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21 July 2015

Have you seen Snaps & Snippets on Facebook?

(click on the image to go the Snaps And Snippets Facebook page.)

There may come a time when there will be content there that is not content here.  Just sayin.

And if you miss it, you may be uncontented, no . . . that doesn’t sound quite right.  Malcontented, no . . . you’re not that type, definitely not.  Discontented, yep . . that is it.  And I wouldn’t want to be the cause of that!

There’s no need to add me personally as a Facebook friend, as I will be posting to the blog’s page not my personal FB page going forward.  Just like and follow the blog’s page and you’ll be in the know – contentedly so. 


  1. I will be checking into that. :)
    Do you teach? You have the best compositions. Ever.

  2. oh good, just checked that I'm hooked up and I am :-) Don't want to miss any of the fun!