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29 September 2015

Me and My Minis

I dare you to dispute this statement.

Absolutely any reorganization of drawers or cupboards in your house will yield surprises.

Nodding your head, in agreement, aren’t you?

Well, hopefully you do not encounter bad surprises – like a package of 20 year-old Twinkies.  But instead find something that sparks some memory and a broad happy smile.

A couple days ago, I came across several pewter miniatures that I had acquired over time.  Since there are 5, it easily counts as a collection.  Now doesn’t it.

I have photographed these sitting on 3 x 4 journal cards, to give you an idea of the scale.  The cards were close when I discovered this treasure in the drawer in my scrap studio.


First up, a teeny-tiny pencil sharpener that a co-worker and good friend gave to me one budget season, thinking it was the perfect little something for a pencil-pushing accountant like me. Thankfully, it has been 15 years since my last budget season.


Next is a little Hallmark figurine from another friend.  She’s the kind of gal you want to chat with via telephone when it is a rainy day.  We also had a shared liking for Longaberger baskets, so the fact that one of these darlings is carrying a basket is so apropos.  The other is carrying a pot of flowers, so that couldn't be me - I have no green thumb.



Speaking of baskets, I had won an assortment of miniature pewter Longaberger baskets as sales prizes when I was selling the baskets and other home accessories back in the early 2000’s.


They became quite collectible and I have since divested myself of this collection, excepting for one.
It was the last I received and my favorite.


And finally, the earliest of my minis.


I had picked up this little girl from Hallmark ages ago – two dozen years or more.  Several years later, my mother-in-law realized that she had the matching little fella.  She gave him to me so they could carol together at Christmas time. So sweet, don’t you think.


Now that these have been rounded up from four different spots in my house, I will display them together in the hutch of my secretary desk.  That is, as soon as I clean it out and see if there are any surprises there.

I recently listened to an early Scrap Gals podcast when they talked about collections.  I have several others, but more and more I am adopting a downsizing and simplifying modus operandi. Of course, I'm a scrapper, so I'm photographing them first.


  1. So cute! They definitely need to be on display somewhere!

  2. They are so sweet - a beautiful collection.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh these are JUST FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your miniatures are too cute...and it seems we all start a collection at a certain time in our lives. Mine was a teapot collection...that is now gathering dust.

  5. Oh these are cute - and I like that they each have a story.

  6. They are so cute! Definitely know what you mean about finding surprises in drawers etc when you start to reorganize or in my case clean up so I could find something! :) I've got 4 main collections and truthfully I'd like to get rid of most of them but then I think of the money spent in acquiring them..