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27 February 2015

Sorts of Every Card

In late 2013 and early 2014, I had a subscription to Studio Calico’s Project Life kits.  I also ordered a couple for Big Picture Classes and from SC’s year-end sale.


I would use items from the kit each month – more embellishments than cards, it turns out. The clear stamp sets would be taken out and put with other clear stamps in a bin. Then I would put the box in the cabinet when the next box came, and then the next and then the next.  And so it goes.


Then a friend who sells Close To My Heart, suggested I get their Medium Organizer which was the perfect size to fit both 3 x 4 cards and 4 x 6 cards.  Which it almost was.  Well, it was, if you want to remove dividers and use two compartments for 4 x 6 cards.  I did not measure and assumed that either size would fit into all 8 slots. (So close, and yet so far.) My bad.


Still undeterred, I sorted out all my leftover kit cards, by brand in case I use them on design work. You may not know that many designers contribute to Studio Calico kits. The first two slots, by far the most cards, are Studio Calico, square and rounded corners divided.  The others shown here: In a Creative Bubble, Life Love Paper, One Little Bird, Paislee Press and my current fave, Hello Forever.

There were other American Crafts sister brands represented too – Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine.  Those two groups of cards were larger so I put those with their 12 x 12 patterned papers, thinking they would coordinate there as well.


Naturally, it would not be as simple as seeing the brand printed on each card, I had to look up each kit on the Studio Calico website, where luckily they do a card key showing each card’s designer. It took me only 5 chapters in my current audiobook (an hour and 1/2) to sort it all out.  If the designer also supplied other bits and bobs, I threw those in too.

Was it worth the extra effort to do this sorting, you ask?  Overall I saved a little space, but I made the supplies more visible which always helps in getting them used up.  Also, the sorting process reacquainted me with what I had, another key to using them.  Finally, they are now more portable for crops.  Subdivided and sorted, done and dusted, case closed!


  1. I love that organizer!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's a nice looking organiser.

    I don't have very many cards, but what I have I keep in a take out food tub which was a lucky find (and fit)

  3. Whatever helps in terms of being able to find and use our stuff, right? It looks nice all organized and sorted. :)

  4. I got a special container for my cards and it helps me use them! I hope you will start to use your supplies up too!

  5. That looks fab, that is one thing on my to do list.. PL organisation :)

  6. Sounds like FUN sorting through all that stash, remembering what you have! When I'm doing something like that, I always have a hard time because I want to stop and scrap something! LOL

  7. I like sorting through and remembering what I have - always inspires me to stop and scrap. Hope you jotted down some ideas and have fun creating.