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30 March 2015

Me On Monday – Battles Go Better With A Plan

Gosh, I’m a little tired today.  This weekend we took a short notice trip to Marietta, Georgia to attend the funeral of the wife of one of hubby's long-time business associates.  The 6 hour drive wasn’t bad – and we carved out time while we were there to do a little hiking.

Have I shared with you that hubby wants to start hiking?  He has done a few short hikes around town and near his home-town.  I don’t want to be left behind, so I let him talk me into buying hiking boots in January.

My brand new boots got their inaugural hike at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Hubby is a bit of a Civil War buff, and it was close to our hotel.  The plan was . . . wait – there was no plan, certainly nothing resembling research.  The idea was to go and take a walk – kill a little time between breakfast and lunch.

The fact that we had trouble finding the visitors center to the park should have tipped us off that things were not as straightforward as one might suppose.  This park is actually laid out in three separate sections, encroached upon by urban sprawl from every direction, separated by some pretty busy thoroughfares.  Undaunted by our lack of luck and/or preparation and our GPS’s failure to give us good output based on bad input, we located one of their trail parking lots.  We took a quick look at the posted trail map and started off.  After a few minutes of walking to shake off the chill, we came upon various civil war encampment sites and markers with historical accounts of the battle that took place there.  It was going to be a pleasant sunny educational walk.

So here I am along the trail.


Well, that all sounds pretty straightforward, S?  What happened next?

To make a long story short – what we supposed was a walk of 1 mile, was actually 5 1/2 miles –fortuitously not with any challenging changes in altitude.  Of course, it was only thanks to regular users of the trail, that we discovered this fact halfway into the journey when turning back saves you nothing compared to continuing onward. It might only be fair at this point in the story to let you know that hubby had suggested we turn back earlier - so I have been educated to the fact that his instincts and sense of direction and distance aren't too bad, while mine are non-existent.

Here is hubby, happy to have acquired a cell signal (thank you urban sprawl), letting our friends know we wouldn’t be back in time for lunch, after all.


We did continue onward, and also happily, that is when we happened upon some of the park’s full time residents, who reminded us that we were novice visitors on their terrain. (Noted!)


All’s well that ends well, as they say.  (Of course, they only say that until back at home, they belatedly do their research online, only to discover that they actually saw and photographed the back of an important monument and missed the front!!  Grant and Sherman, they are not.)

That is why I’m a little tired today – my feet and ankles are fine due to the very solid and comfortable hiking boots.  A few other muscles remain a little sore – I guess there were a few inclines up and down, after all.  I will work out the kinks at the gym.

Then I will print just a few pictures to remind us of this little misadventure and slip them into an SEI album that I plan to use for our hiking trips (our future, fully planned, researched, completely mapped-out trips.)  We might even get back to Kennesaw, hike up the mountain, and completely circle the missed monument too!

What are resting up from on this Monday – do give Sian a wave and let us know, won’t you?

28 March 2015

Extra Homework–Double Layouts from Second Kit

Well, I meant to post these layouts, before I showed you that third kit I compiled. This second kit did not last much longer than my first kit of the month.  Here’s what I managed to produce.

This 2 page layout documents my daughter’s move in day at college (yes, I obscured the name of said institution).  The directions were provided in my class instructions and I followed them about 85%.  The large rub-on from Adorn-it (not included in the kit) made a great border in the right colors.


These two pages were the other class layout and I followed them 95%.  The only significant change was in how I did the white cardstock section.  The class directions suggest using a craft knife to cut out between the circles, leaving them to form a grid.  Well, that would have been very time consuming so I took a swiss cheese approach and just punched out several circles – much quicker (because this month it is a competition, after all.)  I think it worked just as well, even though I am biased.  You can even see a little white misting there from the bit I salvaged from the bottom of the bottle I had dropped.  Tags played heavily into both these pages.


