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15 February 2015

It Takes a Scrap Village–Day Seven

It is time . . . to choose cardstock for the Snap, Snip & Scrap Village kit.  Let’s (yes, that is, let US) cut to the chase and choose between 2 different sets or 4 individuals – as you like it, Shakespeare says.


Which two win?

Did you know that tomorrow is a village holiday – yep, some obscure festival day dating back to ancient (post stone tablet) times that celebrates and recognizes the importance of all things paper.  I hear there will be some other kit business happening here tomorrow.  A challenge of some sort, I am just hoping it doesn’t involving jousting with scissors.

Speculation around the village is that it has something to do with a counterfeiting cult,  Do come by, but be careful - it is easy to get sucked in – because it is lots of fun.  Not that I have been brainwashed or anything.  I will return on the day after with the next decision point.