaps Mom will wait until the last minute to pin the little veil on her.  But the last minute had nearly arrived as we only walk past two houses down the street to the church on the corner, like we did every Sunday when we were growing up. 

sisters close-up 
Style: This old photograph is self-explanatory – given that the subject is three little girls, it seems perfect for a single and pretty page.  I started with two main patterned papers that cross (in a nod to church) and I have added lots of touches that refer back to the dresses – the ruffled paper on the left edge, a doily, various buttons, faux pink stitching,  wooden bows and a little wooden dress at the bottom.  I kept wanting to add more, and I did add more.  But finally I finished by taking a few things off the page.  I have reinforced a simple diagonal flow to the page with the slightly darker pink washi tape. (That pink bow is not as dark in reality as it photographed.)

I will be trying this style again – I think I can do better.  And what do you think of using the original of the old photo?  Photographed without sunlight, the old photo looks even more yellowed that it is.  Would you have reprinted a cleaner, color corrected copy like the one I posted above.  Personally, I opted for the charm of the yellowed original over a new version, even though the retouched one would have matched the papers a little better.  I guess nostalgia trumps perfection this time.

Stuff: I added several things to my January 2015 Counterfeit Kit for this layout – the doily from an old Studio Calico kit, wood buttons from Dear Lizzy for American Crafts and odd buttons (some Stampin Up) from my stash.

After the photo, the thing I love most about this page has to be those adorable Anna Marie wood veneer pieces, both the bows and the dress, from Prima.

19 January 2015

Me on Monday–Oh So Organized

Well, I will be – soon – steps are being taken I tell you!!!


Speaking of steps, here I am in my tennies – just back from the gym.  It was very crowded at the gym due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, but we were not to be deterred.

And doubling back to the topic of organization, I made great progress this past week, the first after college-break ended.  The first thing I noticed about the retired life is that you quickly lose track of your days, especially when you haven’t set up your calendar/planner for the year.  When lots of days feel like Saturday, you begin to understand the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s query – “What is a weekend?”


The Project Life Journal Planner that hubby got me for Christmas is now assembled – with only 5% of the year having slipped by (that’s not so bad).  I  stamped with 12 different Stampin Up colors matched to the pages and these cute Scraptastic stamps I won as blog candy.  I printed some small month-at-a-glance pages from Hadley Designs to insert in the monthly divided page protectors. Remind me next year to remember that drawback to undated planners.


When no one is headed out the door to the office in the morning, or returning at the end of the day, you also lose what had been the natural cadence of your days.  I’m not complaining, mind you, I am merely pointing out the phenomenon.  My computer time is much less regular and regimented, so I have now installed a “system” for blog reading.  I am going to try it out for a few weeks, and if it works, I will share the time-saving, focus-imposing, surely life-changing system with you.

Onto other things, our weekend (which started on Friday, or was it Thursday) included:
  • a visit to my mother-in-law’s
  • asking about family stories, and taking notes for future blog posts
  • finishing another audiobook in the car
  • seeing George Strait in two different restaurants (okay, only his photos on the wall, but 2 consecutive places was quite a coincidence)
  • buttery baked potato and extra thick maple sauce smothered pork chop dinner
    (dripped onto my new sweater, but totally worth it)
  • returning home Saturday night too lazy to cook
  • husband running for pizza and salad carryout (dietetic by comparison to our prior meals)
  • church-skipping on Sunday (at my request – so naughty – couldn’t believe hubby let us)
  • my blog reading and writing during his TV basketball game viewing
  • starting and finishing a single scrapbook page and having time left to open and sort that box of $10 sale kits.  (Yes, in that order!)


What have you been up to – where are your steps leading you today?  Do give Sian and the rest of us a wave and catch us up.