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24 September 2015

The Summer of Myron and Me

It started out innocently enough, as these things often do.

At a church rummage sale, of all places.  Not our church, mind you.  Most likely no one paid me much heed.  I certainly hoped that was the case.

A casual, cheap introduction – two bits, in fact.  With not more than a glance, I picked him up, took him home.  Was it his clean smooth exterior and really great condition that first caught my eye?  Were they merely the cover for a man of keen intellect and scintillating depths?

As quickly as it began, I was intrigued, enthralled really.  I wanted to know everything about him, even if he was an ex-jock with whose life would hold little common experience with my own. His quirky sense of humor would light up my summer days (and a few nights, too).


I longed to know his life story.  Why, oh why, was it he went rushing to the aid of as former lover after a single beckoning phone call; with not so much as a passing thought to the complications involved, much less the danger.  What kind of back story could possibly explain that devil may care approach to life?  I wanted to know; I needed to know.

Soon followed a second rendezvous, then another and yet another . . .  at the library, in the bookstore, even online!


His life spoke volumes –  detail after detail was revealed of the journey that had lead him to the present. I hung on his very word.  It was, quite simply, summer escapism on my part.

But now it is over.  I will look back on this summer of fun with no regrets.  Even as I have heard the last of his adventures, I remain quite fond of him.

Mildly amusing, moderately moral, magnificently plotting Myron.  Oh me, oh my, run!

Postscript: The form of this post was inspired by the next book I read. Winking smile

You can see a review of it – here on Goodreads.


  1. So I'm going to take this as an endorsement for this author! I've never read him, but if you've managed to read everything he's written all in one summer, I think I need to give him a try!!

  2. I will have to check this series out!!!!!!!

  3. you are hilarious! love it. not my kind of book but I'm kind of tempted just to see if I could pick up this type of humour!

  4. I've read a couple of these, but mine was more a fleeting fling, not a full blown summer romance!

  5. A new one for me. Sounds intriguing, though

  6. I gather you liked his work! Haven't heard of either of those authors. John some how has got me hooked on one of his favourite authors - Clive Cussler - adventure mystery books - not usually my cup of tea, myseries yes but not adventure, but quick reads.