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27 September 2015

August Project Life–Play by Play Analysis

Well, I thought I’d share the results of my first month back into Project Life.


Box score:
    • pages completed - 4
    • pictures scrapped - 26
    • stories told - 3
    • hours spent - 3+ for pages (plus 3 for kit assembly, printing photos, blogging)
    • kit used – 10 to 15%
As I mentioned on my last post, this month of Project Life was about using photos to tell specific stories.  That differs from how I had approached this before, when I just filled pockets with pictures I happened to take.  I was influenced to this more story-centric approach by several podcasts of The Scrap Gals on the subject.

The Scrap Gals Podcast with Tiffany and Tracie

Of course, I had a few random photos left but not enough for a 5th page.  I printed a couple and may use them in the future.  After all, there are no PL police who dictate that I can’t use an August photo in my September pages if it is appropriate.

Coaching tips:

Having a good size kit is helpful.  It was easy to stick to using my kit, only snatching 2 transparencies and a brad from my stash.  I definitely overdid the amount of embellishments in my kit, but I was pleased that I didn’t overburden my pages with them.

I spent most of my time printing pictures and working on journaling.  The actual assembly of the pages didn’t take much time because I preplanned the layout while printing my photos.  I print photos in the den and assembly pages in the studio; and, of course, change my mind in between.  Here is a picture of one of my planning sheets from, and the finished page.



Embellishing cards beforehand proved to be a good strategy.  I used 4 of the 12 mostly on the page with “scattered” photos, that’s 25% and higher than the usage of my kit overall.  I will continue to do that next month as well.

Batting practice before the next game:

Overall, I am pleased except for the amount of time spent.  I will look to streamline the process.  First, I will set up a pocket page station in the studio or in the nearby library.
This month, I used a stamp set not in my kit in lieu of the ones included in my kit.  Going forward, I will not choose stamp sets when I compile my kit, but will gather all those types of stamps together and have them at hand on my workstation.

When constructing my kit for next month, I will see which cards would carry forward, and which need to be put back in my stash.  After I photographed my kit for this month, I received the Large Journaling Card Caddy I had ordered from Organize More. I divvied the cards up mostly by color, which made it easy to find the ones I was looking for while doing my pages.


I am using Design A pages, but there will be instances when I want to put two 3 x 4 cards in a 4 x 6 slot.  I purchased a We R Memory Keepers fuse tool, I just need to practice using it.

The newest topic over at Get It Scrapped this month is Pocket Page Stories.  I’m looking forward to reading that before starting next month’s Project Life.


Plays of the game:

This is my favorite pocket card of the month.


This is my favorite photo of the month.  Did you notice I had dared to slice this young woman in half in the name of design?  (Believe me, I did try all the other options first, but splitting the photo in two worked best overall for the page.) 


And did you notice the nice diagonal flow created on the above page with red tones on the top right and blue tones on the bottom left - it takes your eye right from title to title through the journal card.  Am I good or what?

See you soon with next month's kit.  You will love the inspiration we have chosen.


  1. I love how you split that photo ... perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I did indeed notice the red and blue tones :). And I always enjoy reading about process and how to improve it, so thank-you!

  3. Great page :)
    And here we thought PL was suppose to be the faster way to get our photos in our books, teehee.

  4. I love that look of the split photo: I'm always admiring the way Abi from Creating Paper Dreams actually seems to make her pictures even more expressive when she cuts them in half.

    A specific work station? Not just a new pile on the floor, then? I'm ashamed to say that's the point I'm at this week.

  5. Catching up slowly....I really enjoyed reading about your process xx

  6. And again, I feel like I should be jumping in on PL. I have so many cards and so much to say but somehow, I just can't seem to manage it. I have an idea though to use cards and pocket pages for a big project. I will keep watching to glean some tips! i really like the diagonal colour shift! great job

  7. Looking good! I did notice the split picture - sometimes you just have to do it as the picture is so good! Feel bad I haven't done any (not at all) PL this year - well except for the vacation project one. I just don't seem to have been taking that many pictures this year - that shoiuld change tomorrow when we have contractors coming in.