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16 February 2015

Scrapbook Idea–Create an Unexpected Title or Sentiment

That is the third and final challenge for February over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.  And this one was a little tough for me.  I tend to use large Thickers for simple titles – it’s my thing, so to speak.  So faced with the challenge I decided to depart and make my title more subtle.  And yes, I may have been influenced by what I did back here. One thing often leads to another in my studio.

Explore & Imagine – A Counterfeit Challenge layout


Having just played with PL cards, I decided to use the one from my kit as my title – it really sums up what the page is about.  I’ve placed it so that you see it first on the page and added a flair cluster for emphasis, but then I’ve covered it with that map transparency.  I like the look of it.  It helps reinforce the idea that you need to look in order to see!

The viewer then takes in the series of photos, and gets an example of what you can discover when you explore and imagine. Can't you see that bridge as a snake slithering along the interstate highway.  I did, and so I added a very imaginative, and perhaps unexpected, subtitle to the page.


Some might even think that Serpent of Steel is the title, and that I just made them work for it.
Now would I do that?
Winking smile
The day after I made the page above, I awoke with another idea related to looking for words.  I had been wondering how to scrap some cool photos of hubby and I from January 2014.  There was an interactive piece of wall art at Hotel 21C in Louisville, and we had fun trying to catch words.  We were not very successful.  If you read the journaling on this layout, you will see we were successful in other regards.

Finding The Right Words – a Counterfeit Kit layout


The pictures had an odd orange cast to them, so I turned them black and white and added the HDR-ish effect in Picasa to bolster the look.  The hodgepodge of large letters floating there are the last remaining ones from my January counterfeit kit.  I simply inked them with an assortment of SEI chalk cubes in tones to match the bubbles on the lower paper.


The title of the page is in small black letters from my stash, so here is another page where you have to look a little harder to see the title. See one thing leads to another.

PS But don’t fret, I will be back to big Thickers® in obvious titles soon. 


  1. What a lovely bridge...great page and wonderful title.

  2. Loveeeeeeeee these! LOVING the alphas on the second one!!!!!!

  3. I love how you subtly share so much about yourself and I find the digging deeper to flow completely true among your words and your projects. The multiple meanings on the second page to the right words is awesome. Love the sentiments and can greatly relate to losing some aspects of intimate conversation through child rearing. Thanks for sharing such wonderful projects and creativity.

  4. I love the overlay on that first title - I always think of them for photos & then rarely use them as they invariably block something! The extremely clever & subtle subtitle was TOTAL GENIUS.
    The floating letters in the title of your second page were a wonderful nod to those photos.
    FAB projects for the challenge!

  5. Great job on these unique titles! I do think that bridge resembles a serpent & I bet y'all are enjoying sharing lots of words together now in the first year of retirement! :)

  6. These layouts are great! I love the scattered letters on the second one!

  7. Two great layouts that are perfectly you but also unexpected at the same time! Matched the prompt so well! Great way to think about the words on the second layout and find a way to interpret these fun photos with something so much more meaningful. thanks for sharing