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19 June 2015

Night owl–this morning

Woke up at 12:01 a.m. this Friday and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Can I get a “poor S”? All in unison, now.

Is any one else up on this side of the globe?  And what are they up to on that side.  Well, I’ve been catching up on blog reading, so I can tell you.  Okay, it was really skimming – a bit of a headache bothering me.  (yes, time for another, “poor S”.)

But I have enjoyed catching up with friends. And while I can’t mention them all if I am to get back to bed before daylight, you might like to check in on:

Lisa – who posted her 15 loves for June – she always has something colorful that makes me want to run to the cosmetic counter or the shoe department

Alexa – who put together 2 digital pages on a fairy tale wedding, of which I would love to see more

Sian – who posted a lovely page about a lovely bear in her signature light background, little photo style.  Not to be confused with a little background, light photo style. {What are you talking about S?  Well, it made sense in my slightly aching head?} ("poor, poor S!")

Julie – a prolific scrapper who can work with color like a pro – whether it is bold Bella Blvd. or the slightly more tame Fancy Pants – she always impresses.

Connie – with her vintage crafty flair and her love of junking!

Melissa – who you can always count on for a pop of yellow happy FUN!

Tracy – who is currently enthralled with pocket letters, something I want to try soon.

Gemma – who will keep me on my scrappy toes as a fellow Challenge YOUrself team member

Barbara – who must be a good cook, her mentions of cheesy biscuits and salisbury steak make my mouth water

Nathalie – who has a nearly flawless sense of card-making and scrapbooking style

and then a last stop at Mary’s where heavenly blessings abound with some down to earth implications.

There were lots more stops, of course.  But you can see how nicely my system is working for blog reading, can’t you.

Well, I’m feeling a bit better, visiting with friends always helps, right. Now I’d better scoot back to bed.  A little more sleep and everything should feel like it’s coming up roses tomorrow today.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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  2. (Comment above removed because I spelt your name wrong, Susanne!). Just to say that I am offering you lots of sympathy about the poor sleep and hoping that your headache has gone by the time you waken up. But your night-time prowling has delivered lots of interesting things for us to nip off and follow up (and thank-you for the mention!).

  3. What a great use of your headache time!! I hope you are feeling better by now. I enjoyed checking out some of the blogs you follow and have added a few of them to my list! Just what I needed! I have a long list of unread posts waiting for me. I need to get back on the treadmill to catch up!! Thanks for the shout-out too!

  4. I hate being awake in the middle of the night! After a nice cup of tea I usually can go back to sleep!

  5. Sorry you couldn't sleep and for the headache too :( Hope it gets better soon!! Thanks for the shout out ... you are tooooooooo awesome!!! xoxox :)

  6. sorry about the headache~ but TY for the shout out:) Really sweet of you! Gonna check these out also!!!! I think we like the same thing :)

  7. Sometimes when I can't get back to sleep I just get up and try to get something accomplished, and I usually end up online too like you! Thanks for linking the blogs - I'm familiar with a few but will be checking out the others, along with your system for streamlining your reading. Hope you were able to get some rest and the headache doesn't return either.

  8. What a FUN list of friends to visit in the wee hours of the morning - I do hope a nap afterwards started your weekend off wonderfully. Totally makes my weekend to find myself among your list!! Thanks!!

  9. I tend to have trouble falling asleep but then I sleep like a log until the morning and still manage to wake up tired. I sometimes wish for a little more time in the middle of the night but I just don't ever wake up! Thanks for featuring my blog on your list - I'm honoured to be included :-)

  10. Hope you feel better and got some sleep - always a horrible feeling when you are tired and headachy. I'll have a wander around those blogs I don't recognise - not that I need to add any to my list. Glad that your system is working tho'.

  11. I hope you were able to fall asleep and your headache went away :(
    Thank you for including me in your insomniatic blog reading ;)