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12 September 2015

August’s First Pocket Page

Well, here’s how I started my first page for Project Life in August.  It is the story of a typical workday morning at the Brauer house.


Because it is the first page – it has the month date card.  The story is told on the second card:
All The Details:  I make an early morning run to IGA (grocery store for those who don’t know) for (protein breakfast) shakes and (doggie) treats before Nic drops off Duke for the day.  They are spoiled.

I guess in their defense I should have added that I often get a morning hug when handing my son that shake.   Duke, of course, much prefers doggie day care at our house, to being alone at home while Nic works. Duke knows how to con me to get treats too.

I decided to snap the house picture on the way back because the lawn was just moved and the sun through the trees was so pretty.  When I get back, hubby is up; his a.m. routine includes checking email and news on his iPad.


I am not sure whether it is a bigger PITA to photograph the cards inside or outside the page protectors.  So for now I’m doing both.


  1. This is awesome! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great start for your August pages! That photo of the house with the sun coming through the trees is great. And, yes, it does sound like son & dog are both a little spoiled! :)

  3. I bet glare from the pocket pages is an issue, but everything looks neater tucked inside. At least that's the way it is for me. Love that "August" in your title, such a cool look!

  4. That view of the grass and the trees is just lovely. I am especially taken with your August lettering.

  5. I love your spread...this is something I have wanted to do...but sadly never got it off the ground. In the end I gave the PL kit to my daughter.

  6. I like this spread - and that you still get Nic into the pages even though he doesn't live at home. Spoiling doggies is what a good day care should do :)

  7. I like the mix of people and thing photos. The glare on the pockets IS a bit of a pain and I JUST realised what PITA is as I write that - ha ha!

  8. The spread looks great and so nice and colourful!