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03 June 2015

Life Is Good–A Snippets of Paper Post

Life Is Good – A Snippets of Paper layout
Snippets of Paper is an occasional series I plan to do, featuring stories (and sometimes layouts) based on finding a snippet of paper and recalling a memory.  Because it is not just photos that bring back moments from our past.


Story: “Life is Good!
He would say this a lot.  He, who?  Big brother, E Jr., of course.

My younger sister S remarked at his memorial service on how he would often say this.  We, the six of us kids, came from humble but happy roots. Mom and Dad worked hard to provide for us.  There was never a lot of extras, but there was always enough.  We were loved a lot, there was no question of that.  And, E Jr. never forgot it.  Not in all his 68 years.  He didn’t let us forget it either.  Whenever he had occasion to realize how good he had it now, or remind one of us how good we had it now – he would smile and say:  Life is Good!  He got us saying it too.

So when I came spotted this clothing tag that I had saved, I knew why I had saved it.  And I thought of E Jr. and smiled, even as I am missing him.”

Style: The tag needed to be front and center in the layout and I wanted to  be able to show you the back because it was important to preserve the smiling part of the story too.  So I framed it and attached the clothing tag by sewing around its cord.

The owls are symbolic of him passing on a little wisdom.
Stash: June 2015 Counterfeit Challenge Kit

Cardstock, patterned paper, buttons – Stampin Up
Chipboard alterable frame and branch – Technique Tuesday
Flair – American Crafts
Epoxy owls – Me And My Big Ideas


  1. I love that saying and loving this page!!!!! Life is Good is one of my fave clothing companies!!!!!!!

  2. This is really beautiful Susanne! You told such a wonderful story and your layout design is lovely too - I like that you sewed just the cord so that you can see both sides of the tag. It's amazing how sometimes the smallest thing can trigger such a powerful memory...looking forward to seeing more in this series!

  3. I love how you filled the frame with something else instead.Great page

  4. Beautiful page! From sentiments to design to the wonderful touches with buttons, flairs and chipboard this page is a standout.

  5. I love everything about this layout---the sentiment, the title/tag, the colors---even the font! The only thing I don't like is that your brother was far too young to be gone!!

  6. Beautiful page Susanne. I have to remember to sew the tag that is such a great tip.
    Cindy F.

  7. How sweet and what a great tribute to him.Your layout is perfect.

  8. This is such a sweet layout and a wonderful memory of your brother.
    I am the one in the family that remarks on how Life is Good now :)
    I really enjoyed your layout

  9. Lovely layout for a wonderful story, sounds like you had a sweet brother :)

  10. a lovely story and a lovely layout to go with it x

  11. Wow...what an awesome scrapped story...I love this idea.

  12. So soft and pretty! I love this!

  13. ooo, a new series - love that idea! a lovely layout for a lovely memory. how clever you are at bringing such a happy memory to life