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05 October 2015

Me On Monday in Scrappy October

Me On Monday - it's a picture you've seen of me before, but in a new place.  Because, this happened. 


I have joined the team over at Scrapbook Challenges.  I am looking forward to getting very sketch happy over there. Their sketches are always very useable, and will go a long way to increasing my productivity.  And it is an added bonus that Kate from Challenge YOUrself  and Kelly from Counterfeit Kit Challenge are on the team too.  I feel like my scrapbook circle is widening in very serendipitous ways.  Lucky, aren’t I!

It’s been fantastically busy this month, and it is only the 5th.  I know it is the 5th, because I am on top of things.  September slipped away with travel, and appointments, and hubby needing to use my computer (a lot) upsetting my hodge podge apple cart routines; that is not going to happen in October.

I have managed a lot of blog hopping, but it has been on my Nook, so commenting hasn’t always accompanied reading.  What proof do I have that I’ve been reading at all, you ask?  Well, I know fun stuff that has happened in the blogosphere.

See, I am well informed, even if not current on my own projects. What I can accomplish before I check in next Monday?  My non-scrappy project of the month is clearing our son’s bedroom, which has morphed into an oversized closet since he moved out, last NOVEMBER!!


The other household project is to update my computer to Windows 10, now that hubby has his own machine.  Wish me luck!  You know how we fail to roll on technological matters around here, so wish me lots and lots of luck!

What does this Monday find you up to?  Give Sian and friends a wave and fill us in!


  1. I am looking forward to see what you create on your new team. I must admit I had a similar problem with my sons rooms when they moved out. Good luck with Windows 10...I am frankly to scared to take the plunge.

  2. Congratulations on the new team - what wonderful news! I've been following TIffany along too and am longing to reorganize my supplies. I want to take my time and do it right but things have been getting so busy around here that I'm afraid that I would start and then have to take a very long break. Maybe I'll save that job for the winter months. Good luck clearing out the bedroom!

  3. Lots of decluttering going on around the blogosphere this Monday it seems. Good luck with that.

  4. Many congratulations on your new team - brilliant! And yikes, that's a lot of decluttering to do. Sending you lots of energy!

  5. Isn't it amazing how a room can become a "collect all" before you know it? Good luck with the clean out!

  6. Congratulations on your new team. Even your de-cluttering looks very organized. Seems many of us have been inspired to organize, sort & tidy. Hope you have fun with the sorting & a good week.

  7. A new team! How exciting! Congratulations..they're lucky to have you. Windows 10? I keep declining the update on my old creaking laptop. I'm going to wiat until I get anew one..that's how much I hate getting used to a new system.

    I hope the decluttering goes well and you reach the end of the week feeling all light and airy!!

  8. I just can't decide if I'm upgrading to Windows 10 or not! But I am embarking on a new home project - moving four rooms into different rooms . . . hoping to be done by Thanksgiving!

    Congrats on the new team - sounds FUN. I just might be joining in once my new (bigger) craft room is set up! :)

  9. Congrats on the team…looking forward to seeing all of your creations :)
    Good luck with your computer upgrade and the bedroom….I would take on the bedroom before even thinking of trying the computer, teehee

  10. Congratulations on the team, you're going to be amazing.

  11. Congratulations! I've been doing half-hearted de-cluttering lately - it must be a fall thing. :) Hmmm, windows 10 - not sure if I'm going to go with it or not. Let us know how it goes.

  12. We are in full decluttering mode and have been since we moved last year. In fact, we have been on a mission since we moved three years ago too. It's such an ongoing thing. But I honestly think that we have probably halved what we have since that move in 2012! It's amazing what we collect.

    Huge congrats on the team - three now! Wow, that's a lot of work but if anyone can pull off incorporating all the team commitments, I know you can :-) They must be happy to have you. ;-)