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02 April 2015

Offline–Leave a Message

That is what the little pop-up tab on the bookstore website said this a.m.  I much prefer pop-up tabs than pop-up boxes.  But they could have added “please”.

Do you want to know what is in my shopping cart?

Well the first 3 of 4 books I added, when they had a buy 3, get the 4th free promotion going – I never got around to choosing a 4th and the promotion is now over.  The 4th book is a selection I think hubby would enjoy (did not qualify for the promotion).  The last two CD’s are from Susan Boyle, you know, the Britain’s Got Talent sensation.  I have her early CD’s – and I can attest that it is excellent scrapbooking music.

Still Alice

All the Bright Places

The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain


Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage
I have not pulled the trigger, because we are not buying books, after the grand library reorganization project of January 2015. I never did post my long boring tome about that, did I?  Well, it is old news now, and in the interim 7 books have managed to sneak in the house from vacation trips.  Books bought on vacation are an exception to the rule.  Maybe I could hint around and books bought for Mothers’ Day could be an exception too.  They should be, as 1 of 7 books was a Valentine’s Day gift, purchased before the soon-to-be-infamous book embargo of 2015 which followed the grand library reorganization project in January.  A precedent has been set, your honor.

Speaking of embargoes, and one soon to be lifted, after Calvinball was done and the studio dusted, I started a small scrappy shopping list to complement what I already have.  Only adhesive and page protectors have been purchased since the first of the year.  I plan to continue my wise ways and shop smart at the upcoming Creating Keepsake Convention.

At CKCs of the past, sis-in-law limits her purchases to items that coordinate with the lines used in the classes we take.  I do the same.  And then of course, I go hog wild crazy buying stuff I just like, stuff on sale, stuff that is pretty, and triple the amount of anything that qualifies as all three.

So my plan for this year will be to go with a teensy - weensy, itty – bitty list of items that would fill out some of the lines I have gotten in kits last year.  Just a pack of stickers or chipboard or flair to match paper I already have.  But certainly not all three, well, at least not for every line I own?  Something to go with the materials we get in class would be acceptable too.  We are so hoping they are using brand new releases.  But there will be no, as in, there won't be any, pork-barrel scrapbook spending this time around. (I can’t hear you snickering, chuckling, giggling and guffawing, so just stop it.)

Let’s not forget that I just scrapped more than 20 pages last month, plus a boatload of pocket pages. Boatload out, boatload in, embargo over. Surely my supplies are dwindled down to a devastatingly low level, don’t you think.  Well, don’t you!!

I am popping offline now to work on that list, leave a message.  Please.


  1. Two of my guilty pleasures.. buying books and scrappy stuff. It is always on my "not to buy" list but I fail miserably. I have been able to find some good deals on older stuff I did not have. It came from not buying anything when I was uninspired. It is a great feeling to get a deal and really should be the only way we shop. I have "Still Alice" and have yet to read it. I hear it is good. Good luck with all of your plans.

  2. I want to see the movie Still Alice!
    Thanks for sharing Suzanne! I can certainly relate ;)

  3. LOL - we'd never make it with a book embargo here! I definitely think holidays & special occasions should be exceptions, just like vacation . . . and rainy days . . . and sunny days . . . and . . . well, you can see where I stand. Best of luck with the CKC shopping!

  4. I can relate, I have several books to read before I can buy more. 20 layouts in a month is amazing - shop away... :)

  5. I am sure you put a dent in your stash completing 20 pages, plus! Have fun shopping!

  6. I can never promise not to buy books. It just wouldn't work. Today I took delivery of a new one on..knitting socks. Enjoy thinking about a little light scrapbook shopping

  7. Another book buyer here...but I do pass most of them on when I've read them! Xx

  8. I think you absolutely deserve some scrapbook re-stocking of supplies! And books? No way could I embargo those ... A little Spring treat MUST be in order, right?