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15 May 2015

Not nearly finished on Friday

Just thought I’d pop in with a quick update on the to-do list. No, I’m not going to show you the crossed off list, because . . .

The clearing/arranging/uncluttering in anticipation of the church rummage sale morphed into a much bigger project than I anticipated on Monday.

Hubby did manage to take 2 bikes and a two-drawer file cabinet from the garage (with the now fully functioning door) to the sale.  So we’ve freed up some space but not tackled a full reorganization.

From inside came 4 boxes of stuff for the church – 2 newly filled, one of son’s that has been sitting in his old room for 6 months since he moved out, and another I had decluttered back in January.  Are you like me, do you always start decluttering as soon as you put the holiday stuff away?  You probably finish decluttering then as well, don’t you? Me, not so much.  After all, I have son’s old room for sorting out – a work in progress as that is just one corner.


I took two dozen items to the consignment shop, driving right past the dog food place without thinking about it.  The financial paperwork and the ironing each garnered some attention, only half as much as needed. Nothing else on the list was started, although I promise to go buy dog food today!!

Well, S, what in the world have you been doing instead?  Well let me tell you.

An impromptu hike in a nearby state park one afternoon.  We employed more than enough sunscreen but underutilized the bug repellant we took along.  The mosquitos got us pretty good.  We spotted some other little critters too – in person, or by their tracks.


The trail was rated as moderate in difficulty and slightly muddy.  There were only a couple of lengthy steep inclines.  The trails were very well marked – and we were toting a map, in case you were wondering.


It was a very enjoyable afternoon including the drive through Indiana farmland.


Planting the flower pots and flower beds – done mostly by hubby and daughter.

DSC01605 These look so sweet at the start of the season.

As he was planting hubby was surprised that we didn’t have more pots.  Sure enough, after he finished planting, while rearranging the garage, we found a few more buried under the garden hoses. I don’t think it is possible to truly declutter until you move into a different smaller space.  We seem to just be pecking away at the edges.

Anyway, I think there will be a round two of planting.  He already took a few pots over to our son’s house – who has to work while the three of us “play”.

americans season 2

In the evenings, I have opted for a little binge-watching of Season 2 of The Americans.  I picked up the DVD’s from the library, and have the whole of Season 3 recorded from cable – so I’m set through the weekend at least.

I have not read any books, although I have been around the blogs.  I have not scrapped, although I was truly delighted and surprised when daughter asked out of the blue about digital scrapbooking and then about SMASH books. While I offered info on the first – I quickly moved on when I saw she was more interested in the second.  (Really, she was.)  It just so happens that I am able to fix her up with a few goodies.  She knew on her own to search Pinterest for how to “smash”.  Makes a scrapbooking mom proud, don’t you agree?

I had to chuckle when I handed her some acrylic blocks and two small stamp sets perfect for her smash books.  She stated that she didn’t know clear stamps on clear blocks “was a thing”.  I see I’m going to have to foster this process a bit – yippee skippee!!  My sister in law suggested that now we can take her and my niece, who has been doing smash books most of her college career, on a crop weekend with us.  I think that idea is indeed smashing!!


  1. Honestly? You want an honest answer? Um..I don't really declutter. Not in any meaningful sense. Though I have been saying that we need to pretend we are moving house..that way we might get rid of some stuff.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job

  2. Hi Susanne, thanks for stopping at my blog! I'm always decluttering. I actually have a plan to do a major declutter starting next week to get ready for our big sub Sale. I don't like doing garage sales but I have so much stuff that I think I might give it a go, but if things don't go as planned everything will be donated.
    That's great that your daughter wants to do a smash book. I bought one for my son when he started middle school, but nothing has happened to it. :(

  3. How FUN that she's going to SMASH ... and I'm sure that's just the beginning. It does sound like you made progress on your list, despite not reaching the end. It's important to stop & smell the roses along the way right . . . . or take a hike or do some planting!

  4. You have been busy! LOVING all the photos!! And YAY(!) for the SMASH book!!!!!

  5. It's funny you should say that. I started decluttering because we were planning to move and now we're not. It's sort of petered out as a result. I'm very good at putting the stuff in boxes and bags, not so good at actually removing it from the house! Yay for the interest in Smash books.

  6. I love the picture of you, I de-clutter all the time, I just don't seem to be making much headway...

  7. Doesn't it make your heart happy when our children take an interest in what we enjoy :)
    My oldest was excited about the Smash book…but then gave it back to me unused a couple of yeas later….hope your daughter takes to it :)

  8. We've been decluttering for the last 3 years if I'm honest as we moved from a very large flat to a smaller house and now yet another smaller flat. The decluttering is a long and painful process. My biggest problem is not really identifying what I want to get rid of, more the getting it out of the house and not just thrown out. A work in process and still another 20% of our stuff to move out I think.

    On a brighter note, thrilled to see your daughter picking up that Smash book - what fun! And I bet you had more than enough to really give her a good start. A perfect beginning for her no doubt and maybe something that you can share as the years go by.

  9. Oh how fun to have your daughter want to capture life in a smash book, hopefully she'll enjoy working along side you too. Decluttering - we've been here a year and I've not finished some of the piles. Knowing we're only here short term is making it hard to get motivated.