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24 October 2015

Organizing my (Project) life

Did I mention on the blog that I was going to set up a pocket scrapbooking workstation.  Well, I have finally pulled it together in front of a window in the library.


It  is separated a bit from my main scrapping area in the studio, along the same wall as my vertical paper files that sit atop a black bookcase.  I recently purchased the writing desk online - after dragging husband to no less than 5 furniture stores on a Saturday afternoon proved fruitless. I patiently waiting for it to go on sale, so I could upgrade from a flimsy 4 foot folding table. This desk is sturdier, 6  inches longer, and has drawers too.  The finish and style are a good match to the glass front bookcase.


On top of the desk, starting on the left is my Journal Card Organizer from Organize More.  Then sits an Ott® natural daylight lamp, if needed.  There should be ample light coming in the window during the daytime.

Next to the lamp is a tin of daily life subjects stamp sets that I have not used yet.  After I use the clear stamps, they are filed by manufacturer in the matching Making Memories stamp bin on the far right of the desk.  Next, a small spinning tool caddy holds the extra set of tools that I normally keep in my crop bag.  It will be simple enough to transfer them back when I take my scrapbooking on the road.

Slightly to right of center is an organizer by Making Memories organizer with blank 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 plain, kraft and lined cardstock, transparencies, and a plastic envelope of pocket size cutting dies. This one, and the one next to it were picked up at Tuesday Mornings years ago.  They provided storage inside my cabinets, until I switched out their contents to keep my pretty black and white color scheme.  You, no doubt, get that, along with the fact that I lined the bottom of the drawers with some one-sided Jenni Bowlin papers, by sliding them under the removable dividers.


Inside the drawers I have basic tools like small punches, adhesives, rub-ons, etc. and a little room to move other things here.

When my sister-in-law “dragged me” to IKEA in early September before our weekend crop, I came across this beauty.  I had just about talked myself out of the Raskog, but before leaving I was smart enough to “drag her” into the AS IS section – and saw this floor model, preassembled, pretty cream color, perfect condition and on sale for 20% off.  The savings paid for 2 Antonius organizers to go in it, and a small floor mat to sit under it was discovered for only $3.

However, it was sis-in-law who scored big in the AS-IS section.  Next to the Raskog sat an already assembled Alex drawer unit, with a bit of ever so slight, totally fixable damage on the back side, for her craft space at enough savings to pay for a brand new Raskog!! Can you believe we got that all into the back of her little hatchback car (should have snapped a pic).  It was fate, absolutely meant to be, I tell you.

Now, let’s get back to my Raskog.


The container set hanging off the side is actually a shower organizer I found on clearance at Target.  I grabbed two, just in case they would work as well as I hoped.  They work even better -- because the large part fits nicely over the edge with uprights and the little containers can hook onto the rim of the shelves, if I so desire.  Right now they hold photo pens and various doodads.

Here are the Raskog contents so far:

Top: Many 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 cards, some in pads from Pebbles.  I had previously stored kit club cards in the Close To My Heart medium organizer – which by the way fits perfectly on a Raskog shelf.  But I’ve been dwindling them down steadily, and hope to continue.  I cut up a bunch of those 12 x 12 Lily Bee alphabet sheets that contained 8 different colors each and moved them here.
Middle: My Sizzix Sidekick with some matching dies, plus date stamps, a  black stamp pad, self-sticking notepaper dispenser, some enamel dots and cards of other embellishments.
Bottom: Partial Becky Higgins Project Life card sets in old Studio Calico boxes, some Flair markers and gel pens.  I’m not currently using the third Antonius divider in my cart.


I’m hoping having a separate workstation for Project Life will keep me motivated to keep up.  What do you think?  Will it work?

I think it will take a few months of scrapping in action to know if the arrangement is right – but I’m pretty sure already that this will be more fun.


  1. Looks like a very practical (as well as very stylish) set up. I hope it works well for you. I'm very envious of your SIL, I've been hankering after one of those Alex units for my sewing supplies.

  2. Hoping your Raskog card keeps you motivated in keeping up with your project life pages. It looks wonderful. No room in my scrap space for one.

  3. It all looks very smart! And I'm sure it'll work if you work at making it other words, keep putting things back in the right place when you are finished with them! This is where I fall down. I have spread out so much at the minute, I'm working on the floor

  4. That is a BIG score at IKEA!! LOVING the new work station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ha ha, you've come over to the Raskog side of life after all! Great that you got it at bargain price. I have two here in our flat and think I need a few more for sure. I love (I really mean LOVE) the idea of having a PL station. I don't have the room in my space for that and maybe that's the key. I certainly don't have the room for an album to be out or even for all my cards (hence the need for another raskog!) but as you have the space, I think it's perfect and I'm ever so slightly envious! But pleased for you too. I really hope to see more of you PL creations as I really do intend to get going with this and just need some motivation. I want to do PL going forward but also for going back in time and catching up with all the events from the time since I met my man 17 years ago. Top tips ever so gratefully received.

  6. How organised you are Susanne! I have 2 of those IKEA storage racks, love mine too. No

  7. Everything looks so pretty and organized.
    I would think that having your supplies for this one type of project all together would help one work more efficiently…but for me, I am still running all over for my supplies as I work all over the house, even though I have a designated room lol.

  8. Ooohhhh I LOVE it. Super organised and so practical, but pretty too. Something about seeing how others organise their crafting trolleys makes me so happy

  9. It looks really nice! I hadn't heard of the As Is section at Ikea - wonder if they all have one. I'll have to check next time we're over there. I can see an Ikea trip coming up in the near future. Good luck with it working out the way you want it to. Now to figure out how to organize all the PL digi stuff I have.

  10. You have fitted in such a lot into the space, Susanne - I would think it is bound to help, having everything at hand. I like your re-purposing of the shower organiser: I love lateral thinking! Hoping all your hard work makes the process not just productive but pleasurable too.

  11. That space looks so inviting a place to create. What a sensible set of organising stuff - I use shower organisers they are such fun organisers :)

  12. Great organization there! And it is all so easily accessible. The perfect combination for successful scrapbooking.