This next double spread scraps some cute pictures of Duke and my son.  I actually got the idea for the title from a teeny tiny sticker on a sheet by Authentique.  This layout was fashioned from another old set of Creating Keepsake class lessons – and it was pretty heavily altered.


Down to somewhat limited supplies, I decided to do a single page of scenic photos from my husband’s trips to Canada.  I tend to scrap the fishermen-holding-huge-fish shots first, and often the pretty nature shots are set aside for later.  So I went to my 2012 trip folder and picked some snaps I knew I had not printed or scrapped.  This will make a nice intro page for that year’s trip in the fishing album.


Having burned through that kit, and still in double-page mode, I finished off this counterfeit kit layout that I had started back in November of last year.  You can see I hid any references on the paper to fall, fiddled with the embellishments and turned it into a wine country layout.  The colors worked well for that.  For some reason, it still photographs crooked.

Blog Stuff1-001

Hmmm . . . me thinks it is time to tally my Calvinball points again . . . me thinks there should be a little bump in the numbers!!

26 March 2015

These Things Come In Threes

I think Calvinball surpasses even LOAD for motivating one to power through old supplies and get pictures stuck down to paper.  I whipped through my second kit in less than a week, and needed to finish Calvinball strong, so I decided to use one of 3 kits from 3 Scrappy Boys.  Their year-end clearance sale included a 3 kit deal, which I snatched up.  See, it was destined to be Kit #3.

Here was their 2014 September Main Kit, which features Pink Paislee Solstice papers.

3sb sep 2014 main 

As I had done with my mid-month kit, I looked for that line in my stash, and I had  duplicates of 3 (I kid you not!) of patterned papers and some gold foil stickers.  The theme is summer and sunshine, so I added one patterned paper and a sheet of stickers from Simple Stories Summer Paradise line.  Those were the only two items I had in that line, so it was nice to throw them in to use them up.  Then a quick scouting around the studio gathering up 2 sheets of white cardstock, 2 Thickers alphabets, layered chipboard Pebbles flowers, Chic Tags flair, 2 Berry Creative washi tape and Jolee’s glittered butterflies, rounded out the kit nicely.  I actually edited those cup paperclips out of the kit – they just seemed incongruous to me.  Sorry this picture isn't better, we don't have much sunshine today; the calendar may say spring - but Mother Nature is still toying with us, making us anticipate its arrival.

And here’s what we have:  Sunlit Summer (okay, call me Mrs. Obvious).


Now I’m off to scrap, scrap, scrap.  At least I hope I can come up with a few quick pages.  I think I'm beginning to hit the Calvinball wall!!  Ouch!

25 March 2015

A Song Of Love

Recently, my mother-in-law, who knows I appreciate family heirlooms, especially those with a story, gave me this hand carved wooden music box which belonged to my husband’s great aunt.


Great Aunt Irene was a deaconess in her day, mostly serving as a nurse in a doctor’s office.  She was a very independent minded woman, and did not marry until late in life.  She married a widower and after only 5 years, as they were driving home following a Christmas gathering of family, he pulled off the road feeling ill.  They were very near a hospital, but that was not fortuitous enough to overcome the heart attack he suffered.  He died about 10 days later.

My in-laws were lovingly diligent about caring for Great Aunt Irene because she had no children of her own and she outlived her siblings.  My father-in-law was his Aunt Irene’s favorite nephew.  In fact, when she would be difficult, umm . . . that is, fiercely independent in her thinking, he was often the only one who could get her to come ‘round and see reason.  He had a knack for employing the right combination of patience and insistence.

When she moved to the local nursing home, she suggested my mother-in-law choose a music box from extensive her collection as a gift.  My mother-in-law admired this one, which sat on a table in my in-laws’ living room, collecting a bit of dust in the tiny details over many years.  I have given it a thorough yet gentle cleaning which revealed much more color than I realized it possessed.  It was made in Switzerland by Anri and includes a “genuine Theorens movement” which works wonderfully to this day, although the winder key is a bit stiff.

