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15 June 2015

Somebody’s Been Sneaking & Peeking

It seems that someone, someone nosey, someone sneaky, someone who has since fled the scene, has been taking snapshots of layouts I wasn’t going to post.  I didn’t have permission of those photographed to post the pictures. So I wouldn’t.




The layout in question was of three lovely ladies, one was celebrating a significant birthday.  (I also wouldn’t disclose a lady’s age, although someone might have been tempted.)  I did, however, enjoy using pretty bits and bobs from my counterfeit kit for a very festive layout.  And, I was in a layering and clustering mood.  So someone thought the details of the page were worth sharing – and Someone did!

So if you are frustrated that you cannot see the whole page – you’d better look somewhere else for Someone to blame.  (There’s no someone here right now.)


  1. What I see looks so pretty!! Love the colors!!

  2. The little glimpses are very lovely...especially that pretty banner!

  3. Your bits and bobs and clustering look wonderful. I love the colours too!!!!

  4. Hi Susanne, haven't been by for some time... I'm trying to get back to reading blogs that I follow - when I can make time!
    I like all these little snippets that you've shown us...
    All the gorgeous colours, sparkly, shiny bits and pretty touches are lovely. I'd like to see the whole layout.
    I wonder who the Someone could be...

  5. It's certainly looking very pretty

  6. What gorgeous embellies!

  7. From what I can see that that "someone" shared…it looks like a great page.
    I love the banner and the wound up twine as an embellishment.

  8. Such pretty soft, ice-creamy shades...

  9. Sneaky person! Glad to have the peeks tho'. Look forward to the reveal.

  10. Cute layout, love the cheery colors and the clusters.
    Cindy F

  11. cute details here - looks lovely - hope that someone enjoys it!