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01 April 2015

April 2015 Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop

Here we are, on April 1st, and it is time for another Counterfeit Kit Challenge Inspiration kit reveal.
No fooling.

If you didn’t start at the beginning at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, you can go back there or find the list at the bottom of this post.

 Peek: This month’s inspiration kit is the inaugural Messy Box kit from A Beautiful Mess.  It is beautifully colorful, graphic and focuses on love and life.


My plan was to make sure that I captured the few iconic items in this kit as closely as possible.  For example:

the piece of paper divided into orange, yellow, and hot pink
a small multi-color print,
multiple black and white graphic patterns, especially the X’s & O’s
the gold alphabet,
numbers, polka dots and hearts,
some see-through items,
and some quote cards.

Obviously this kit is tailor made for pocket scrapbooking, but I included some black and white cardstock for full-size pages.

Presenting: Box of Just the Best Bits

Papers: As I blogged about here, I had just organized my Project Life cards received in various kits.  That was very serendipitous; I was very familiar with what I had.  I first found the black and white cards I wanted to use, making sure I had a mix of fonts.  Then I discovered the iconic card split into triangles that you see there and used that to limit my color choices.  There are cards from Studio Calico kits, Scraptastic kits (blog prize), an Elle’s Studio grab bag and a few free online printables.  I stamped my own X’s and O’s using Stampin Up’s Big Deal Alphabet and numbers.  I had one gold alphabet which was a reasonable size, but I also included a small off-white chipboard alphabet and gold ink to change its color.

Pretties: Did you notice the messy box had very few embellishments, just hearts and circles?  I limited mine to hearts and stars/asterisks, plus some circular elements in various forms, flair, journal dots, chipboard, epoxy dots and brads.  I included something in every color represented on the cards, plus rub-on borders and old Making Memories epoxy tags to ramp up the black/white factor.  I’m looking forward to working with this kit – and its very graphic look.

Parade: Speaking of looks –  go take a peek at all these kits, why don’t you?

Sharon - aka Scrapping Granny
Me - Here - Now!!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Another great way to take the inspiration and make it all your own from your own stash and how great that you had just reorganised your cards so that you knew what you had! This is a really great kit - I'd buy it if it were for sale *wink*

    The triangular blocked card is perfect and what a great decision to use this to drive your colour scheme and I have to say that I love the idea of limiting your embellies to the shapes from the original kit - why didn't I think of that! i have hardly ANY embellies in mine because I really limited it to the same as the Messy Box. No doubt, some bits and pieces will magically appear in that box throughout its life!

    A great kit Susanne, very different from your usual but still all you! How is that possible? You will have a lot of fun using it for sure. Roll on April!

  2. A wonderful kit which you will enjoy using I'm sure. Love all the hearts and black & white cards.

  3. Gorgeous kit-Best Bits indeed! And LOL at the Messy Box not having many embellishments. I noticed and promptly ignored it ;-)

  4. Loving what you came with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I do love a bit of serendipitous organisation! I'm already thinking about my kit (and am able to do that only because I've re-organised recently.) Really looking forward to seeing how the Master Forgers use all of the unusual items in their kits - especially all of the pocket style items!

  6. Oh yes, yes, yes...I can see the relation to your bits and the Messy Box! It is bold and graphic, but softened just a bit to reflect your style. Love the way you photographed your reveal pic on an angle. That just adds to the fun and funky vibe. Well done!

  7. LOVE IT! You absolutely nailed it, Susanne :D
    Very elegant & sleek - the drama of the black elements makes it wonderfully graphic.
    All the vibrant colors just sing against it.

  8. Wonderful kit you made and so well color throughout too I like that :) It's gonna be fun to see what you do with the PL cards :)

  9. You nailed to kit. You really did nail the feel of the kit. Can't wait to see your pages.

  10. I love your kit. Make me one please!

  11. Very nice kit - you will have fun with this!

  12. Looks like a FUN kit you've put together for April! And, yes, it certainly worked in your favor that you'd organized your cards ahead of time!

  13. WOW! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  14. Woah, there's an eyeful of Spring vigour - this looks brilliant for this time of year ...The black and white just make the other colours really zing. (You were asking me on my blog what font I used for my OLW page? It's Creating Keepsakes Ali Edward's script font and still available here:

  15. You did an amazing job replicating the inspiration! Your kit is bold and vibrant but I think it's totally usable too. Great job!

  16. Nice kit! Will look forward to your creations with it.