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27 April 2015

I spy . . . what caught my eye?

Recently reviewing old (very old, in fact) blog posts, I came across one post about what scrapbook supplies were catching my eye.  A current post of new supplies from the Creating Keepsakes convention was in order.
Now I realize that the supplies I received at CKC are probably 6 – 12 months behind being cutting-edge new-to-the-market.  However, they are new to me, so let me revel. My short buying hiatus felt  much longer than it actually was!

Impact factor across all supplies:  Gold!!!  It can serve both as a neutral and as bling; gold is now appropriate for every type of page. Gathering gold items from my stash – I created a treasure basket.


Color:  Nearly every color in the rainbow was represented in the collective group of class materials.  If Creating Keepsakes oversaw the process to ensure that fact, I am super impressed.  If it was just happenstance, I am grateful.  The color that caught my eye was peach, tending toward pink, toned down from the recent bright corals.  It shows up in My Mind’s Eye On Trend line, gobbled up at discounts of 25 –40% at day’s end (on the left).  I also grabbed some MME’s Fancy That and Teresa Collins He Said, She Said (on the right).

CKC peach

Shape:  The cut diamond gem shape as seen in My Mind’s Eye On Trend, Fancy That, Just Sayin’ and Jubilee collections.  Other makers have caught on too.


Pattern:  Wild flowers and bold script sentiments are still all the rage. (Try fussy-cutting both!)

I was also struck by the impact that calmer patterns mixed well in a paper line can have. The Paper Loft, who only does paper and cut-apart stickers, have shown they can do it very, very well.  In their class, we put together the bases for 4 double page layouts using their Persnickety line.  It was masterful how every scrap of paper was put to use.  Their paper is a very nice weight and it will be easy for me to finish these pages because many photos will work with them.  Does this signal a swing back to more generic patterns being popular?

ckc class h

I was impressed too that The Paper Loft displayed their double-sided papers in bins so that you saw a file of the A side turned forward, followed by a file of the B side facing you for each and every sheet in the collection.  Not only are they more likely to sell more paper that way, it would work for filing  any duplicates of sheets I have at home.  Why in the world didn’t I think of that sooner?
Font:  Struck by the many smaller Thickers alphabets included in my class kits, I picked up a few, including these adorable new printed pattern ones. I ended up with 5 from class kits, 1 as a door prize and these 6 that I purchased. Love me some Thickers.


My sister in law is loving her introduction to new Thickers too.  She came home with several packages and asked me about how I store them.  Here is one of my Thickers bins I can flip through easily, arranged in W/ROYGBIV/B order (rainbow bookmarked with white and black).

Reborn product:  Transparencies, mostly printed with just words, were evident in many lines.  In class we employed them on full size layouts and cards as well as in pocket pages.  I believe their use on the latter gives them new life.

New maker:  Gossamer Blue’s paper lines, especially On My Desk, are temptation to join their kit club . . . almost. (Well, at least not for another 3, 6, 9 months or more.)


Hard goods:  Plastic is still holding its own, paper clips, buttons, shaped stars, and more.  You just can’t beat it for cute, colorful and almost always inexpensive, accents.

Okay, I am sold:  Mists – I have been toying around for the better part of a year, with mixed results.  With much practice and many ideas in a couple of classes, I can’t wait to play more.  I remembered I only had space for one more bottle in the spice rack where I store them, so I opted for Canyon.


Still on the fence:  Bling.  I may come around on this sooner rather than later, as I won over 1,000 pieces from Queen and Co.  Even after I packaged up some for family and friends, that’s a lot of bling-zinga! I have a dedicated Q&Co. bling box now.


On its way out:  Wood veneer – I wish.  It seems to be getting thinner and more detailed with laser-cutting.  I saw lots, bought none.  (The teeny tiny hearts you see were free, and wood veneer is best in tiny doses!)  Misting or inking my existing wood supply might help to use it up. Would someone influential in the industry please declare these blas√©’ so that we can all move on!!

Well, those are my observations.  What supplies are catching your eye this month?


  1. Great observations!!! If wood is on it's way out that will make me sad!!!!

  2. I'm on the fence about the mists. I don't use them often enough to get good results. I don't like the lines I get when I use masks. If I try to do the droplet thing---that doesn't work. I can get good results with just the light mist on a page. I just need to use them and become a little more proficient! Either that or they need to go!

  3. Yep: I'd be sad if wood veneer disappeared too. I still love it for adding a little charm to a page.

    Gossamer Blue fan here too

  4. Looks like you had fun checking all this out! I love the peach tones and the smaller thickets. Can't wait to see what you make with it all.

  5. A super summary for those of us who haven't been there - great to know what's hot. I like the Paper Loft papers especially.

  6. These supplies look yummy! I'm still not a big bling fan. I'd be fine if it went out the door. I LOVE the new gold craze!!!

  7. Sooo much goodness :)
    Great way to store your thickers.

  8. totally loving your observations! i still like wood veneer but mostly ink it or color it :)

  9. That's a great report! I remember going to a CKC a few years ago and really loving it.