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28 February 2015

Fabulous February Finds

1.)  New Video Blog posts over at Get It Scrapped – Debbie Hodge has turned past design articles into new quick videos.  Two recent examples, coincidentally including layouts from my GIS creative team days, are shown below (click on images to go to video posts).

Scrapbook page Ideas Inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design

I really like these - they don't take a lot of time and it is a nice change of pace to have Debbie talk through the layouts rather than reading the blog post myself.  As someone who loves listening to audiobooks,  I appreciate the variety this visual and spoken media adds to my scrappy inspiration time on the internet.  They are a great refresher of the original idea, and the videos are quick to boot. (Yes, that they are brief bears repeating.)   Being shorter in length than most process videos for single layouts, including multiple examples and being focused on a single point is what make these work!  And if you happen to have more time to linger over the pages and want to read more of the designer notes, she has linked up the original posts as well.  Kudos to Debbie!

2)  I discovered a new podcast by Jess Forster called Pocket Talk.  As you would guess, it is directed to exploring memory keeping with pocket pages.  I was introduced to Jess through the Big Picture Class called Project Life Kick-off, where she was one of three teachers.


There are 3 episodes thus far and they are all close to 30 minutes.  Two of the three scrappers interviewed were new to me.  I find Jess to be very to the point in her interviewing skills, which I really like.  As you probably gathered by now, my time on the Internet being squeezed, I want every minute to be packed with meaningful content.  I appreciate conversation that is on point over excess chit chat.

So that wraps up my February blogging, it has been a busy bloggy month.  I was expecting to be online much less in March.  I was thinking that with spring cleaning and spring break and such I'd not have much time.  Then I caught Calvinball fever, which sounds like the perfect cure for or at least diversion from cabin fever when spring hasn't quite arrived yet.

Check it out, it starts tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for posting these, Calvinball sounds like fun!

  2. There's no way I would have time for Calvinball at the moment, but I can't wait to see what you come up with

  3. I'm headed to check out one of the video posts. I've done quite a bit of crafty stuff in February, which will carry over into the first half of March. Then I'm off on a couple of trips! :)

  4. I am downloading those podcasts now, thanks for linking us up. Looking forward to the excitement of Calvinball too.

  5. Nice finds. I'm just getting into podcasts and i find I enjoy shorter ones (15 minutes or so) better.