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10 July 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015 – a double page layout from my July 2015 Counterfeit Kit

april 2015x

Story: It seems my kids are never too old for an Easter Egg hunt.  This year the weather cooperated and they hunted outside around the house for the plastic eggs.  Inside the eggs, they found the customary Scrabble tiles which held the clue of the Easter baskets location.  The Easter Bunny delights in stumping them with the clues.  This year it was extra tricky, because the Easter Bunny had hidden the baskets at the oldest’s house, since he had moved out just months before.  The Easter Bunny must have contacts at!!

Unfortunately, the phone photos snapped of them discovering the baskets did not turn out – so the change in location mid-hunt had a downside.

Style: This layout is pretty basic, with 2 sheets of the same paper for the base, and two strips of other collection papers used to make wide strips across the middle.  You can see the strip patterns have been switched between the 2 pages.  Flip-flopping with coordinating patterns --  Easy peasy!

I also made a tag for the journaling with a brad that rests upon the indentation in the journal card.

Stash: My July 2015 Counterfeit kit, plus the small tag from my stash, the Scrabble tile letters from American Crafts and the Prima Canvas alphabet stickers.


PostScript:  It seems that none of my pictures this month of this kit are coming out very sharp.  It could be the brown tones, the overall subdued color palette, the endlessly rainy weather (it is pouring down now at 6 a.m.) or the cloudy windows in the den. Or maybe it is just this camera.  At any rate, I’m going to have to seriously work on a solution.


  1. Love love love this!! LOVING the colors, the photos, the leaf pins and loving the scrabble tile alphas!!!!!!

  2. What a brilliant idea to hide scrabble pieces in the plastic eggs! I'll have to remember this for next Easter! Great layout!

  3. Oh that egg hunt sounds like fun! I love your double. I totally love the palette of this month's kit. You chose great supplies!

  4. What a great way to have an Easter egg hunt for older kids! It's nice to see a two-page spread too. I love the close-up photo of the lower corner - such lovely details all set off by that pretty ribbon.

  5. So clever to do the subtitle in Scrabble alphas :-)
    The paper flip/flop at the bottom strip helps your title & the sentiment to stand out.

  6. This turned out great = I always like Scrabble tile letters!

  7. Great layout. Love the idea of clues with Scrabble tiles and then to use them in the layout too.

  8. Great layout, love the idea a flipping the pattern papers.
    Cindy F

  9. I like the scrabble tile letters - and that sounds like a good way to mix things up for the hunt too.