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29 July 2014

Get It Scrapped With Your Favorite Font

Contemplation in Cinemascope – A Layout For Get It Scrapped

Story This May my daughter graduated high school and shortly thereafter, hubby was in Florida for a conference.  I went along and we stayed on for a few days vacation. Because of the timing and his schedule, for me, those days were filled with contemplation about the changes to come for both my daughter and I.
Style I used Thickers Rainboots in gold for my title, it is a flowing script font which reminds me of handwriting.  I paired it with Dancing Script (from Google fonts) for my journaling.  My thoughts were flowing, so my fonts should be too!

The design of the page is simple but each element, title, photos (done by superimposing vacation images in Picasa and applying their Cinemascope effect) and journaling are all very impactful.  The black borders of the cinemascope effect help to draw the eye to the photos first. 

Cinemascope was a type of lens series used for shooting wide screen movies from 1953 to 1967; it allowed the scenes captured to be almost twice as wide as before.  Not only did the effect enhance the look of my photos, but it also summed up the fact that my own view of life was widening again.  That’s a bit of serendipity in scrapbooking, and why I enjoyed the “Photo Play” part of this layout. 

Photo Play was the March/April 2014 lesson installment at Masterful Scrapbook Design.  I can always count on ideas to be showcased there that I will want to try out when the time is right.
Stash Cardstock, Stampin Up; Alphabet, American Crafts; Journal font, Dancing Script; Tape, 2 Berry Creative; Rub-ons, K & Company and American Crafts.

The Rainboots font is now discontinued, but you may be able to find it in stores still in different textures and colors.  The Dancing Script font is free from Google fonts, and is one of the fonts used here on my blog.
Stay a bit longer to  read the journaling. Focus versus the wider view.

It was a definite break from everyday life:
a vacation marking a significant milestone in my life as a mom.
My youngest child just graduated from high school; time to recognize her accomplishments, and by extension, my own. It wasn't that my job as a mom was finished; it would just be changing. In many ways, it could be more difficult, because it was less familiar.
Even though I had been through this transition with my older son,
I realized my role would be less task-oriented. There were no more little ones at home needing steady attention to ground me day-to-day. I had earned the rest, and cherished it for the time to contemplate the changes to come - changes for her and changes for me.

27 July 2014

Sweetest Thing

Sweetest Thing -  A counterfeit kit layout

sweetest thing 2-001

Story: This layout, featuring one of my daughter's senior pictures, was inspired by another pin on my Pinterest board – Layout inspiration.  Yes, this one was from 2 years ago also.

Elizabeth Carney had scrapped it for the Peebles design team.  It just so happens that the sticker in the bottom left corner is from a package of Pebbles stickers included in my kit.  I didn’t realize that until I typed up the blog post.
Style: My page is really a study in repetition, a valuable concept in scrapbooking.  Using similar details around your page can guide the viewers eyes and make the separate elements appear cohesive as a group.  Note these repetitions:

*  The layered papers and the photos all have rounded corners.  There are at least two horizontal paper blocks in the main portion of the layout to tie to the sticker at the bottom.

*  Yellow appears in a visual triangle, blue appears in a separate one, and red in still another.

*  But repetition doesn’t always have to happen in threes.  Note the band of black and white dots across the page is repeated in a smaller version with black and white twine lower on the page.

*  I also purposefully pointed the butterfly in the bottom corner back toward the picture, and placed the bouquet so it pointed to the initial monogram.

Don’t be concerned about the trapped grey space there, I plan to add a bit of journaling.  And yes, it could be quite sentimental, so I’ve spared you.
Stash: This all came from my July Counterfeit kit with the exception of the pink card stock scrap, the yellow enamel dots and those two newer pieces of Pebbles chipboard.


Now I’m off to see what items in my kit I haven’t touched, and pull another project or two out of the A Tisket, A Tasket, Kit in a Basket.

Quick Tea For You & Me

What a month it was – July.  Lots doing. Do join me for a quick cup of tea so we can catch up.  And nibble on some popcorn, while the water heats.


I finished up my doctors appointments and generally had good results – if you do not count the scolding from my doc about my weight and lack of exercise. I promised (again) to do better – I must now act on that. (Hence, the popcorn and not something sweet.)

Our cable service has been acting up – perhaps related to the trucks and equipment moving around at the neighbors’ house where there is construction. Our phone has gone offline twice, our TV picture is pixelating with regularity, the DVR service is often unavailable or incomplete and most aggravating to me, it is hard to keep an internet connection. How’s that for a rant?

The uneven internet service has caused Inoreader® to have several glitches, so I have totally lost my place on visiting blogs.  Be patient with me, I will get back around.  I must get on to the cable company to come and check things out.  They were scheduled once but I cancelled because the problem was solved – or so we thought. How na├»ve!

This month, I ran lots of errands, some with and some without my daughter, in our efforts to get her ready for college.  Her room is filling up with needed college stuff, and she’s promised to do a purge of her closet before she leaves.  Actually that would be a further purge, as she’s taken the first stab at it.  She actually has the biggest closet in the whole house, lucky girl. (Who knows what will happen when it is left unattended.)

The biggest news. . . drum roll please . . . our son is in the process of buying his first house.  It’s only 10 minutes from where we live, and less than that from where he works.  The sellers want an extended time to move out, so we’ll have plenty of time to think about moving him in September.  His long search paid off with a great find – he’s very excited.  Excitement is not my main emotion, as I think about moving him out just after darling daughter has left the nest. (Too many empty closets is not a good thing.)

