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19 April 2015

Me On Monday With Elvis In The Barn

Well, in a fashion!!  I’m posting a bit early, because I couldn’t wait to show you these snaps.


These are snapshots taken last week at my friend’s little “rustic retreat.”  At her dad’s house is a barn/garage he built many years ago.  After he passed away 3 years ago, she wondered what she would do with the tractor, truck, tools and other things in there.  Well, she’s very sentimental, so she has only managed to part with a few things that were his, mostly to family members and close friends.  So the main floor of the barn remains pretty much the same – a farm-type garage.

DSC01405barn pics

But there is a loft to the barn, and the more she thought, the more she wanted to use that space.  So she has turned it into a retreat, a sanctuary for both her and the "extra" antiques passed down to her and collected by her and her late husband.  Most of what is included here is quite old, but you will spot some newer collectibles and lamps to brighten the space.  Even she was amazed when she kept pulling things out of storage in the basements of her house and her brother’s house too.  Isn't it nice that she can now enjoy seeing them.


Her first rendition was completed a year ago, but at that time nearly 1/3 of the loft was taken up by stacks of lumber that her dad had saved.  (See where she gets it!)  When she realized she had more collectibles than space, she enlisted the help of a friend to build shelving for the walls using that old lumber and freeing up floor space.


Although it is one big room with all the walls lined with goodies, she has made sections for the “entry”, “living room”, “kitchen” and the “bath” (no actual indoor plumbing, mind you).  There are a couple of cozy spots with lots of personal family pictures that I am not including to respect her wishes.


If you look close enough you will see that she loves bears, cats, white glassware, heavy steel/iron tools and Elvis.  Yes, definitely Elvis.  It is not enough to collect one, she needs many, many irons, rolling pins, vases, scales, you name it.  If she has one, she likely has more than one.


She has a knack for putting together sweet little vignettes like this one in the “laundry room”.


And this one because she loves music, especially Elvis'.


She has actually entertained up here when the weather is just right.  The barn is not insulated, with only ceiling fans for air circulation.  On the day I visited, here is what sat on her table – I had not seen this pattern before.


I took lots more pictures to give her a complete set.  We spent a good part of the  morning looking around and her sharing some personal thoughts and stories related to pieces.  Her memory amazes me as to how each piece came into her possession.  Whether through several generations of relatives or on antiquing trips with her late hubby, she recalls the details.  I plan to help her create an album where she can write down those details of the personal pieces along with the family stories.


This old oak chest is my favorite piece, it is particularly spectacular to see it with the lid lifted.  Because she was worried about it warping in the heat, she thought it best to keep it closed. So no peek for you! This little girl figurine with the basket on her hip (not antique) caught my eye because the pose was just like my Lladro piece that sits in my living room.  Sometimes we do like the same things (add this to Elvis, old china of any sort, and Boyd's Bears).


What a pleasant morning retreat for us both.  Then, of course, we had lunch out and went antiquing.  When she points out something interesting at the antique shop, and states that she has one similar – she is not kidding!

Why not snap a shot of yourself and let us know who you have been hanging out with?  Sian and the gang have inquiring minds.


  1. Wow must have been so much fun looking at all of those antiques. It would be a labour of love since this must have taken hours and hours of work to set up. There is always something fun about collecting. I loved seeing her milk glass. I collect that myself.

  2. Fun place to poke around. I have a SIL named Lisa Marie and Wookie was raised on Elvis and similar music :)

  3. Gosh! This looks like a living museum! How fascinating.

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how many things there must be in this space! A real treasure trove ...

  5. Oh wow, so many lovely treasures :)

  6. That's just like a visit to an antique shop - how lovely to have the space to be able to display it like this.

  7. It looks would take me hours to get round all of that, I'd have to stop and look at everything. Funny, whenever I hear Elvis I always think of standing in our garage, surrounded by lots of things because that's where I was playing when my sister came to tell him he had died.

  8. What a great room & so fantastic that she (& others) can now enjoy seeing these pieces!! I was hanging out with Cheri last week! :)