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15 April 2015

Creating Keepsakes Unpacking

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon turned dreary that I finally made it into the studio to unpack from the CK weekend.  Wanna see some pretty stuff?

We attended 10 sessions including the crop over 2 1/2 days.  Hey, either go to scrap big or stay home, we figured.

I have always been impressed with the classes that CK puts on themselves.  The instructors, Nicole Harper and Annette Hardy, were both excellent.  The pace was good, not too fast.  They don’t skimp on supplies, which are from some of my fave manufacturers.  It was like receiving a six month subscription to a kit club class by class.  You will see some completed cards there, but we didn't complete a single layout - much homework still to do.

ckc class bckc class dckc class d-001ckc class eCKC class fckc class g

I took 2 layout classes, 2 card making classes, a pocket scrapping class and 1 technique class from CK.  My favorite was Trendy Techniques with Gossamer Blue.  I love their On My Desk collection, and purchased more of that collection in a companion kit at the CK booth.  From other class sponsors, we took an alcohol markers class, that was interesting and an embossing class that was a bust until I won the big prize!

ckc class hckc class a

An opening night technique workshop featuring Paper Loft and Queen & Co. included mostly paper with few embellishments, in their hopes of also selling you companion pages.

class a2

Even when it is part of a larger workshop, Creating Keepsakes outshines with their generosity.  We also enjoyed a little jewelry making with Craft Fantastic.

ckc crop pack

The disappointment of the event was the paid crop, we were squeezed 4 at a circular table that they originally expected to sit 6.  I only worked on cards for lack of space.  We got a few goodies on the way in, and there were two fun activities.  First, Queen & Co. provided a buffet of small embellies.  We scooped up six of those little condiments cups of various buttons, bling, wood veneer, etc.  The other event was a paddle auction:  you pay for paddles in order to bid on about a dozen items.  I won 1000+ more pieces of bling on a 25 cent bid, and sis-in-law won 3 packages of cardstock on a 75 cent bid, the highest you could go on a single item.   Cost effective procurement, maybe not, but there was entertainment value.  Disappointed overall and not having completed much scrapping, sis-in-law and I have decided that next time we will save that money and bring a card table to crop in our room.

So you are probably wondering – did you shop, S?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we did.

ckc buy one 

We stuck to our plan of only looking and not buying until we had been in class, so that we knew what kind of supplies we would be getting.  We were rewarded in each CK class with a $5 coupon off a $20 purchase in their booth, and you could use more than one! (Other vendors had other coupon offers for their classes.)  The vendor floor seemed to be even larger than in Nashville in 2013; every booth was very well stocked with bargains and new products.

 ckc buy two
In addition to the On My Desk companion kit, I picked up another card class kit in the CK booth.  Along with a few papers to complement other class materials, I could not resist fun new Thickers, St. Louis Cardinals papers, Notes & Things kit by Project Life, Teresa Collins Life Emporium, $1/roll washi tape and a few cute buttons.

CKC Freebies

Oh yes, and let’s not forget all the freebies I won as door prizes (oops - that is the wrong magazine pictured – I won Vol. 12 of Card Creations).  My favorite is that CTMH page kit won at the very first workshop – it has a very cool stamp set.  I won something at more than half of the classes I attended.  My consistent good luck was astonishing to me and even more so to my sis-in-law.  Not to worry, she walked away with some door prizes too.

Now that it is all sorted out, I need to finish all the class projects.  But not this week as I need to come down off my scrappy supply high before jumping back in!


  1. Sounds like a fun time to me!

  2. Oh my I have missed a few posts.
    How fun and exciting…and winning is a very nice bonus.
    Wow, they expected to fit 6 at a table, when 4 was tight… scrapbookers, they should know that we NEED room.
    My SIL and I go away for a little getaway and scrap in our room or in the hotel breakfast room :)
    Glad you had a great time :)

  3. Oh wow that sounds great, you brought some great bits too :)

  4. It's very cool to read about something like this, because we just don't have anything like it round here.

  5. Ohhhhhhh that second photo with the wood heart paper from Dear Lizzy?? Annette had contacted me a few months ago when I published a layout using that -- saying she wanted to use it as an example for her CK classes!!!! I wonder if she did??? :) I love love love all the goodies you got!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh my...that's a great haul.

  7. Golly, that was some experience and some kit too! Hoping it's all stashed away and looking forward to seeing it on your pages.

  8. Unpacking always takes so much longer than packing - so hard to put it all away. LOL!

  9. Oh that is a good looking haul, unpacking is always harder I find - trying to ensure you get everything where it should be and not just placed 'for the moment'.

  10. Oh my, that's a wonderful bunch of scrappy goodness!! Sounds like it was a good time. I'm surprised about the disappointing crops since I had such a good experience at Scrapbook Expo, but it's good to know they are all different. I'll know to check it out carefully before signing up if I go to another convention. Can't wait to see all this lovely stuff on scrappy projects soon!