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09 March 2015

Me On Monday–I Need To Order Up Sunshine

It was a husband’s gone to his Mom’s house to collect records for her taxes, while leaving me here at home to finish up recordkeeping for our taxes, kind of weekend.  He got everything he needed, and I, left to my own devices, made reasonable, but not substantial progress on ours.

The studio kept calling my name.  Hey S, you’ve got time for just one more layout.  Hey S, two hours on Quicken certainly deserves two hours in the studio.  Hey S, hey S, hey S!


So, here I am on Monday afternoon, having just caught up on a little blog reading at the computer instead of my tablet (yay – easier to leave comments on the pc)!  I was trying to take pictures of those  layouts I finished.  But the sun wasn’t cooperating, and we know poor lighting distorts everything – making me look as though I have long skinny legs and tiny feet.  For the record, the latter is closer to the truth than the former. But I’m noticing that the hems on this particular pair of jeans always turn up – why is that, I wonder?  Anyway, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to take the pictures – besides the pencil journaling I have there needs to be traced over in pen first.  Any guesses on who is pictured there?

And are you impressed by that highly professional photo shooting station I have erected.  I often capture my feet in the shot and crop them out.  That white board is a picture canvas balanced up a box of copy/printer paper on the floor.  Surrounded on every side by stacks of books, bags of books, and even more books behind me.  These have been culled from our stash, and are going to be returned to family, to be shared with MIL or Aunt G, dropped off at the Lutheran school library, or traded in at the local 2 for 1 shop.  I am hoping book clearing will be just a part of a little spring cleaning this week as the weather warms up - right after I get the tax stuff to the accountant.

Just out of camera view on the left is Duke, curled up on a little maple rocker.  It has become his favorite look-out these days.  Even when I am down the hall in the studio he likes this view better as he can survey his kingdom all the way out to the road, and bark like crazy at any truck with a low rumbling engine.  It comes in handy for knowing when UPS is making a delivery.  Alas that hasn’t happened for awhile to this address – so I guess he won’t be the one delivering the sunshine (which used to come in 13 inch x 13 inch square boxes!).  I hope your Monday included some sun – and maybe even at a wave at Sian and the other Me On Monday ladies!


  1. Loving that fun photo ... I usually get my toes in my layout shots before editing .. of course, I also have size 10 feet! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the 2 hours on taxes=2 hours scrapping! I use the same logic for housework ;-) LOL!

  3. We have that weekend here every year too! He heads to his Mum's and comes back with a lot of forms..and then the phone calls start..You're right: it's a very good time to be doing something else in.

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like a good Monday.. well, excepting for the taxes. ;)