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23 May 2016

Memorandum Monday: Fabulous Finds of Unkindred Kinds

We just got back from a week away, so I have much to do this week in advance of a long holiday weekend coming up.  Just the same, I could not break my streak of checking in with Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends on Monday morning.  Here are some fun things I can share with you now, before I download all 650+ of my photos, plus 117 off of hubby’s camera, from our trip.

You just might spy a clue or two as to where we went.

So now to the fabulous finds --

That started with these nail paints (polishes),
that are called cause-metics,
that have a higher purpose,
that is reflected in their attention-getting names (paint me tranquil, paint me non-violent),
that are also environmentally friendly,
that I have to admit I bought primarily because they were pretty and 75% off:


That would pack easily into one of these bags,
that I can see through at a glance,
that nest so nicely for storage,
that I happened upon totally by luck,
that were only $10 for the whole set:


That did organize the inside of this roomy tote,
that is all leather and made in Italy,
that I can only define as a bit of a spendy splurge:


That came in ever so handy,
that could fit under the airplane seat in front of me,
that hubby didn't mind toting when it got too heavy,
that nicely held these books,
that made their way home with us:


That is most of what I did not resist for our trip to ----
That place I have not yet disclosed.

(No, no, no, that would not be the house that Jack built!)

I hope this Monday finds you feeling fabulous too.  See you again on Memorial Day Monday, if not before, as I did manage a few warm-up cards yesterday, plus a good start on a final layout from my current counterfeit challenge kit.

22 May 2016

The Studio Challenge–May Mood Board

How Cute! – a layout for The Studio Challenges


Start: We were given this Mood Board for the May challenge:

May 16 mood board 
Style: What caught my eye from the mood board was the gorgeous pink bloom, the glitz of the gold and “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE”.  I paired a large floral paper with a smaller triangle print for the basis of my page.  I used blue for an offset mat along with two different transparencies that also had triangles – as a subtle repetition.  You will notice the placement of the elements also forms a strong triangle on the page.

I added gold with stitching and buttons and glittered hearts.  I had been saving the Studio Calico “You Make Me Happy” card because a gold block covered the line where the “Happy” should be.  At least, I assumed that was what was there, but could not be sure.  Luckily it was, and instead of scratching it clean, I left a bit of the gold on it.  The other accents are cut or punched from tags which I had left over from another layout.  I will add a little sappy journaling in that blue spot to the right of the face.  That face – how cute!!

That large rub-on has been in my stash – for-ev-er!!  It is by Karen Foster and I am happy to say that it rubbed on like it was brand new.
Stash: Most of this was from my May Counterfeit Kit.

19 May 2016

Random Ramblings on a Thursday Morning

1.  More Of The Stuff I Did Not Buy: (But I was sorely tempted.)


Crate Paper’s Hello Love collection


Did you know Hero Arts had monthly kits?  It is no surprise that May’s kit has sold out - great stamp set!

2.  I noticed that since I spent time scrapping with my sister, who has a simpler style than mine that I am using up more flat stickers and cut-outs and it is very gratifying.  Thanks, sis!

Here’s an example – sorry the picture isn’t better – a little bit of mist seems to have resulted in a lot of curl to the paper.  I used up almost, not quite – but almost, the last bit of fishing theme supplies I had taken to the last crop.  This paper, excepting the cork print, is all from Paper Loft.  The cork is what will coordinate this with others I finished at the crop.  It is exhilarating to be working through that stuff so I can be done with it.

3.  Love this quote – it hit home today.
The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
Henry David Thoreau
Have I ever told you that I am one of those well-meaning people who can never seem to say what I mean in the way I mean it.  Sometimes what is in my head does not translate to what comes out of my mouth.  And I don’t always realize immediately what has happened because I know what I meant to express.  This can be bad.  This can be really bad. I can be misunderstood and others’ feelings can be hurt unintentionally.

Sometimes I say the wrong thing because I mean the wrong thing.  But that doesn’t get me in trouble nearly as often as saying the right thing the wrong way. Sometimes it’s because I speak too quickly and have not chosen my words carefully, sometimes I have chosen my words too carefully and they are still not quite right.  This happened twice to me in the last couple of days – one instance of each.  I hate myself when it happens, and doubly so today.

My closest friends have figured out that if something I said doesn’t sound like something they think I would mean, they give me one of those looks, and I know I need to expound.  I think that is less likely to happen when I am writing, because I go over my words several times when they have come from my fingers.  But just in case, if I ever type anything that you think isn’t right, shoot me “a look.”  Then give me the benefit of the doubt and just ask me what I meant.  Please, please ask me. Give me the chance to clarify and even apologize – sooner rather than later – before you stew about it unnecessarily.  Because I will apologize if I messed up – promise.

