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22 October 2015

Make More Magic

Make More Magic – a counterfeit kit pocket page from my September counterfeit kit


Story: You have seen these pictures before over the course of the summer, now I have told the story as it unfolded.


Style: This page “reads” well from top left to bottom right because of the placement of the journal cards in every other pocket.  I chose to use letter stickers to fill the thought bubble card so that it would play nicely off the second card in that same row.

Because there is a lot of detail in all four pictures, my embellishments are limited to 5 little items - 2 red, 1 blue and 2 yellow in a nice diagonal flow.

Stash: To elements from my counterfeit kit, I added two Simple Stories cards in the top pocket, letter stickers from Basic Grey and Adornit, and two puffy stickers that were out on my desk.  My favorite part of the page is probably the Happiness is . . . card.  It was leftover from a bag of Disney themed products from years ago.  I purged the last of the Mickey Mouse paper, but held onto the card.  It is perfect for a page about a Magic-al kingdom other than Disney.

I finally finished up the Get It Scrapped/Masterful Scrapbook design course on pocket pages, and I hope to incorporate a few of those ideas into future pages. The first thing I noticed about the course is that all the pages were presented as 2 page spreads, as though a week or a month was limited or stretched, for that matter, to fit that model.  While I think that is helpful for teaching design consistency across the two pages, I think it might also be intimidating for new-to-pockets scrapbookers.  So I offer this advice, if you are not someone who does not regularly scrap two page layouts, don't feel like you have to adopt that double method for pocket pages.

I do not worry about two individual 12 x 12 pages in any album matching up; likewise, I am not concerned with 2 pocket pages having to coordinate closely.  Of course, I will if I can, but my main requirement is that my pages are in order chronologically.  But any given month could have any given number of pages.  I am not sweating it any further than that, and rely on the fact that I use a coordinating kit for a month at a time.  I often move unused cards forward which means that there will be some color coordination throughout the year, although it will probably morph a bit from month to month.  I am good with that. Pocket pages are supposed to be simple scrapbooking - keep that in mind and you will enjoy them all the more.


  1. I am so glad to know someone else who is not bothered by things not matching up or coordinating! I am the same way - I just don't stress over every little thing because then it would not be fun. I say do what you like because that is all that matters. And your page is fantastic, by the way!

  2. Loving this! LOVING the photo and how you told the story!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's such a great story!

  4. You're right that the spread reads very well - it was easy to follow along with the photos and cards to get the whole story. I like the little embellishments and letters you added to the cards. That's a great way to personalize them and guide the viewer along through the story. Very well done!

  5. You really managed to tell the story with this lovely detailed page. Well done.

  6. That's a great story and I'm glad to see someone else isn't worried about pages matching up.

  7. What a FUN page! And a scrapbook store & comic book/card store all together in one place . . . that would be heaven for me & Robbie! :)

  8. A super story captured with words and photos and pretty stuff. That's what it's all about isn't it? I would be interested to do a class on PL but can't seem to find the time. I'm sure BPS has more than one so I really should. Like your tip about not worrying about the full spread in your PL album - storing that one away.

  9. I'm another who doesn't worry about pages matching.

    Your story made me smile. My crew still have their Net Runner cards and Princess came home from Uni that first term to tell us that new cards have been released and the rules updated. Thankfully they didn't decide to upgrade... there are a lot of cards in the house already ;)