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06 July 2015

Me on Monday– With Nuthin’ But Old Photos

What has been going on here? 
  • Computer misbehaved.
  • All photos disappeared. (yep, entire pictures directory!) 
  • Local technician recovered a miniscule number of pictures.
  • Computer crashed – delayed reaction?
  • 2 lengthy calls to Hewlett Packard.
  • 2 separate diagnoses.
  • 2 more days of crashes.
  • Last ditch remedy - computer restored to the recovery image.
  • Computer as pristine as when it came out of the box.
  • Flashback to six months prior and the horror of starting over.
  • Backup preparations taken before recovery failed. (when it rains . . . . )
  • Recently recovered pictures lost.  (it pours! )
  • And so it went . . .

Lessons learned:
  1. Time does fly quicker (and files accumulate faster) when you forget to back up your PC.  That’s just the way the cosmic cyber forces roll.
  2. Pick a common sense backup solution, not easy given the convoluted solutions Windows offers.  (Better yet, pick two, in case you really do not understand how to use the first.)
  3. Clear clutter on your computer often.  Restoring old stuff you had deleted, only to have to delete it again is salt poured upon the wound. (Darn that umbrella-toting Morton girl!)
  4. Do something with your pictures sooner rather than later.  Even though I lost pictures for the last 6 months, I had already scrapped most of the important ones, and had gotten ahead on required blog posts. Whew!

So today, in a happier mood - I am going to share with you a weeks old photo of me snapping a phone shot of my daughter’s computer keyboard.  See how pretty it looks.  Isn’t she the crafty one with her Smash tape.

I don’t think I could do this on my HP keyboard and still use it, as it is smaller than the Dell I was used to for 7 years and I'm still mistyping a lot.  Have I mentioned lately just how much I miss my Dell?  Maybe I will rescue the keyboard and decorate it for old times’ sake.  Surely I have a little extra washi around here. 

Just seeing that keyboard makes me wonder what evil lurks underneath waiting to betray her at the most inopportune time!  (I said I was happier, I didn’t say I was over it!)


What’s happening with you?  Are you giving Sian a wave this Monday?


  1. Oh no! I think we can all feel your pain! I have tried to get into the habit of making a photobook after holidays now so that I have something in 'hard copy' in case of emergencies.
    What a pretty keyboard, I wonder if I could try that at work?!

  2. oh dear! sounds very stressful. not sure I could work with such a pretty keyboard..i'd be mistyping all the time.

  3. It definitely stink when you have computer problems. Love the keyboard. Hope all gets resolved soon!!

  4. Oh my goodness Susanne!! I'm glad to see you're able to put a positive spin on this bad-news post . . . and that keyboard just has to make anyone smile!

  5. There is nothing worse than computer problems! We've all come to rely on them for just about everything these days. I had to have my Mac's motherboard replaced a couple months ago. I had everything backed up, so was able to re-load it all. But now, I cannot get my computer to back up anymore and have no idea how to fix that! It's always something!! Let's hope you are back in business for good now!

  6. Oh no!! :( Loving the washi tape on the keyboard though!!!!

  7. I'm living in fear here of computer failure. I do everything from my laptop which is creaking and groaning now. but getting used to a new one? Don't want to do that..

    Wishing you a good rest of the week..something good has to happen soon!

  8. Oh no!! We are just going through the process now of trying to back everything up as Mr Ps PC needs to have some work done on it and they have warned that they might have to put it back to factory settings. Fortunately all the important photos are on my laptop as well as his PC and I have quickly saved all my digi stamps. I need to look into another external hard drive - our last one had a mind of it's own and would only save half of the stuff that we asked it to :/ Hope you have a good week

  9. I definitely couldn't write anything remotely sensible if I couldn't see the keys...but it's so pretty!! you have reminded me that it's time to back up another batch of photos! xx

  10. Oh, Susanne. Oh, oh, oh. This just makes me sick to my stomach! I don't blame you for not being over it!! Thank you for this very wise reminder about backing up. I used to be good at it, but as you say, time flies, and I'll bet I haven't done it for a couple of years. Eeek! That keyboard is incredible! I can't type without errors when I can SEE the letters. Ah, the young! Big Hugs, Darnell