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30 August 2016

Stick It Down

What a great name for a scrapbooking challenge site!  What great advice when you are not really feeling the creative mojo!  Just take those pictures and stick them down on that paper – and go from there.  Here is a case in point:

Nick Meets Thor – a sketch challenge page made with my counterfeit kit

Start: August layout sketch from Stick It Down

Style: I really like layouts with a horizontal band across them, it naturally leads the eye.  Sorry for the tilted photo, but the sun had peeked out and was glaring off the photos otherwise.

(The imperfection of that roller stamp bugs me, sorry I did that.)

Stash: The two striped papers are leftovers from another project and everything else is from my August counterfeit kit. The woodgrain is actually the flip side of a little black and white print I chose for the kit, and I like the way the band cuts the paper separating the whiter top from the brown bottom.

That’s it for today. 

29 August 2016

Memo Monday - Car Meets Tree

Car meets tree.  They kiss.  Car quickly flees scene, embarrassed.

And yes, it was me, that was to blame for this little incident.  It was a minor incident.  Yes, minor, I tell you!  Minor!  Lest you think I am on the run from the law – here’s what happened.

I was coming home from the hair stylist – where my bangs had just been trimmed, taking away a quite plausible excuse for what was about to occur.  I stopped at the end of our lane, parked (oh don’t I wish) my car, got out and turned my back to walk the 20 paces or so across the road to the mailbox to get the mail. Pirouetting back from the mailbox, sweeping my eyes both ways to check traffic (because I am careful like that)  and then looking forward, I notice my car isn’t there.  Well, not there where I left it.  No, it had gently (thank you stars above) rolled forward away from me and the pasture of horses behind me and the mailboxes (thank you stars above) a distance of not even 10 paces, off the lane down a slight incline into the grass where a tall and lanky tree blocked its path.

Kiss!  Barely a smack.  Too brief to be a smooch.  Never heard a sound. It left a hickey on the tree and removed a little lipstick from the bumper of my car.


I took photos two days later.  I contemplated doing it on the spot, but my phone was inside the car, and once inside the little vehicle, I thought it best not to linger.  You can see the tree, on my neighbors side of the lane by the way, didn’t sustain much damage.

Over the past 20 years the corners of both of our lots and the trees (and street signs and used to be split-rail-fences) out by the road have intermittently sustained damage of all types from all four families along our lane. Prime example, when snow covered it it hard to tell exactly how wide you can turn either direction there off the lane into the road.  If you misjudge the angle, you will slip off the lane, your car will get mired down in mud or snow, you will need to be pulled out and you will leave deep ruts behind. We all have learned this the hard way.

Given the trees and grounds around here are pretty stout, we have all adopted a no blood, no foul attitude. Mother Nature repairs most things over time and split-rail fences while having lots of country charm are a constant maintenance item, and are best removed anyway.  (And no, that was not on account of me!)

As a side note, Dukie always marks his spot at that very tree when I take him for walks to collect the mail.  Yes I will be walking out to get the mail for the foreseeable future and not stopping (that, is parking, meaning the gear shift lever is actually slotted firmly and securely next to the P) on the way in or out.

Wanting to assuage my guilty conscience, and get rid of that icky feeling that one always has in varying degrees of distress after having a car incident,  I confessed to hubby immediately.  He completely dismissed it as trivial, excepting for his clever little jab that I could get it fixed at the same time that I take care of the scrapes on the back drivers-side panel.  But that story, of the time when my car decided to hip-check the garage door frame, is for another day.

Alas, then this does not really make this “new” news.  Technically it doesn’t even qualify for a  Monday Memo.  So you had best hop round and see what Sian@FromHighInTheSky and friends have new to report. (And yes, the post and layout by someone who might like [related guilty parties] to remain nameless prompted this little confession.)

28 August 2016

Let’s Take A Stroll . . . Down Memory Lane

Let’s Take A Stroll  -  a layout for The Studio Challenges

Start: Today’s challenge at The Studio Challenges is to use this mood board – pink loves teal.

Style: It was easy to know that I was going to do a girlie page, and the photos I found of my daughter when she was young had quite a bit of teal in them from her stroller.  I chose the Adornit paper with tiny pink flower clusters and a smidgen of teal for my main paper.  I matted the photos and sort of tucked them into the center of the layout.  I then created a banner below them, reminiscent of the crossbars you see on strollers that have toys for the kiddos to enjoy.

I enjoyed sprinkling the page with little bits, and then I made my own flair by circle punching another photo from this day and covering it with glossy accents.  It’s not perfect because it has some tiny air bubbles in it, but it is cute just the same.

Stash: My August Counterfeit Challenge kit – most notably the background paper by Creative Imaginations, the floral and dots are by Adornit. the banner from American Crafts and the lined pattern is by Crate Paper. The resin flowers, vellum die-cuts and sequins are from Mimosa, the alphabets are both Thickers and the ribbon and miscellaneous doodads are from my stash.

If you are in the mood for more pink and teal, head over to The Studio Challenges to see what the rest of the team has done.  Me, I think I might take a stroll.

26 August 2016

Paper Players!


That is shorthand for: Most Valuable Paper – Players at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge


Start: Isn’t it obvious that I wanted to use those adorable flair that Lisa sent me?

Style: I created a collage in Picasa of the team members from their CKC blog profile pictures and printed it out 7 x 5.  I started with a floral paper, but it did not seem to work well with the geometric shapes of my base, and the grid look of the collage, so I switched to other patterns.  Then I just had fun playing with some items from this month’s kit and some leftovers from prior month’s kits which I had been tossing into a bowl on the desk. 

These gals are so amazing that I was tempted to really sprinkle on the sequins, but I refrained.

Stash: My counterfeit kit, naturally.  In detail:  the background paper is Teresa Collins (My Name Is collection), the others are scraps of Amy Tangerine (Ready, Set, Go collection), the Thickers are called Sketchbook and the pink alpha is by Pink Paislee (Holly Doodle). Washi tapes by Becky Higgins (Dot) and Stampin Up (x’s).

I am lucky to call Jemma, Lisa, Lynnette, Leslie, Kelly, Clair, Margie, Julene, Susan and Stephanie my friends as well as my teammates.  All of that applies, plus I am especially grateful to Bethany for having invited me to the team in the first place, and asking me back after I had taken an hiatus of more than a year.  You ladies rock paper, scissors and everything else!

24 August 2016

Sweet Baby Moment

Wow, has August just zipped by or what?

I have been seeing lots of adorable baby pictures lately, some family, some not, all adorable.  But none so adorable TO ME as my two babies, who aren’t babies any more. Here’s my youngest when she was very youngest.

Sweet Baby Moment – a Stuck?! Sketches layout with counterfeit kit supplies


Sketch: stucksketch815

I really liked the Stuck?! sketch from the August 15 challenge.

Style: I started by making a frame of Teresa Collins’ paper that says LOVE THIS (heart) over and over again.  Then I built upon it with several layers of paper and added my clusters.  The “sweet baby “ rub-ons from Making Memories were added to another Teresa Collins paper scrap of a Polaroid frame and also as part of my title in the top right.  The title was filled out with a Heidi Swapp chipboard word and a few other do-dads. The adorable cork bow from my kit just had to be in the cluster that falls in my daughter’s line of sight.

Stash: This is primarily from my August 2016 Counterfeit Challenge kit, with the addition of the Heidi Swapp chipboard, the rub-ons and the turquoise floss.

With just a week left in August, I hope to squeeze one more layout out of my kit, and then start on something new.  What will you scrap in this last week?