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17 February 2015

Missed It Twice - Me On Monday - Returning Home

Well, even if it is Tuesday, I’m doing a Me On Monday Post.  I’ve missed two, and it is because there has been so much going away going on here.

The post I started a week ago Monday was to show you that in between trips 1 and 2 of 3 this month, I was delighted to see these in my mailbox.


Postcards from friends far and wide in the swap arranged by Sian, From High In The Sky.
Thank you, Ally, Jennifer and Mel.

Returning home between trip 2 and 3, we were greeted by 6 inches of snow, so I haven’t trudged to the mailbox (or convinced hubby he should) yet, so there most certainly will be more to come.

Our latest trip was to Savannah, Georgia for Valentine’s Day (and Presidents Day) weekend and the Savannah Book Festival.  Unloading the suitcases this morning I stacked these up.


The bottom two (The Secret Wisdom of the Earth and Beach Music) are by authors who were speaking at the Festival, and I was even able to get Pat Conroy to sign my copy of Beach Music. More on the Festival to come, I promise.


The next two (The Marseille Caper and the Civil War) are from E. Shaver bookseller, an independent book store that hubby had discovered on a business trip several years past.  Here he is in the map/prints room.  The next higher two used books (The Little Drummer Girl and Benjamin Franklin) are from The Book Lady, a little lower than street level used book shop that the guide to Bonaventure Cemetery told us about.  I bet by now you can tell which are hubby's selections and which are mine.

The Pleasures of Reading in An Age of Distraction was my Valentines gift to hubby.  He chuckled when I told him we scrapbookers knew how to stick to a theme even when traveling.   Now we just have to find 7 books in our collection that we can give/trade/donate away – as the new rule is that in total our book library needs to shrink – an idea that hubby has not completely adopted.


I will be sharing many more photos as I make up travelogue pages, but here you can see me snapping a picture of the chandelier in the hotel lobby.  Savannah was a perfect place for a long getaway weekend.  Their riverfront and historic district are perfect venues for the Festival, where you are surrounded by the beauty of the Old South, the history of the Civil War, and fine dining (and drinking) establishments.  We loved it!  We will go back.


  1. Oh, gosh, you lucky duck!! I have visited Savannah when my folks were in Hilton Head! It certainly has it southern charm and I loved it there. My daughter was young at the time and in Girl Scouts and we had to visit the house of Juliette Lowe, who founded GS.

  2. Oh how fun! I would love to attend an event like that!!!!!!

  3. I really want to visit Savannah! Great photos!

  4. I'm delighted your cards are arriving :)

    I hardly need to say it: you know how much I'd love to go to something like that!

  5. That really DOES sound like a fun weekend xx

  6. It sounds like such a lovely trip! The books all look wonderful, but I can't get board with any library shrinking. No way. LOL

  7. What an amazing weekend you've had

  8. Sounds like a great weekend - Wookie would have liked that print and map room. Library shrinking needs to happen here too sadly.

  9. OH a book festival sounds like the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway!

  10. Sounds like a fab trip. Glad the card arrived safely.