The label on the bottom, given a little TLC too, revealed that the tune is Hi Lili Hi Lo.  Neither my mother-in-law or I were familiar with it.  In fact, I thought that was the title given to the box (many collectibles are given names) and not of the song until I did a little research.  The song was made popular in the 1950’s by the Leslie Caron movie Lili.  Here are the lyrics (source):

On every tree there sits a bird
Singing a song of love
On every tree there sits a bird
And every one I ever heard
Could break my heart, without a word
Singing a song of love

A song of love is a sad song
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
A song of love is a song of woe
Don't ask me how I know
A song of love is a sad song
For I have loved and it's so

Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili.... Hi-lo
A tear for him, a tear for me
A tear for the love he swore
A tear for him and one for me
And one for under the tree
One for wherever my love may be
And then I shall weep no more

A song of love is a sad song
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo

A song of love is a song of woe
Don't ask me how I know
A song of love is a sad song
For I have loved and it's so

Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo Hi-lo
Hi-lili Hi-lili.... Hi-lo
Anne Murray did her own version of the song – which changed the chorus, to just a tad less sad:
I sit at the window and watch the rain
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
Tomorrow I’ll probably love again
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
It may be fitting that the tune of Aunt Irene’s box is a sad one of lost love; but it is a shame all the same.
Hi-lili Hi-lili Hi-lo
Here’s my finished page.  I stylized the photo using a couple different Picasa actions to make it look more old fashioned.


I typed out the full story on a 4 x 6 card and attached it to the back of the layout.

23 March 2015

Me On Monday–Post Spring Break

Hello there, it’s Monday, this is Me, here’s what’s happening:
  • It was a it-came-too soon end of spring break kind of weekend.
  • It was an I thought we had, but apparently we still had not, finalized plans for Easter kind of weekend.
  • It was a round robin phone calling to straighten that out kind of weekend.
  • It was a birthday celebration dinner, lunch, gifts, cards, but oops – no cake, (it's okay, he doesn't really care for cake, anyway)  kind of weekend.
  • It was a rare, do laundry on the weekend, now that the dryer is fixed kind of weekend.
  • It was a she scraps while they watch NCAA basketball kind of weekend.
  • It was a finally getting around to last year’s spring break pictures kind of weekend.
  • It was a catching up on American Idol, then Redbox® movies kind of weekend.
  • It was a gym visit on Sunday evening, because there will be no time on Monday, kind of weekend.
  • It was a just one more page, if my glue dots hold out, kind of weekend.
  • It was a too tired to scrap, so catch-up on blog reading kind of weekend.
  • It was a glad to get the text message that the girl and her friend were back at college safely weekend.
And we loved it!

So here you have me on Monday on a layout from last year’s spring break to San Francisco.


I’m thinking I should slant the “cisco” to match “go”.  (The ever so slight slant of the whole page is caused by early morning and not full bright sunlight – the rest of the page is all straight.)  What do you think?

And a lovely postcard from Napa Valley on that same trip.  Both these were made from last year’s September 2014 Counterfeit Kit – Dishing Up The Good Life, which I put together for this trip.  As you can see, I had much better luck with misting that coaster in 3 colors to look wine stained, than my previous attempt with misting.  And the page shows no wear and tear from the fact that I set it down on Duke’s spot while I photographed the first layout, and he promptly sat on top of it.


I think I have 2 more full page layouts in mind for that album, plus lots of pictures coming from Shutterfly (hopefully on Wednesday) to fill divided page protectors.

That’s all for now, I have lots to do before having lunch with friends.  This get-together has been postponed 3 times for weather and an unexpected trip to the hospital for one friend.  We are so looking forward to it.

PS  It is a look, look - there are 3, no wait, 4 deer in the front yard kind of Monday!  Too late, they’ve run off!

Why not give a wave to Sian and company on this Monday and let us know what is going on in your neighborhood today?