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16 March 2015

March 2015 Counterfeit Challenge #3

The third test of our scrappy skills over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog is the on-your-desk challenge.
If your desk is messy, cluttered, then make a project that has lots of layers of embellishments, stamping, misting...STUFF!  If your desk is neat and tidy, then minimal is the way to go!
You may NOT do anything special to your desk now that you know what the challenge honest about what the state of it is NOW.
Well, lucky for me with Calvinball going on, I have been scrapping faster than usual and doing quick tidy ups more frequently than usual.  Don't worry, it won't last past Calvinball.  But high speed scrapping almost necessitates it.  In fact, I have kept my kit confined to its square containers pretty well – excepting of course that stray letter “O” which I found stuck to the bottom of a sock in the laundry room.  My kit is down to dribs and drabs.  On top there is the last piece of memorabilia I want to scrap from our Savannah trip.  How can one be inspired by this desk – basically just scraps in squares?  Then it hit me:

Voila – a pocket page protector that works beautifully for the menu and our seating card in the center column.  In order to dress it up, I had to grab a few things outside the kit.  But they could have been included because some were even included in the inspiration kit – like part of  a large doily from which I salvaged the 2 diagonal corners – bringing to mind a tablecloth, don’t you think?  Also I grabbed heart washi tape, 2 banner die-cuts and the heart and stars chipboard that didn’t make the cut when the kit was chosen (although many voted for breaking the rules to include it).


After this last pocket page, I decided to use the paper scraps up for some quick cards.  I got inspiration from an old Big Pictures class and dug out some old American Crafts card bases.  A couple of cards into it, I had to reach for an ancient pack of chipboard – from Melody Ross, A.D. 2009.

Now my March kit is truly exhausted.  I have cleared the containers and started fresh on some unfinished crop pages.  In no time, I will want to start a new kit. Luckily Bethany @ CKC has already chosen the April inspiration kit.  It’s going to be a fun one!  A bit messy, me thinks; but I will be ready for that.


  1. I love the square aspect of your page and the way you interpreted that through to the pocket page along with the inclusion of that super memorabilia! The doily is especially lovely - as you would expect me to say!

  2. What an inspiring idea! Grids and squares are a wonderful way to use up all those little bits and pieces, and I like the way it's all "framed" with the doily scraps.

  3. Love love love this pages!! The colors are beautiful!!!!!!

  4. Love grids and squares. I have done that so many times and never get tired of that design! Beautiful!

  5. You are a clever girl (lady, woman?). Love the grid pattern.

  6. It's a bit frightening, isn't it, that in scrapbooking terms anything with a date of 2009 is "ancient"? Well worth putting it to use now, though.

    I think if I went right to the bottom of the stuff on my desk, i'd probably be right in season..with last year's scraps

  7. Oh, Susanne - I just love how you have captured the flavor of your evening so well, and without photos! The doily really does convey the sense of a fancy evening. I love the sunset-looking flair top right, and the journaling prompt card bottom left couldn't be more perfect. I am definitely persuaded to go to a pocket page here & there in my next vacation album!

  8. Such a clean and put together room. Mine only looks that when I clean it up and don't scrap for a day.

  9. Fabulous seeing you using up all the elements to create other elements - fantastic

  10. Wowee!! Great month for you. And, you finished it fabulously! Your page is terrific! The doily is perfect! The cards are cute. So nicely done.

  11. Love the way you found inspiration in your desk! Funny that Calvinball is making you tidy more often.. it's had the opposite effect on me.

    I really like the doily on your page!

  12. Like how you chopped the menu to fit the pockets, for some reason I had never thought to do that.
    Beautiful layout, and super duper cards.