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31 October 2015

Reading Habits–Book and Nook

Have you noticed lately that I am in meme mode?  I have run across this fun reading meme several times last month, or was it the month before.  It has been around for quite a while, but the one I spotted, the one that pushed me to actually do a blog post was by Julie @ Notes On Paper.  And in the spirit of catching up, I will finish October with this post.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

No,  the sofa or a comfy chair often works best – and it is nice to have a snuggle buddy by my side.  I cannot read in bed, I’d be asleep in no time – just like my snuggle buddy.


Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I prefer a pretty bookmark, but often when starting a book, I’ll grab a piece of paper to hold my place, until I track down said pretty bookmark from the last place I left it outside of the last book I finished.  I am lax in returning read books promptly to their shelves.

By the way, just because I scrapbook, my definition of “pretty” does not necessarily mean crafty.  Often it is just a freebie store bookmark with a nice quote or pretty picture, picked up at bookstores we visit on our travels.


Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

I can stop mid-chapter, as long as it is a logical place in the text to do so.  That is often in the middle of a page, because I would want to go back and reread a little bit of the prior part anyway, so mid-page is the most efficient way to do that.  Is that quirky?

Is it even more quirky that I only stop audiobooks at the end of a chapter, and feel no need to rewind and review a bit previous?


Do you eat or drink while reading?

Most often I will have a soft drink at hand.  I rarely snack while reading; I save that for TV viewing, although I’m trying hard to quit snacking altogether.

Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

Usually not, but I often listen to audiobooks while puttering around in the scrapbook studio, just straightening up or pulling supplies for a kit, never while trying to do a layout. 

One book at a time or several at once?

Usually one book, although if I get bogged down in a book, I will switch to a second to see if that works.  I will not go back and forth, I will finish the second and then return to the first.  Well, 87.654% of the time I will return – once in a while, I will totally give up on a book.


I have been known to have two audiobooks going at the same time, one at home and one on my phone for the gym.  Although I am currently using Podcast Addict at the gym for Scrap Gal podcasts.

Reading at home or everywhere?

Mostly at home, although when traveling I will occasionally read in the car, on a plane, or at bedtime in the hotel.  I don’t read in public, unless you count perusing books in bookstores or at the library.  Reading at the beach is a favorite pastime - I guess that is pretty public, isn't it.

I still prefer reading an actual book to reading on my Nook, even though it could do double duty when we are on the road.  So I pack book and Nook, every single time.


Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Since my children are grown, the only things I read aloud are recipes I am trying to prepare and blog posts I’m trying to edit.

But I love to be read to, so I am hooked on audiobooks.  Jonathan Marosz is my favorite current narrator along with Len Cariou.


Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

No, that is not allowed. And even if it was, why ruin the story by peeking at the ending?  Also, I read a lot of mysteries so I wouldn’t want to miss a clue.


Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I take very good care of the books in my charge, and for the most part line them up neatly on bookshelves.  Someone else may well be reading that book after me; that is what I was taught in elementary school.  Most good habits start when we are young, don’t they?


Do you write in your books?

No, not even my name these days, because I hate to buy used books that have even a name in them – or worse yet – a bookplate.  It seems to me that bookplates come with the strongest of all adhesives on them – so aggravating.  I once had a really pretty bookplate stamp, but never used it.  While at the same time, I cherish some of my mom’s books, solely because she wrote her name in the front.  What can I say, I’m an enigma.

If a book is really, really old, I have tried to think of it as an antique and that it would be okay to tear pages out or alter them for crafty ends.  But I have yet to actually do it.


Likewise, I have also been toying with the idea of Bible journaling.  I considered whether using a hymnal instead of a Bible might make it easier.  In the end, there is little chance I will be able to do it.



Who do you tag?

You , if you want to be.  Oh yes, thanks for spending a bit of your precious reading time here!


  1. I am a HUGE reader too!!! But I have turned from paper to my Kindle!!! I read a book a day and love the convenience of having it readily available on my Kindle :)

  2. I have now become a reader on my IPAD. Like that I don't have to remember where I left the book.

  3. Such an enjoyable read! As you know, I'm writing and doing all sorts of crafty stuff in my Bible . . .and really enjoying it. I do think a hymnal would work great, too. I've pulled some pages from an old hymnal to create samples. (The poor book was already falling apart & had lots of torn pages!) I really enjoyed seeing all your reading photos along with your answers!

  4. I wish I was, I used to be. Got to get back to it :)

  5. I love this post….but then again I am a lover of books and reading :)
    I have some of the same answers as you….but others we differ.
    I have only listened to one book on tape (that is how long ago it was, lol) I enjoyed it, but would sit in the vehicle after my errands, just to finish the chapter or character change, lol.

  6. You've made me think! Because I always think of audio books as something completely separate and different to "reading" books. To me they're more like watching tv or listening to the radio. Not that I even have a right to an opinion because I've never actually listened to one lol

    A great read

  7. What a lovely post! And photos! You have a beautiful home. I don't read as often these days but like to take books with me when I travel ... I like "real' books... that you can feel- no kindle.
    I took one on my last holiday called "The Girl on the Train" hoping it would cover me for a few days ... I read it in one day!! Couldn't put it down! Thanks for your lovely comments too ... have a great day!

  8. A lovely lovely post. I've never tried an audio book, maybe it's time to give it a go.

  9. I've enjoyed catching up with your reading habits very much; I've been thinking that podcasts during boring jobs like the ironing might be just the thing. I like your stop-in-mid-page approach: sounds very logical to me!

  10. I love to read!! What a cool post. If you have any good reads, please share!!

  11. What a delightful read! I love "real" books but realized that if I bought anymore they'd be taking over the house so most of my reading now is done on the kindle or iPad kindle app plus they just take up too much room in the suitcase when traveling. Off to check out some of those books you've got in your photos.