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20 July 2015

Me On Monday– Post Saturday Knight

We had a fab weekend; we travelled west toward St. Louis for a family gathering.


We enjoyed catching up with family at a shower for my niece and nephew-in-law who are expecting their first child.

On the way there, daughter thought it might be nice to stop at a scrapbook shop.  She was thinking of the times I had dragged her to Archivers on this route.  I told her Archivers closed, but that there had been another shop close by the whole time that we had not known about, until the Creating Keepsakes convention in the spring.

scrapbook factory outside

I had scouted it out once back in April, finding both the “occupants” and the contents to be quite colorful. 

scrapbook factory frog

It was equally so on this visit.

scrapbook factory albums

Daughter said it looks “less corporate” than Archivers, which she liked.


The very accommodating staff helped us find some themed items she wanted for her SMASH book.  And, of course, I managed to pick up a few goodies too:


Echo Park’s Selfie Collection – so bright and happy, I spotted it first thing.


Pebbles We Go Together – especially love that paper airplane sheet.


Simple Stories Fancy – the purple in this is fabulous – daughter liked it too.  I also liked the We R adhesive sequins.  I thought these were a brilliant idea - self adhesive!! and only available through Jillibean Soup, but I was wrong that second part.  I’m hoping I can color some of the white ones with Sharpies.


Speaking of Jillibean – there were some assorted sheets in the sale bin – fun florals, large and small.  I also spotted some farm themed paper from Imaginisce.   I suppose I picked up the latter because the county  fair is next week.  Just a few fun embellishments – tiny paper clips (daughter has called dibs on half) and summer tokens from Doodlebug and Simple Stories photo overlays, which daughter also has her eyes on.


And I couldn’t believe their Simple Stories I AM collection papers were in the clearance bin.  This has to be one of the most popular lines I have been seeing on the Internet this year.   I have a little of this collection, so a little more would be nice.  And I couldn’t pass up the Thickers that would work so well with it, now could I?

We sent the fellas out to scout around while we shopped.  They didn’t go far; they discovered a gaming/comics shop across the street.  It was a colorful place with colorful characters as well.


I enjoyed reading the names of the little pots of paint, (e.g., screamer pink and squig orange) while careful deliberation was required for the decision about the proper amount of Magic to take home.


I also had time to chat up this fella.  Alas I didn’t find out much about him.  I decided he is the strong silent type.  I couldn't get him lift an arm to wave at Sian and friends either.  I wonder what interesting types she has met on holiday.

A scrapbook store and a gaming store across the street – I think we will be back by this route again and again.  Probably in just a couple of months to visit an adorable new addition to the family!



  1. Looks like an awesome day! That scrappy store looks fabulous!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fab shopping trip - looks like the sort of place that Mr P would dread me going in to LOL!! Hope you have a good week.

  3. what better way to spend the weekend, scrap goodness and family gatherings.

  4. Yes, what could be better than spending time with family and finding a scrapbook store, too! YAY!!!

  5. Something for everyone - perfect!

  6. I never got around to getting the I AM collection - think it might be time to do that! What a great looking store and some super goodies. I hope you took the fella's number and IG username so that you can catch up with him again!!!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun and some great products too!!

  8. What a cool shop - and what some cool finds.

  9. Oh my gosh! I'd be in heaven.... LOOOVE that simple stories paper you got! Fab Monday post:)

  10. I'm working backwards as I catch up over a pile of holiday unpacking, so I saw your post about realising dreams before I saw this one. My dream is to actually visit a real, live scrapbook shop! This one looks wonderful

  11. A trip with a scrapbook store is always a good thing. Love your finds! That "Fancy" collection followed me home last week too.