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28 March 2015

Extra Homework–Double Layouts from Second Kit

Well, I meant to post these layouts, before I showed you that third kit I compiled. This second kit did not last much longer than my first kit of the month.  Here’s what I managed to produce.

This 2 page layout documents my daughter’s move in day at college (yes, I obscured the name of said institution).  The directions were provided in my class instructions and I followed them about 85%.  The large rub-on from Adorn-it (not included in the kit) made a great border in the right colors.


These two pages were the other class layout and I followed them 95%.  The only significant change was in how I did the white cardstock section.  The class directions suggest using a craft knife to cut out between the circles, leaving them to form a grid.  Well, that would have been very time consuming so I took a swiss cheese approach and just punched out several circles – much quicker (because this month it is a competition, after all.)  I think it worked just as well, even though I am biased.  You can even see a little white misting there from the bit I salvaged from the bottom of the bottle I had dropped.  Tags played heavily into both these pages.


This next double spread scraps some cute pictures of Duke and my son.  I actually got the idea for the title from a teeny tiny sticker on a sheet by Authentique.  This layout was fashioned from another old set of Creating Keepsake class lessons – and it was pretty heavily altered.


Down to somewhat limited supplies, I decided to do a single page of scenic photos from my husband’s trips to Canada.  I tend to scrap the fishermen-holding-huge-fish shots first, and often the pretty nature shots are set aside for later.  So I went to my 2012 trip folder and picked some snaps I knew I had not printed or scrapped.  This will make a nice intro page for that year’s trip in the fishing album.


Having burned through that kit, and still in double-page mode, I finished off this counterfeit kit layout that I had started back in November of last year.  You can see I hid any references on the paper to fall, fiddled with the embellishments and turned it into a wine country layout.  The colors worked well for that.  For some reason, it still photographs crooked.

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Hmmm . . . me thinks it is time to tally my Calvinball points again . . . me thinks there should be a little bump in the numbers!!


  1. Wow...those are a lot of photos scrapped. Gorgeous pages the way you used the tags on the second 2pager.

  2. You have been BUSY!! WOW WOW WOW!! These are ALL GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Wow! You have accomplished so much. So many great photos to share in doubles! I love that border of tags in the second one. Yay to Canada! I'm curious what province your husband fishes in. It looks like a beautiful spot.

  4. LOVING all your two page layouts!!! Great use of tags and product!!

  5. You are getting so much done! Great job!

  6. You have been a very busy beaver this month with all your scrapping. I agree yeah for Canada.

  7. I love them all! But my favorite would have to be the one with the different tags across the bottom. Plus, you were in my neck of the woods at Opryland Hotel!!

  8. fantastic 2 pagers, well done.

  9. Love, love, love the opryland kit. Will probably come back and steal it soon!