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24 February 2015

Tuning In

Tune Out and Tune In – a Counterfeit Kit layout

tune out and tune in

Story: On the bus ride to a band competition, my daughter and her friend put on their big sunglasses and big headphones so that they can listen to music and not be distracted by everything else happening on a bus full of teenagers.  They must have been feeling more competitive than social that day. They snapped this selfie because they both have similar hairstyles, earphones and even sunglasses.  Hopefully you can see enough of her friend's outline there to get the drift. It was pretty cute and one of the photographs my daughter chose to include in the senior year slideshow at graduation, so it was definitely scrap-worthy.

Style: I have been seeing versions this sketch all over the Internet with its diagonal rows of shapes in the top left corner.  My one inch square punch made quick work of those.  And as you can see, I am back to my big titles, although those letters are flat ones from Sassafras.

Stash: In addition to my February Counterfeit kit, I grabbed the pink Heidi Grace letters, the pink Stampin Up buttons and the Colorbok green epoxy square from my stash.  Time to complete – about an hour.  I was pretty tuned in as well.  :-)


  1. Sooooooo beautiful! LOVING the colors and the squares!! And lol to your comment on my blog .. you are right, it WAS created for something else *wink* ... but truth be known, I still would have created it this early .. I only create on the weekends, so I always create early for everything! LOL!! I already have all my March projects done! HA!! :)

  2. What a great layout! Those squares are pretty cool.

  3. Really love the color composition on this -- the touch of pink especially. The little stars and the cluster are such a great touch, as well. Is that vellum on the friend,...emphasizing the tuning out part to tune -in, clever. Great page!

  4. super layout..the subject is great and you have me thinking that i should take some photos of my three..who always have their headphones on x

  5. Hi Susanne! Happy to have you visit my blog!! LOVE your layout!! LOVE the title design, your papers, and the squares!! I am now following your blog. Looking forward to seeing what else you create!!!

  6. I think I still have some of those letters - must get them out and included in a CKC kit as I love them and miss them :-(

    Great layout and your corner of squares is particularly appealing. Looking good S!

  7. Cool use of those squares - I like the idea of the twinned selfies and vellum.