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30 July 2015

The August Blog Break

“This is actually a thing,” as my daughter would say.  “It’s not just me being lazy,” I would inquire? And then I would immediately jump on the idea as brilliant!  Brilliant. and timely!

I know there are long August bank holidays in Canada and Europe.  And I’ve seen August challenges, like Susannah Conway’s, to blog only pictures for August as a break. You can click on the image to get her list of daily photographs to take.


Given that I have yet to take even one photo for Rinda’s summertime photo scavenger hunt (click to see her list as well), I’m not sure I’ll even be taking photographs, although I really ought to be taking photographs.


I am taking a break!!  Over the past few weeks I have drafted and deleted more than a few posts.  I have let 350 unread posts stack up in my Reader, alhtough I have spent too much time in front of a computer screen.  I still feel a need to regroup from my printer breaking down on the heels of my lost pictures fiasco.  We don't have any trips scheduled for August, so I should do a little fall travel planning.  I should take some pictures.

The online world will be here when I get back, right.  This Internet is indeed “a thing”, not a fad.

So in August, you will 3 or 4 early posts from me - my design team commitments – and then crickets.  If I really miss the online stuff, I might pop onto the Snaps And Snippets Facebook page, about which I already gave you fair warning.

So no need to worry, S is just off playing, and maybe taking pictures. Back after the Labor Day weekend in early September.

Let the break begin!


  1. good for you~I will taking a break all next week. Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. good for you~I will taking a break all next week. Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Have a good break. We need it sometimes. I left for months last year and then returned feeling inspired. We will all be here when you get back. :)

  4. Sometimes we all need a little break and time to gather our thoughts for the next session. So enjoy your lovely break and have fun

  5. Take the time!! We all need breaks!! Will be here when you get back!!

  6. Enjoy your break Suzanne...we all need it from time to time xx

  7. Enjoy your break Susanne! I took one a couple of summers ago & it was fabulous - might even do it again this fall. Have FUN!