I wish I could always say the right thing in the right way.  How does one learn to do that? (At the seminary or convent, perhaps?)

4.  I felt compelled to post a comment to Instagram for the first time in ages:


Really, you have got to know when to leave a good thing alone. You've just made yourself more anonymous and less distinctive. Not a good thing.

It is Facebook that owns Instagram right, and not Google?  This logo makes me think they are part of Google.  Or worse yet, it looks more like a power on/off button than a camera.  Just me being analytical, opinionated and not at all worried that they will listen and then could be offended.

It is less interesting to me even though I like color – a lot.  Maybe they need to talk to those that tried to mess with a proven winner and introduce a new Coke in its place!  Hmmm . . . I wonder if they will apologize when they realize they have messed up.

Perhaps you disagree.  What say you - thumbs up or down?

16 May 2016

Sketches in Thyme #27–Project Life Style

This is my first assignment for Sketches in Thyme – Project Life Style.

happy day pocket page-001
Sketch: sketchesinthyme#27

  • When I saw this sketch I knew I wanted to use some flower die-cuts that had been unearthed last month.
  • I also wanted to make a companion pocket page to my wedding layout earlier in the month.

 happy day card-001
  • I modified the border rows of triangles using triangle sequins placed vertically.
  • I added gold accents to the die-cuts with a marker and a layer of gloss.
  • I placed the rub-on next to the flower and added a sequin.
  • Then I added sequins and gems to each of the other journal cards too.
Stash: Papers, Echo Park Teal Bokeh and two floral 6 x 6prints from Studio Calico
Diecut flowers and gold marker, Stampin Up
Triangle sequins, Jenni Bowlin
Clear acrylic shapes, Pink Paislee
Camera die-cut card, Teresa Collins
Alphabet, Imprint by American Crafts
Gems, Queen & Company
Font printed on pictures, Saginaw

letourbestdays-001happy day pocket page-001 

Do you like using sketches for your Project Life style cards?  If so, then check out   Sketches in Thyme – Project Life Style.

15 May 2016

Memorandum Monday - The Case of the Bookcase Dilemma

Hello, ladies, I'm posting a bit early this week.  I have a dilemma. You can help.  I am working on finally getting our son’s old bedroom on our second floor changed from a drop-anything-you-do-not-want-to-deal-with-here zone, to a proper guest bedroom.  One thing to be addressed – the books currently shelved in the closet.

I took hubby to see some oak bookcases at a local consignment shop.  I had been mulling over purchasing them for several weeks, waiting for a scheduled price drop.  When we went back on Friday, they were still there, but upon further looking we found another set.  Here’s the dilemma:

Set 1: These are pretty, but only the front panels are real oak, everything else is laminated particle board including the sides. Hubby had noticed the difference, I had not. As you can see they are more suited for display cases than book cases.  In fact that top shelf on the left doesn’t go all the way back because a light is tucked there.  These would still hold a good amount of books on the two open shelves and inside the doored bottoms.  These also are very much in style with what we have in our living/music room on the first floor.


Set 2:  These are solid oak, sides and shelves included, with laminate only on the back.  They are actually very close in color to the first set (medium honey oak, like other pieces in our house.)  But these were much nearer to windows, photographing much lighter.  They lack any decorative trim, but they have a more solid feel, a more contemporary look and would hold many more books.  The shelves on these are nice and deep, so collectibles could sit in front of the books.


The two sets cost exactly the same amount – unreasonably inexpensive.  It makes me a little sad, considering how much brand new, lesser quality furniture would be, that young people don’t appreciate older things. But also a little happy for budget-conscious me.

My basic plan for the bedroom is a queen bed and a desk for hubby to use for his volunteer work, which he currently now does at the kitchen table.  But first we have to do something about storage. We have things to be put into the closet, so the books need to come out.  I have been slowly downsizing my collectibles but there are some still boxed in the closet.  We are still collecting books, although at a much slower pace than before.

So what would you do?  Opt for just pretty or solve the storage problem more completely with practicality?  Come on, don’t be shy.  Give me an honest opinion – hubby is no help as he is fine with either option.  I have changed my mind almost daily.

PS  My dilemma was almost tripled.  We found a bookcase that matches son’s old bedroom furniture too.  Luckily there was only one, so it wouldn’t work for me.  We sent him a picture in case he was interested for his bedroom.

So that’s what’s NEW in my world, a decided lack of decision making.  So leave me an honest opinion and then scoot around to Sian @FromHighInTheSky and friends to see what’s new with them.  Happy Memorandum Monday!