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09 September 2015

What does one do during a blog break?

One rinses a little "sass" into one’s hair.

One paints one’s nails in a playful beach friendly color – romper room!

One scours end of summer sales for new sandals and . . .

One picks up a crossbody bag, and gets a complementary tote for a pittance.


One finds a must-have skirt!  Like this, but with more flirt, due to a splash of red on a bright blue background.

One most certainly must have had someplace to go.  One will report back soon.  Blog break almost over!!!


  1. Glad you're having such a wonderful time ... and admiring those sandals especially.

  2. One has been busy! Love all your items on here :)

  3. One can find items to add to one's wish list by reading another's blog...really like that nail polish color.

  4. Yes, do tell where you're going! Wherever it is, you'll look great!

  5. Making a note of that nail varnish! gorgeous colour

  6. Sounds like you've been having quite the blogging break. BTW, what is the name of that nail polish?