As the end of the month is nearly here, I’m finishing up my CKC kit.  Early this a.m. I made of couple of cards from the scraps of a watercolor patterned paper.  I tried my hands at using Copics® to color, but it’s been a long time since I have touched them, so I need to retrain and maybe add a few markers to fill in the color gaps.  I bought mine in sets, and apparently that is not the wise way to do it.  The second card allowed me to toss two packages into my empty embellishments (flowers and flags).  Yippee.  I still have two layouts that need finishing touches and blog posts written, but this kit has been a productive one for me.


That’s all for now.  Both my sisters will be visiting at same or different times in the next week or two.  So I may be offline for a bit (except for some scheduled posts). That too will probably change, just as everything else seems to be.

Do take time to drop by Abi’s for more tea times.  You can be sure I’ll pop around later.

25 July 2014

Six Quick Snaps

Just a quick post today to share some snapshots.
  • We’ve been doing lots of shopping for J for college.  And we’ve more to do, I can’t believe she’ll be leaving in just 3 weeks.  While at T. J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning I managed to skip through the craft aisles as well.  See what I picked up.  Love the chevrons on those buttons, and I won’t be surprised when the gel pens end in J’s school stuff.  I suppose, that’s fair enough.
  • Last weekend I attended a shower for my niece.  Here’s the sweet handmade invitations that her sister did.  Simple and elegant – seems just right.  Tip:  There is a double doily there, it really adds more dimension and makes the white brighter.

  • As you can see, the bride's color is a pretty purple, somewhere between eggplant and plum.  To tie the gift-wrapping into the color scheme I grabbed some floral washi tape in the closest color I had and gussied up a plain kraft bag.  I got the idea from Pinterest – a pin I had stuck up there two years ago.  Either Pinterest is timeless, or I’m pitifully slow. 

    I personalized it further my doing a monogram of the bride and groom’s initials. I repeated a smaller version of the bow on the back with a matching flower in the center.  Tip:  Use only flat finish kraft bags as washi tape doesn't stick to a bag with even the slightest waxy finish.  Likewise, flowers don't stay put on waxy finish washi tape with just glue dots.  I recommend (belatedly) that crystal effects is used instead.
washi tape wrap2     Gift Bag
  • My pile of postcards that have arrived from around the world.  Starting at top left and going clockwise, I send my thanks to Susan (kudos on the handmade card), Stephanie, Sian and Alison.  I managed to get mine posted this week too.  If Susan and Stephanie have blogs to follow, I'd love them to send me a link. (I know where Alison and Sian blog.)  Thanks to Sian for organizing the postcard swap – it was fun.
  • And, here is my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit for July, tucked in it’s basket sitting on a cleared off island.  Still too full, but I hope to scrap some today and finish it off.  After all, August is just a week away.

>>>>>     One last thing, before I go.  In an unusual fashion, Masterful Scrapbook Design is offering its classes on an a la carte basis for a limited time and at 50% off. But just for the next three days until midnight Sunday.  Hurry, check it out now!!     <<<<<

20 July 2014

Crop Cross-training

We, scrapbookers, we cross train all the time.  Cross training is to learn different, usually related, tasks, skills, jobs, etc.  And today, I’m showing you a layout that is the result of such cross-training.

Girl Blossomed – A layout borne of crop cross-training

a layout @ Snaps & Snippets
Story: This is one of J’s senior pictures.  The fact that she’s wearing a blouse of pretty blooms (bought for her by her very stylish mom), reminds me how much she has blossomed during high school.
Style: Two types of scrapbook training came together here.

(1) Concepts from Masterful Scrapbook Designs Photo Play e-magazine of several months back still swirl around in my head.  Lately, I like playing with photos, especially if it is something easy I can do in Picasa, and it in some way helps tell my story.  One of these I may learn more about Photoshop, and really play around.

On this layout, I filtered (that’s digi-talk for turned) the picture to black and white and placed that version at a tilt behind the main image, as though the plainer personality was falling away, as her current more vibrant one takes front and center.  

(2)  The first video in the Scrapbook Coach class on a cluster foundation was also very helpful.  I like these quick 15 minute videos on putting a page together.  I can’t wait to get to the next 3, each one becoming more involved or taking a new twist.

Anyway, Debbie Hodge started us out with 3 oblong narrow strips of patterned paper.  I used much wider stripes than she did and placed them nearer the center of the page to accommodate 2 photos instead of one.  The title work and a few embellishments are placed underneath.  I added two other clusters to form a visual triangle and add balance.  Sappy journaling (probably hidden) still to come.

While we are on the subject of black and white, here’s that version of the whole layout.  As you can see, this is a great way to check for key design aspects like emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition and flow.  For example, the bold solid color of the pink cardstock and the dark title elements of girl and ellipsis firmly support the dark rich colors of the photo.

Stash: This page was done primarily from this month’s counterfeit  kit – A Tisket, A Tasket.  The benefits and basics of using kits are mentioned in this month's Product Play ezine over at Get It Scrapped too.

I substituted 2 Martha Stewart pink washi tapes, for the tad-bit-too-red one in my kit and used a Sassafras glitter alpha for the subtitle (I was once in love with these alphas, and have quite a little stockpile.)  And the little heart chipboard was stuck to something else until it dropped onto my desk at a most opportune time.