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10 March 2015

First Trip of the Year

Here are pages for our first January trip – when we took that spur of the moment trip to Louisville, Kentucky.  You can see what the highlight of the trip was for the retired spouse, given that I even included two pictures of him next to the pretty blonde angel.  Basically, the story is that his mom gave him a bottle of Angel's Envy "collectible" bourbon for his retirement and included was an invitation to have the bottle signed by the owners of the distillery at an hors d'oeuvres and sample tasting event (sampling, not guzzling, lest you get the wrong idea).


That top left card with the hotel’s bar menu is the back of the map on the title page. My die-cuts are mostly Amy Tangerine, labels are from Lily Bee Sweet Shoppe, and the flair is by A Flair for Buttons.  I used an old Sizzix embossing plate for the little martini glass.  The weight of the Becky Higgins PL cards is substantial enough to provide a nice embossed image.  I have many dies that I need to use, so I am going to put them in a bin sitting by my Project Life cards.   Everything else is from my stash.

That blank card on the second page will have the event tickets attached to it, when I remember to retrieve them from the car.  We have been on the go so much, that the glove compartment is holding quite a stash of this and that.

Speaking of stashes of this and that, one of my objectives this year with Project Life is to not overdo my embellishments.  I tend toward that – often with undesirable results.  I had this false notion that the page doesn’t look “designed” if I don’t add a lot of doodads.  I have to give credit to Big Picture Classes Project Life Kickoff class for this realization.  So I will think colorful but nearly flat for adding touches to the cards.  Can you see my repetitions of hearts on the left side, circles on the right, and three wooden elements across the two pages?


  1. What a fun trip and LOVING how you scrapped it!! Loving the "angel" shot!!! :)

  2. Great way to document what looks like a very fun trip - I love the inclusion of the menu too.

  3. Fabulous two page layout! Love the grid design!!!

  4. I don't think you over-do the embellishments as all! In fact, that's what I like about your work---you have a knack for working with them. I did PL by the month for 2 years. I had to add a few embellishments for my taste.

  5. I love this PL spread. Trying to get motivated to start one myself, you are providing great inspiration and ideas. I, too, think about not being too busy with mine and practicing restraint.

    I think that you have a perfect balance of eye candy without distracting from the story. Just love the embossed piece.

  6. Great spread! I love that you included so many photos and memorabilia. Great use of repetition across the two pages, too!