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23 March 2015

Me On Monday–Post Spring Break

Hello there, it’s Monday, this is Me, here’s what’s happening:
  • It was a it-came-too soon end of spring break kind of weekend.
  • It was an I thought we had, but apparently we still had not, finalized plans for Easter kind of weekend.
  • It was a round robin phone calling to straighten that out kind of weekend.
  • It was a birthday celebration dinner, lunch, gifts, cards, but oops – no cake, (it's okay, he doesn't really care for cake, anyway)  kind of weekend.
  • It was a rare, do laundry on the weekend, now that the dryer is fixed kind of weekend.
  • It was a she scraps while they watch NCAA basketball kind of weekend.
  • It was a finally getting around to last year’s spring break pictures kind of weekend.
  • It was a catching up on American Idol, then Redbox® movies kind of weekend.
  • It was a gym visit on Sunday evening, because there will be no time on Monday, kind of weekend.
  • It was a just one more page, if my glue dots hold out, kind of weekend.
  • It was a too tired to scrap, so catch-up on blog reading kind of weekend.
  • It was a glad to get the text message that the girl and her friend were back at college safely weekend.
And we loved it!

So here you have me on Monday on a layout from last year’s spring break to San Francisco.


I’m thinking I should slant the “cisco” to match “go”.  (The ever so slight slant of the whole page is caused by early morning and not full bright sunlight – the rest of the page is all straight.)  What do you think?

And a lovely postcard from Napa Valley on that same trip.  Both these were made from last year’s September 2014 Counterfeit Kit – Dishing Up The Good Life, which I put together for this trip.  As you can see, I had much better luck with misting that coaster in 3 colors to look wine stained, than my previous attempt with misting.  And the page shows no wear and tear from the fact that I set it down on Duke’s spot while I photographed the first layout, and he promptly sat on top of it.


I think I have 2 more full page layouts in mind for that album, plus lots of pictures coming from Shutterfly (hopefully on Wednesday) to fill divided page protectors.

That’s all for now, I have lots to do before having lunch with friends.  This get-together has been postponed 3 times for weather and an unexpected trip to the hospital for one friend.  We are so looking forward to it.

PS  It is a look, look - there are 3, no wait, 4 deer in the front yard kind of Monday!  Too late, they’ve run off!

Why not give a wave to Sian and company on this Monday and let us know what is going on in your neighborhood today?


  1. Sounds like a productive weekend. Love the pages and wouldn't change a thing on the first one.

  2. Busy lady, you are. I would lieave the Cisco alone and staighten the go, but leave the small frame tilted. My 2 cents worth and it really doesn't matter. Have a fun outing with your friends.

  3. Deer in the backyard? Wow!

    I'm smiling about the Easter phone calls: that happens here too and we call it "making arrangements to make arrangements"

    Have a great week. Oh, and I don't think I'd mess with that page either. It looks great the way it is.

  4. sounds like a busy weekend!

  5. Great layouts - the napa valley one is especially pretty. Such vibrant colors and I really like those photo tabs (if that's what they're called) on the edges.

  6. Two fabulous layouts! Love the grid design in the first one and the colors/background in the second one!!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! LOVING your pages! LOVING that grid design on the first one!!!!!!!

  8. great use for a post card! Love those little wood frames :)

  9. Sounds like a busy weekend. Great layouts. My grandson have walked all over pages I have put down on the floor to is all part of the character.

  10. It sounds like it was a great weekend. I like how you have used that postcard.

  11. I like the first one just as it is. The angled "Go", washi tape and fun clusters give this classic style a nice updated feel. I think it's perfect.

    The second was is fabulous with the red wine colored elements and coaster. Love the clips and postcard!