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04 May 2015

Me on Monday–Post NSD–Need Cure

Well, I did not scrap a darn thing all weekend.

It was National Scrapbook Day and I did not scrap a darn thing.  Not with my counterfeit kit.  Not with the bright orange package of prints delivered Friday fresh from Shutterfly.  Not with all the inspiration I pinned to Pinterest.  Not with one of the ideas I found by catching up on blog reading. Not for a single NSD challenge.

Not on Saturday morning while hubby was doing some indoor painting.  Not on Saturday afternoon, opting instead to furniture shop with our son.  Not on Sunday after church while hubby and son did yard work at son’s house and then went hiking.  Not when I was up at the crack of dawn each day, or before I called it an early night each evening.  It seems I am tied up in “nots.”

I must have contracted a scrapbooking allergy this spring!  Maybe I picked it up at the Creating Keepsakes convention, although that seems unlikely.

I didn’t even care to stop by Joann’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, armed with coupons in my purse or on my phone, or that gift card buried deep in my wallet – when I was near all three on Saturday – National Scrapbook Saturday!! 

I enjoyed making some NSD celebration rounds on the Internet and joining in a few scrappy giveaway posts that required merely commenting and not scrapping.

I downloaded a few pocket card freebies.  I caught up on printing this year’s Pagemap sketch pdfs.  I completed at least two scrapbook blog hops.  I subscribed to new blog feeds.  I added my name to email lists.  I joined new groups on Facebook. But I barely set foot in the studio.

I will let you know when my allergy subsides, in the meantime I’m working on spring cleaning and other projects before daughter comes home for the summer later this week.

Here I am on Monday, with a ruler out.  Thanks progress, right.


Not exactly, as you can see I have been ignoring my ironing.
I am thinking that working my way through this 2 foot tall stack will surely cure my paper allergy and drive me back into the studio.  Don’t you think so?  If not, I will post again in hopes that you can recommend a home remedy for this ill-timed malady.  Think on that, won’t you, when you aren’t scrapping or resting up from all that scrapping that you accomplished on NSD.

What are you up to this Monday?  Give Sian a wave.


  1. I didn't scrap either on NSD! Too busy!!!! :)

  2. Oh my, that pile of ironing would definitely cure me IF I had that type of allergy! I do think sometimes we need a break . . . and it looks like yours just happened to fall on NSD weekend this year!

  3. I honestly think you need a cure and quick…ironing…who irons…okay I did today, but my blouse was really wrinkled and I was going out, lol.
    But having a gift card in your purse and not using it… really were not feeling yourself ;)

  4. Oh my, if you're considering ironing in preference to doing something creative there's definitely something wrong!

  5. No scrapping here either. And no blog hopping or shopping or anything craft related apart from a little sock knitting all weekend. But you are right..a Monday morning ironing pile always sparks a rethink here. I hope your allergy clears up soon!

  6. Sounds like you were still productive anyway. My ironing pile looks like your and I don't plan on tackling it any time soon! Procrastination is great! Enjoy your week!

  7. Oh my goodness. That pile of chores would definitely drive my straight room! I hope you have a great week.

  8. Wow, I will not complain about my ironing any more.