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19 January 2015

Me on Monday–Oh So Organized

Well, I will be – soon – steps are being taken I tell you!!!


Speaking of steps, here I am in my tennies – just back from the gym.  It was very crowded at the gym due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, but we were not to be deterred.

And doubling back to the topic of organization, I made great progress this past week, the first after college-break ended.  The first thing I noticed about the retired life is that you quickly lose track of your days, especially when you haven’t set up your calendar/planner for the year.  When lots of days feel like Saturday, you begin to understand the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s query – “What is a weekend?”


The Project Life Journal Planner that hubby got me for Christmas is now assembled – with only 5% of the year having slipped by (that’s not so bad).  I  stamped with 12 different Stampin Up colors matched to the pages and these cute Scraptastic stamps I won as blog candy.  I printed some small month-at-a-glance pages from Hadley Designs to insert in the monthly divided page protectors. Remind me next year to remember that drawback to undated planners.


When no one is headed out the door to the office in the morning, or returning at the end of the day, you also lose what had been the natural cadence of your days.  I’m not complaining, mind you, I am merely pointing out the phenomenon.  My computer time is much less regular and regimented, so I have now installed a “system” for blog reading.  I am going to try it out for a few weeks, and if it works, I will share the time-saving, focus-imposing, surely life-changing system with you.

Onto other things, our weekend (which started on Friday, or was it Thursday) included:
  • a visit to my mother-in-law’s
  • asking about family stories, and taking notes for future blog posts
  • finishing another audiobook in the car
  • seeing George Strait in two different restaurants (okay, only his photos on the wall, but 2 consecutive places was quite a coincidence)
  • buttery baked potato and extra thick maple sauce smothered pork chop dinner
    (dripped onto my new sweater, but totally worth it)
  • returning home Saturday night too lazy to cook
  • husband running for pizza and salad carryout (dietetic by comparison to our prior meals)
  • church-skipping on Sunday (at my request – so naughty – couldn’t believe hubby let us)
  • my blog reading and writing during his TV basketball game viewing
  • starting and finishing a single scrapbook page and having time left to open and sort that box of $10 sale kits.  (Yes, in that order!)


What have you been up to – where are your steps leading you today?  Do give Sian and the rest of us a wave and catch us up.


  1. Now that sounds like a busy weekend..

    Hope you manage to pack just as much into the rest of the week!

  2. Love your Downton Abbey reference. I'm loving watching Season 5 each Sunday night. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts on retirement. My husband is a few years away and I often wonder what the changes will be. I'm a fan of routine and continuous weekends won't be a good thing for me. ;) Great kit and it sounds like you had a terrific weekend.

  3. Ah...the life of the retired...I am jealous ;-)

    You have been busy...would love to hear about your blog reading plan. I seem to need a plan too.

  4. ooh your PL planner looks good. sounds like you had a busy weekend x

  5. I have just watched Season 5 and the Christmas Episode of Downton on DVD this weekend...Lady Grantham really does get all the best one-liners! xx

  6. You have been busy. I know what you mean about losing the rhythm of a week. I'm a SAHM for the most part, only teaching occasional classes and in the school holidays I never know which day it is!

  7. A lot of people don't understand how busy you can be when you're not so called "working". I'm a housewife and love it, but I'm always chasing my tail and yes ... I lose track of days too lol. I'm interested to hear about your blogging schedule and reading one too x

  8. Such a busy (but productive) weekend! LOVING your planner!!!!

  9. You are a busy gal!!! Still not used to hubby being retired, but I keep busy despite it! Nice looking planner.

  10. Busy, busy! Ooh I can't wait to hear your blog-reading-time-saving tips. Already grateful for advice :)

  11. Lady Grantham is my favourite and yes the days just blend into each other so it's good to have some sort of routine.

  12. Sounds like my kind of weekend. Being retired doesn't change my opinion of weekends! Because that's when everyone else is available!

  13. your ahead of me ( on planner) Looks great and yeah for the gym!!!

  14. I'm intrigued to hear about your blog reading plan! My steps today are leading me to several meetings and the library to plan and read for an essay! All good fun!

  15. Oh yes, the joy of no schedule! We've enjoyed several times over the year when Robbie was in between jobs & truly enjoyed the no schedule lifestyle . . . although we still have several years 'til retirement around here so we can enjoy it again! I've always been a calendar person or it would be hard to keep up around here - I thought it was Saturday most of Monday because Robbie was home from work! :)

  16. I only managed the no schedule lifestyle occasionally but both Wookie & I have loved it. Glad to hear you are enjoying life and I too have had to put blog reading into my schedule to make sure it happens.