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08 March 2015

Calvin & Hobbes Would Be Doing A Happy Dance

Here’s my Calvinball results for the first week:  46 scrappy points


18 divided page protectors of our recent trip to Savannah, several pages with me on them that count double.

Here’s a favorite page or two:

Blog Stuff-001
Blog Stuff1

You will notice a couple of different postcards included here.  I find that is a great way to have the snapshots that we didn’t get.  At 35 to 50 cents apiece, you cannot go wrong.

See that Making Memories Tape down the side of the third page – it’s from 2007 and I scored an extra Calvinball point for opening up that package and using it.  I also get a point for going a whole week without buying anything; can you believe I actually suggested that rule?

And now the full size layout, that will serve as the title page for our Savannah trip:


Savannah A page from my March Counterfeit Kit  - Home and Away.  There are 29 individual pieces of chipboard on this page – so fun!
That’s all for today, I still have a challenge layout from my March Counterfeit kit coming, and I want to make some cards using the stamps included in the kit too.

Now I’m off to order more prints from Shutterfly® – wouldn’t want to run out of Calvinball materials!

Calvinball Scorecard:  46
  • 18 Divided page protectors
  • 4  Single Layouts
  • 1  Blogging About Calvinball
  • 2  Using a GIS template/sketch
  • 4  Scrapping myself
  • 1   Scrapping food
  • 1  Concentrate on the Journaling
  • 3+ photos on a page
  • 1  Using a Typewriter font
  • 1  Going a week without buying anything new
  • 1  Using old unopened product
  • 4  Points for being a newbie, putting Calvinball in forum signature and listening to Podcast
  • Using St. Patrick's Day product/motifs
  • Getting at least 3 pages from one kit
  • downloading and using a new font (1 point awarded weekly)
  • participating in a non-calvinball challenge
  • use all warm colors
  • use song lyrics, poems, or a toast on a page


    1. It's making me laugh just looking at that list. Excellent fun! (and with great results)

    2. Wow wow wow!! LOVING these!!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Wow, what gorgeous pages!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! And what a fun list to work with!! Have a great day :)

      A Mermaid's Crafts

    4. You really are on a creative roll

    5. I love mixing traditional and pocket papges for travel adventures. I always have so many photos and this really helps with the scrapbook process go together much quicker. Fab pages for fab photos! You are really getting a lot accomplished!

    6. Wow-you got so much done!Great job! Love the soft colors on your layout!

    7. Sounds like you are doing great on the Calvin Ball! And so much productivity!!

    8. Ok I have a dumb question but I won't know the answer if I don't ask. What is Calvinball?

      1. I just added a new post to the blog with some explanation - I didn't realize I had not explained. Thanks for asking!

    9. Like Sharon above, I'm wondering the same thing.(LOL).
      Your Savannah layout looks super!

    10. Wow! You are doing great! I had to google "Calvinball" to figure out what you were referring to. I'm guessing that you are participating in Get It Scrapped challenges for March.

      Your pages look great. Love how much your getting done! Wish you could spread some of your mojo my way. :) Maybe I need a romantic trip away to help reinvigorate my drive. :) It really looks like you had an awesome time together in Savannah. Nice work on the challenges and congratulations on practicing your shopping restraints. ;)

    11. Wow!! Look at that stack of pages -- beautiful! :)
      I too have been enjoying finding old product to use on pages!

    12. fabulous pages and so many memories!

    13. Love the title on that page with the circular letters - you've made a real feature of it!

    14. We just loved Savannah - hoping for a return visit :-)
      Congrats on all those points! You are really encouraging me to explore divided pages...

    15. Well done! Your Savannah pages give me an idea for some of our trips.