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28 February 2014

Why It Wasn’t Murder . . . A Scrappy Little Mystery

Today we delve into the mystery of why I could not “kill” my February Counterfeit kit.  I am a serious scrapper and experienced counterfeiter, aren’t I?

Hmmm . . . that is a mystery.  Let’s call in Miss Marple to see if she can put her finger on the problem.  Over a nice cup of tea, I reveal to her that I truly had such fun being back as a guest designer for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  Those ladies simply rock!! Although February is a short month, the shortest month, in fact, as a Guest Designer I was given a head start.

Yes, I was also working on LayOut A Day, but that should have been a help, not a hindrance.  I did complete all three challenges and ended with 6 from my kit layouts and 2 cards.  Still, the kit hasn’t drawn its last breath. There are others who’ve done much much more.

Well, my dear, she’s say, you did start with a pretty ambitious kit.  See there.  And it’s so very red, isn’t it?  Were you perhaps overly optimistic that your counterfeiting skills hadn’t diminished over time by neglect? 

Did you stray from your kit too much? Averting my eyes, I downplay grabbing another kit, stating that it complemented this one very well.  And it was much less red.

Did you really try your best?  She’d ask ever so sweetly reaching for a slice of cake, and waiting patiently for me to offer more explanation.  Well, I’d say, a little but not too indignantly, in order to get around to using everything, I employ a little trick.  As I use items from embellishment packs I set the packs aside to add the remainders back to my stash later, they remain at hand still in limbo.  I know what I have used and what I still need to work on.  Hmmm . . . she’d murmur softly, reaching for another slice and mulling that over.

Meanwhile her Christie counterpart, Hercule Poirot would appreciate the order and method to my approach.  In fact, he’d applaud my sharp eye and powers of observation that allowed me to add in other coordinating supplies throughout February.  Passing on tea, because I have no herbal on hand for a tisane, he would investigate the scene of the crime straightaway to see what evidence remained.

feb kit paper-001

He would not see, nor be duly impressed, by all those small scraps already added to my scrap bin.  He would spy that there were 3 sheets from my kit that did not get cut – two by My Mind’s Eye and the one below by Amy Tangerine.  He would want know know more about my methods.  Adamant about my effort, I related how I tried the MME’s with several photos during the month.  They just didn’t work – perhaps it was the papers’ muddy hues.

After further probing, he would deduce that the reason Amy Tangerine’s file and fold sheet didn’t get used, is that it was not what I thought it was, a page of perforated chevron stripes.  No, it is a sheet with many small right angle perforations which does not separate completely into pieces.  This to my mind, but probably not to his “little grey cells”, was not at all the same.  Perhaps he would volunteer Hastings, or better yet Miss Lemon, to help me with the legwork to research how this product could, should, would be used by those in the know. 

"C´est ça!" he’d declare, and consider the case solved. Another triumph for him, if not for me.  At this point, I prefer to leave this sheet sitting on my desk until I reach my own "C´est ça!" moment.

file and fold 
Cream on one side, red on reverse.  Click image for source.

Lest you think Hercule superior, I must tell you that to her credit, Miss Marple also suggested that I ask around the village if any of you have the File and Fold sheet and how you might have used it.  Do tell, my dears.

In fact, now let me play detective and pose a question to you:  What was the last product that you were bumfuzzled about how to use?  Did you eventually use it or not?  Maybe now is the time?


  1. Sorry I can't help you solve the mystery but I enjoyed reading about it. Actually that's par for the course - I never solves an Agatha Christie, even when I read them for a second time

  2. Hmm - I may need a slice of cake to aid my thinking, I'll skip the tea and hope for coffee. Yes, I was thinking the other day I need to try using the stencil sheet from Jennie Bowlen I got in a Studio Calico kit a couple of years ago. I like it but...

  3. Pretty kit! Yes, the first paper (banners), I have had that in a kit before and it certainly presents a challenge :) have a great weekend!

  4. Hmmm, I really enjoyed this post as I love a good mystery. This one I can't help solve. I have never bought a paper kit! There, I've said it. There is quite a lot of red in the February kit so I can see why you thought of adding another color. Now, this may be a reach, but what about some turquoise? I know, I'm from New Mexico, we always think of turquoise..... tee hee

    Please let us know what the next chapter brings!


  5. sounds to me you have more awesome work to create:):) Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  6. Hmmm - a mystery product indeed. All I can think is that you could slot photos into the gaps (a bit like photo corners) or fold back the corners to make triangular holes to be backed with colour ... odd, odd, odd!

  7. Hmmm I'm not sure why neither, the cake does sound good. I had a red heart doily page I just didn't know what to d with it at least not right now maybe down the road I'll find a use for it. Loved the story though :)

  8. Hummm, I mystery, I'm usually pretty good with them, but I must agree a lot of red…one of my favourite colours ;)
    Pass the cake while I ponder ;)

  9. Lol, love this post :) Sorry but no idea how I would use that either! Look forward to seeing what you decide to do with it :)

  10. lol lol lol! I loved this post! I wish I could help solve the mystery, but I haven't see the product in person and I'm not too sure what to use it for. I hope the mystery is solved soon - I'm not good at figuring them out but I need to know the answer!

  11. That's a very pretty kit! Can't wait to see what you make!

  12. Hilarious ! Loved to read it ! Thanks !

  13. love this post, such fun! Sorry though, can't help with the dilemma, I don't buy much in the way of scrapbook supplies anymore, but I think that sheet would bamboozle me too!! Good luck.