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22 March 2015

Calvinball – Week 3

It has been a little crazy over in the Calvinball gallery at Get It Scrapped.


Scrappers are behaving badly, um . . . I mean, crazily, um . . . well, creatively chaotic.  There are over 1,350 layouts posted through Week 3.  Check it out.

My statistics in a nutshell are:

47 Scrappy points (points for pages, projects, etc.)
81  Bonus points (points for everything else, including challenges, participation etc.)
128  Total points

And I’m not even going to win, place or show in this crazy race.

Then there are the unofficial statistics:
  • 2  paper cuts
  • 4  coats of liquid bandage to seal said paper cuts
  • 5  empty adhesive dispensers in the recycle bin (not all were full to start) 
  • 20 mornings I thought about Calvinball before breakfast (out of town – 2 days)
  • 10  evenings I thought about Calvinball as my head hit the pillow
  • 20 (of 27.5) ml of Mr. Huey white mist dumped accidentally
  • 3  paper towels needed to clean craft mat, countertop, and numerous items under counter
  • 2 pieces of cardstock soaked, but still not white when they dried – what??
  • 2 ml of Mr. Huey white mist dumped in the circular file on purpose, then retrieved to be further investigated and perhaps salvaged at a later date 
  • 2  bottles of Undo discovered in stash after making special Michaels trip to buy Undu
  • 2  glue dots used, before depleting my supply, shortly after returning from said Michaels trip, where I had not purchased glue dots
  • 1/2 roll of glue dots recovered from the depths of the scrapbook tote taken to my last crop 
  • 5  supplies I remembered/discovered I had after finishing a page for which they would have been perfect
  • 2  of those supplies added to finished pages before filing them in albums
  • 3  remaining supplies that may not make it to another page until next year’s Calvinball 
  • 3  orders of photo prints from Shutterfly so far (and one from Persnickety to try them out)
  • 5  rules for Calvinball that I suggested (yes, Calvin helps those who help themselves!)
  • 3  other rules that I anticipated and banked before they were even suggested by others (Hobbes helps those who he suspects need all the help they can get; he has my cell phone number, and he hears things.)
  • 223  number of times I wondered why I got myself into this in the first place!

So that’s where I stand at the end of Week 3 – trying to stay pumped for the final lap.  Any words of encouragement appreciated.

And lest you think that this post is all talking and no doing, here are a couple of divided pages showing our visit to the Art Museum contained in Hotel 21C.  Not only do they have art in special museum rooms, they also hang it in the restaurant, have large mixed media in the outside courtyard, have it painted atop the parking garage, and have an in-house television channel dedicated to art as well.  It makes for a very artsy environment. 

Blog Stuff

And lest you think that all I am doing is slapping travel photos into divided pockets, and I have a full page layout in process on the outside art.  Stay tuned as well for a very labored-over layout with a nice long story!  Here’s a sneak peek of that one - I wrote the journaling 3 months ago, and finished the page up 13 hours ago. Hopefully that makes it triply charming.


In the meantime, why not check in and see what is going on in the Calvinball forum over at Get It Scrapped!


  1. lol! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate Mr Huey incident..

    That's a crazy number of layouts...Calvinball is singel handedly reinvigorating the Scrapbooking industry, I think

  2. Sorry to hear about the cuts and the mist incident! LOVING your page! Gorgeous!!!!

  3. That's quite a list of unofficial statistics! Glad your getting pictures in pages whether it be traditional or pocket. That mist can make such a mess and hope your cut is healing!

  4. A very fun post to read. Very exciting to be on such a scrappy tangent. That cluster is amazing. I keep bandaids in the studio. Glad I'm not alone in the cutting department. ;)

  5. I had to laugh in sympathy about the Undo - there won't be one of us who hasn't bought something only to find we have it already! Your number of pages and layouts is amazing - I have no idea how you keep going ...

  6. tough competition huh? Doris takes this very seriously!! Look like you did a ton to me :)

  7. Beautiful pages Suzanne and that cluster is indeed amazing!

  8. Oh my goodness it sounds like an amazing challenge! I had to laugh at the glue dot shortage. Happens to me all the time!

  9. Great layout..sounds like a very interesting place.
    I love your cluster of embellishments :)
    Wow, that is a challenge.

  10. I LOVE the look of that layered sneak...can't wait to see more.

  11. Wow sounds like a marvelous challenge! Say What on the White! should have covered it and thank goodness for the totes we take to crops for the needed essentials in a pinch :) Super cute pocket page layout :)

  12. Calvin helps them who help themselves, lol!! Funny!! And I totally know what you mean about going to the craft store, then coming home without the ONE thing you KNEW you needed-- not that I've ever done that, or anything... :D And you are doing great with the Calvinball points!! I hadn't realized how many layouts had already been posted to the gallery.