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22 June 2015

Me On Monday after Father’s Day

We had a lovely Father’s Day – church, our favorite nearby Chinese buffet for lunch and then 4 hours fighting world-wide Pandemic.


This is the new game they are into – having played a little on Saturday.  By Sunday afternoon, when I joined in, they were determined to play until they won a game. That was no easy task, and in fact, we aren’t counting it as a real victory as a little rewinding took place near the end.  We could not believe how quickly the whole afternoon passed by.  Duke was less concerned with global health and safety than his own; he napped next to me.


In the midst of worldwide struggle, I attempted to get a picture of my children and their father.  I received much less cooperation than on Mother’s Day.  And so the picture is not as good.  I warned them I had immediate plans for a scrapbook page; it did not coax them into better behavior.


This is the best of the bunch.  I will spare you (really I am sparing them) the very, very unflattering outtakes.  Hubby, who is taking is first online photography class (a gift from the kids @ Christmas), was quick to point out my focus would be off because I was shooting at an angle.  Of course, he was right, and this is the least out-of-focus shot.  I am not exactly certain what thought lies behind his expression here.  I fear they have created a monster who will be more ready with advice than cooperation.  What’s a scrapbooker to do!  Keep shooting, I guess.

Once the afternoon flew by, we opted for carry-out for dinner too.  Then son headed home to do some work and daughter and her Dad to another of the free Sunday concert series by the local Philharmonic band.  Fighting epidemics can wear you out, so I opted out of the concert and snuggled in for some TV in bed, as it started to rain.  The concert-goers bailed out at intermission, as they were barely able to stay awake either.

On today’s agenda, while son and daughter work, hubby and I will be dealing with cardboard boxes.  His:


He is restringing some fishing reels in anticipation of his annual father/son trip to Canada.  Tackle bags surround the kitchen table – part of the reason we were playing in the family room.



You can barely spot it under the pile of stuff I’ve let accumulate last week in the office.  Since changing my computer wallpaper, I’ve been spending less time in the office.  I found this free printable online, sorry, I don’t recall where.  (ETA:  I do recall - it was on Simple Scrapper.)   It's a subtle yet effective time management tool.


So much stuff has been dumped on the desk without follow-up.  With that tray hanging precariously atop the in-basket, I thought it was time to catch up on some stuff.  You will find among this squalor a variety of stuff – bills, craft supplies, 20 year old business cards, and even a doll made from wooded thread spools.


That lovely 12 x 12 cardboard box (bottom left) is actually out-going, not incoming.  Although there is a little package of incoming supplies for an upcoming online class of mine sitting on top of it.  Aren’t we the lifelong learners in this house. (Maybe a course on keeping a tidy desk is in order.)


So here’s me before I even turned on the computer.  Snuggled in a cozy blanket, hair in a pony tail, reading classes on, waving at Sian and friends this Monday.  I hope you make the most of it, so as to not disappoint Benjamin.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love the one with the kids and dad!! :)

  2. Glad you were able to fit in time as a family this weekend. Your family should know better and just co operate! Your computer screen wouldn't motivate me much, I'm afraid! Almost retirement is a time to unwind. We have earned it! Have a great week!

  3. We are game players too! We played Risk weekend before last for 3 hours. We finally called it a draw as everyone was getting tired. I'll have to check out Pandemic as a possible Christmas gift. Also, my desk looks like yours. I was planning on clearing it today, but instead, I'm catching up on blogs! Procrastination is not my friend!

  4. The game looks fun and UGH! on the boxes except yours:) Thanks for stopping by~

  5. I think that looks like a very intriguing game. You'd have a couple of takers here for a few rounds!

    It's a lovely picture. Smiles, and everyone together..what's not to love?

    Have a great week that a little Gossamer Blue package I spot in your plans?

  6. Sounds like a lovely family day together. Great photo of the kids and dad. Games are the best! Perfect way to spend time together. Good luck with your desk. I'm heading down to do the same later today. Have a great week.

  7. thats a great photo..sounds like a good day.

  8. Family time is always lovely. My three always give me attitude about photos but when I say "let's take a family selfie" they are definitely more willing. My desk looks worse than yours - I think it's probably time to do something about it before there's an avalanche!

  9. Looks like you had a good weekend, the board game sounds fun. Good luck with the desk sorting, I don't have one and craft on the dining room table, I have to keep one half clear enough for eating but oh dear to the other half - my DH calls it a craft explosion!!

    Have a good week!!

  10. Great quote and a snap for the scavenger hunt too! I like the idea of take out.

  11. Oh my, looks like you have some sorting & straightening to do! I like the Father's Day photo - sounds like it was a great day. Hope you have a lovely week!

  12. Sounds like a fun Father's Day :)
    My family isn't the easiest to get a photo of either.
    I love your computer wallpaper!!!!

  13. That game really looks interesting! I am glad you got a photo even if it's not perfect. It sounds like you guys had a great time.