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15 March 2015

Calvinball Update

Another week – another gazillion Calvinball points.  Okay, not a gazillion, but I doubled my score, keeping up the pace of the first week.  The big snow blizzard of last week (okay, more like 8 inches) was followed by a slight 2 day thaw and 2 days of steady rain.  The sloppy weather helped to concentrate my efforts - forcing me inside to scrap fervently.


Aren’t these some of the most fantabulous, artsy, cleverly creative layouts you have ever seen?  Okay, maybe not – but they did score me some scrappy bonus points!  And you’ll have to excuse my bragging – smack talk is the required parlance in the Calvinball forum over at Get It Scrapped.  If you’re gonna play, you gotta go all the way, right?

alz walk 


These are both pictures of my daughter with her band mates: in their junior year she convinced them to form a team for a charity walk to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s Disease and at the year-end band banquet before graduation, the six seniors took their bows.  I used bits and bobs leftover from my March and February kits, respectively.


Here's a favorite page of 3 pocket pages I did on the garden district of New Orleans.  We were there in 2005, just 3 months before Hurricane Katrina devastated much of the city.  I started with 7 Gypsies paper and tag.  Then I incorporated some even older product from 2006 (Love, Elsie chipboard buttons) as well as a few things like that "captured" frame from the blog prize I just received from Nathalie.

Calvinball Scorecard: 92  (scrappy points subtotal 33)
  • 22 Divided page protectors
  • 9   Single Layouts
  • 2   Set of 4 cards
  • 2  Blogging About Calvinball
  • 1  Facebook
  • 1  Pinterest
  • 2  Ten comments on CB layouts
  • 1  Five comments on CB blogs
  • 2  Using a GIS template/sketch
  • 1  Focus on the Journaling
  • 3  3+ photos on a page
  • 4  Scrapping myself
  • 1  Scrapping food
  • 1  Inspired by MSD or Scrapbook Coach class
  • 1  Use new product (2015) Blog giveaway prize
  • 5  Using old unopened product
  • Using St. Patrick's Day product/motifs
  • Getting at least 3 pages from one kit
  • 3  Using a map on a page
  • 1  Using a typewriter font
  • use song lyrics, poems, or a toast on a page
  • use all warm colors
  • 1  photo from your kid's social media
  • 2  scrap some memorabilia
  • 1  finish a class
  • 4  product used from before 2010  - double points!!
  • 1  purging supplies (1 point per week)
  • 2  printing photos (1 point per week)
  • 1  filing layouts in albums
  • 2  go a week without buying new supplies
  • downloading and using a new font (1 point awarded weekly)
  • participating in a non-calvinball challenge
  • 2  doing housework during Calvinball (1 per week)
  • 1  using up a kit till it is gone, gone, gone
  • 4  Points for being a newbie, putting Calvinball in forum signature and listening to Podcast
  • 1  literally dusting off old supplies to use them
  • 1  doing subtotals in red
    Well, the detailed scorekeeping has lost its charm for me, so next week's update will just include the totals.  I have slipped down the leaderboard and then regained a little ground, so I need to focus on the game and not the scoreboard. I am enjoying this so very much, I hope I can keep up this pace.


  1. Lots of glitzy energy to admire here and hats off to your daughter for such sterling work.

  2. You have been busy. Lovely pages...I love the angle of your photo on the first page.

  3. I had good fun reading all the things you could get points for.

    It's nice to see the Love, Elsie stuff on a page. I have a few bits and pieces I should pull was a favourite of mine way back.

    I love how this challenge has you fired up with scrapping energy!

  4. Love love love love these!!! And yeah for her organizing the walk!!!!! That's awesome!!!!!!

  5. Wow - not only have you earned a ton of points, you've been very productive as well!

  6. My goodness you have been productive! results: beautiful LO's Well done

  7. You have been very busy with all your scrapping. Good thing the weather cooperated for you to complete your scrappy tasks!!! Nice job!

  8. Wow, you are racking up the Calvinball points! I love your title work on your pages -- very creative!

  9. They're very creative. And even better, they're done! I'm going to start scrapping 2014 soon. Skipping 2013 for now because 2014 feels more manageable.