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11 May 2015

Me On Monday . . . Making A List . . . a Mundane List

I am not really a list maker . . . but I am working on it. This planner is helping some.  I’m changing things up and writing the list down.  But with the aid of Diet Dr. Pepper, and not Coke Zero, I make no promises about accomplishing the list.


Having been spoiled for Mother’s Day weekend, and having daughter home from college, I am feeling somewhat motivated today.  We left our schedule open for the week, with just a haircut on my calendar, and one work commitment on hubby’s, in the hopes that we would do some spontaneous fun things now that she is back.  Still, I thought a few things could get accomplished – even though this Becky Higgins planner sets low expectations for this week – “Achieve One Of Your Goals.”  One, really?  I should be able to do that.  Would you like to see what the possibilities are on the list I just finished making?


The spring on one of the garage door openers sprung over the weekend.

It’s already past the 10th, which is usually my unofficial “finish the financial stuff” deadline.

I caught up on 2/3 of the ironing last week, so I can finish the rest while doing the extra laundry daughter brought home.  To her credit, it was only half her laundry basket of dirty clothes, but there is all the bedding to be done.

Hubby has been taking photos with his camera, including on a hike with son a week ago, and then these two snaps from this weekend’s Mom’s Day celebrations.  On Saturday, we met hubby’s brother and wife to take their mom and aunt out for dinner – barbeque.  Here are all the moms in the group.


On Sunday, I was treated to a steak and wine dinner by my hubby and kids at home.  I didn’t lift a finger, except to carry my basket of flowers from the kids out to the porch.


You can see that I will have to fight wanting that spoiling to continue if I am to get anything done.

For instance, I still have to make up that photo book for my friend’s antique photos.

Hubby pulled out the large box for my old Dell computer from the attic; now that I haven’t touched it in 6 months, it is safe to store it away.

Mom-in-law is cleaning out her cabinets and closets and me mine, so I have things to take to the consignment shop for both of us.  And then there are items that will go straight to the church’s rummage sale – this coming weekend.

The shop 5 minutes from us that sold Duke’s dog food closed a few months ago, so now it means a trip cross town to get it.  But hey, I’ve saved a dozen UPCs, so this bag should be free.

Finish Circling The Sun is not a philosophical goal of mine, it’s the title of a book.  We’ll see when I am finished if there are philosophical implications.  It is pretty good so far, and you can enter to win a copy on Goodreads, just like I did.

Daughter has already started unpacking her college stuff, 2 SUV’s full.  Girls, it turns out, take much more stuff to college that guys.  We helped my son move in that first semester and out the very last semester.  The times between he managed to fit all his stuff in his small SUV and move without our assistance.  I want daughter to give some thought and make some notes about more efficient packing while the topic is still fresh in her mind.  Maybe next time it will only be an SUV and a car full. (But you do understand, we still want to go help regardless.)

I  have Creating Keepsakes card classes to finish up.

Then there is my pie-in-the-sky wish that the garage gets cleaned out.  But that depends in large part on the cooperation of others, who aren’t rested up from a weekend of spoiling.  But I will remind them that the church rummage sale is coming up this weekend.

There’s a look at the mostly mundane life of the Brauers.  Next Monday’s post might fill you in on the fun spontaneous stuff we did instead.

In the meantime, give a wave at Sian and let us know your plans, okay?


  1. Good luck with your to-do list! Mine is about as long!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a really sad and boring to do list. A lovely photo of you and your kids. You must be happy to have your daughter back home. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely day yesterday! We still have nearly three weeks til TTO makes it home with his end of term washing and the rest: he has so much that his dad has to go. I wouldn't be able to carry it all down all his stairs. I'm staying here with the one doing exams..

    Have a great week knocking stuff off your list

  4. Normally I'm a big list maker, but for the past few months that's gone out of the window, and that's where my problems lie. So I'm back on the list bandwagon and I fully understand the boring lists lol

  5. Sounds like you have been busy! LOVING the Mama's day photos!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That quite a list! I hope you're able to tackle it after all that Mother's Day spoiling you got!

  7. I was smiling as I read your list & thought if you only get one thing done, I'm thinking the dog food should be it! Well Done! I make lists of everyday dull & boring things. :)

  8. I make lists all the time. I probably should make lists to remember which lists I'm working on completing. LOL This was a fun post to read!

  9. Such beautiful flowers - happy belated Mother's Day :-)

    I'm working on being a list person - mostly failing, but still trying.