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18 May 2015

Me On Monday–the photo ID edition

Hey there scrapbookers, storytellers, readers, friends and family!  It’s Monday.

It’s rainy and dreary here, just like over the weekend.  It was a just being lazy, baseball watching, Mad Max movie viewing, popcorn munching (even though we had just been lunching, because they were giving it away free), hiking trip researching, online summer job applying (daughter. that is), fingers crossing, errand running, eventually getting around to scrapbooking, church going, late night Dairy Queen running (cancelling out early morning gym going), hanging out and enjoying the four of us being all together kind of weekend.  I want to do it all again next weekend.

I am not yet able to take pictures of the last two layouts I finished this weekend to share with you because of the light, and because I have not uncovered the camera in the midst of chaos in the studio.  When in the world did I become such a messy scrapper.  Destruction and disturbance just short of the Mad Max level, and nearly as pointless, too.  Just two single layouts that I’ve been stewing over all month.  Oh, and another thing.  I dumped over a bottle of white distress paint from Tim Holtz. Déjà vu in a brilliantly white hue!  What is it with me and white liquids?  Thanks to Tim Holtz for making it water based; it cleaned up a whole lot quicker than Mr. Huey’s mist I fumbled last time.  (Who is this Huey guy anyway, I’d like to know!)

Anyway, back on topic.  I thought I would share the last picture of myself that I came across.  It is my identification photo for my public library card.

library card photo

Awful, don’t you think?  Are you wondering, what in the world happened to her bangs – the woman clearly had bangs!   At least I am smiling, but it is hard not to smile in a library. (Right, Sian?)

Thankfully this doesn’t appear on my actual library card, it just comes up at the check-out for the unfortunate librarians to verify that it is me.  No wonder they have installed self check-out stations.  My smiling mug also appears online when I log in to my account, like I did last night to renew videos I had checked out, and download a new audiobook – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

I was decidedly younger then, May 7, 2002, my early SAHM days.  There is probably an adorable precocious kindergartener down at my side, who would have been infinitely more photogenic.    Thank goodness the librarians don’t snap a new photo every time you renew your card, so they have preserved a younger version of me.  I suppose this fits right in with the purpose of libraries to house ancient history in words, and by audio and visual means too.  In my case that includes a really bad photo for ID.

But, the library has nothing on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  My drivers’ license photo makes me look like a convicted drug felon (but with bangs).  I have said for the last 5 years that I was going to “lose” my license just so I could get a new photo. But time slips by and I never got around to it.  Next month when I’m within 6 months of my renewal date, I can get a new one.  Maybe then I will share that picture.  Then again, that is about as likely as me not dumping over the new jar of gesso I plan to use soon.

That’s all I have to say, I’m going to finish my spinach dip on pita crackers breakfast and then get on with the chores.  Here’s a wave at Sian and all you other Me-s this Monday.  Why not share of pic and tell us what’s going on with you?  I double dare you to post an official ID photo!! 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! LOVING the library photo and glad you were able to clean up the spilled mess!!!!

  2. Waving to you today Susanne. Now maybe if I could get my driving licence and my scanner together....

  3. All I can say is I'm glad that I've never had to take photos for ID cards! It's kind of nice, though, that smiling is allowed on library cards when (here at least) smiling isn't allowed on passports.

    Fingers crossed for that job application

  4. LOL Fun post. Great seeing that old photo.

  5. I never think I look anything like any ID photos I have to have taken!

  6. Your day sounds pretty darn perfect to me :)
    Your photo is cute….at least you got to smile.
    Not allowed to smile on many cards … I try to smile with my eyes, lol…..I still look like a corps getting a mug shot, lol.

  7. sounds like a great weekend and I kind of like the photo! Good to see you smiling and looking relaxed. I can only echo what Sian says - no smiling allowed round here!

  8. What a FUN post to read this morning! I happen to like my latest DL photo & hope this is the year I can renew online so I don't have to get a new one yet! LOL

  9. This made me smile! passport pic is so awful- I look like some crazed madwoman about to go off and murder someone in it! Xx

  10. The ID photos at the DMV are always terrible-with glass glare! I did loose my license last time-2nd photo was probable worse. I do like the library ID.

  11. I like the photo and wondered about the precious kinder-gardener, I was surprised to learn you aren't allowed to smile in the DMV photo here - I look about 80...