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23 January 2015

Last Bits and Bobs on Paper

Well, I haven’t killed my kit this month, but mortally wounded it.  This layout was compiled solely for the purpose of cutting into uncut papers and opening up untouched embellishments.

Bros. (brothers abbreviated) – a layout from my January 2015 Counterfeit Kit


Story: This photo of  my husband (right) and his younger brother was probably taken in the mid to late 1960’s, about the same time as the snapshot of me and my sisters in my last post.


It was purely coincidence that both photos were in a large stack of random stuff in no particular order I decided to start working my way through this month (and next, next, next).  This old snapshot was sent back to my husband by his cousin, who had unearthed it from my husband's uncle's belongings after he passed away last year.  From the small decorative images printed on its border, I suspect it would have originally been sent at Christmas.  My hopes that the exact year would be noted on the back were dashed - I will have to see if my mother-in-law has a copy marked in her albums.

Style: The page was almost complete in 30 minutes . . . until . . . .  I messed up the subtitle and had to fix it.  Usually my mistakes can all be undone with Undo – but not this time.  In the upper right hand corner I had used some mint green letters to include the boys’ names, but they lacked sufficient contrast against the kraft and gold background.  I decided to outline them in black – and in an abundance of caution I used colored pencil instead of ink.  Still, the gold dots resisted the color and it looked bad.  I tried erasing it – that is why I had used pencil, after all.  It should work great – well, not so much.  Moving on – so I could still finish up in under an hour.

(Reminder to self:  Add their names back in, oh and a date too!!)

Stash: Luckily an old Studio Calico advertising card I pulled from my scraps worked with the other colors on my page, and covered the letters (which I didn’t even bother to remove) and smudged pencil.  A few word stickers from Authentique stand in for journaling.

I also grabbed that old book page from my stash, and its inclusion on the page qualifies this layout for the second challenge this month over at Counterfeit Kit Club.

Drop by on Saturday to see my layout for the third challenge of the month.  I will have completed the trifecta.  See you then.


  1. Another fab layout, I really like the kraft paper with gold dots :)

  2. I love the gold on this one!

  3. You've got such great style

  4. The old book page caught my eye right away - perfect paper for an older photo!

  5. Love this layout Susanne! The colours, the patterns, that bird button/flair - perfect!

  6. Beautiful it when old original photos are used. I adore the gold dotted paper. I am relieved that I am not the only one making boo boo'sin the creative process xx

  7. great use of that gorgeous gold spotty paper for this über-sweet photo of the boys! Such a lovely, balanced design and your mistake cover up works perfectly!

  8. Love your color mix and the negative space "2", as well as the use of the bookpage. The washi tape is the perfect touch! Great page.

  9. Beautiful layout, such a sweet photo. Love all the layers.
    Cindy F.