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15 October 2015

Remember the Scrapbookers’ Blog Tour meme?

Welcome to the revival tour!

About a year ago I was invited to participate in this meme, and then at the very last minute I couldn't.  Shortly thereafter, I decided to write up a post because the meme was hot.  It was sure, certain, practically guaranteed that I would get invited again.  Did not happen.  The meme dropped off the radar, in my blogosphere, at least. 

I have decided that a perfectly interesting blog post should not go to waste just because I missed the tour bus.  So here, in two installments to make for quicker reading, is that post updated for a bit for intervening history:

1. What am I working on right now? Without sounding too melodramatic, I'm trying to figure out where I'm going with the scrapbooking habit of mine.  I am happily kitting up supplies like crazy over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge,  but I am gathering more than gluing.  Recently, I finished more layouts of myself thanks to the Challenge Yourself blog, and I'm just getting started on assignments for the Scrapbook Challenges SBC Sketch crew.  I am hoping these other two teams keep me motivated to work on layouts consistently.  Because, of course, my regular readers will have noticed that I'm doing all counterfeited pocket page kits to finish out 2015.  (You all did notice, right?)

Overall, I "think", perhaps, that I want to be a more productive scrapper at home.  My recent crop experience showed me that I could be really focused under the right circumstances, I need those to be my everyday circumstances.

Hey S, you remind me, hubby has retired in the interim.  

Sure, he did.  Yet I cannot really quantify how much effect that has had, so I won't point my scissors at him.

Okay, S, but are you ever going to show us what you did at that crop that you bring up time and again?
2. How long does it take me to create a project? After oh so many years, I have finally discovered my scrappy sweet spot:  one hour is how long I should work on a layout.  Any longer, I over-embellish and  over-think the placement of every little bit.  I have developed a habit of working for 45 minutes – and then coming back for a few last tweaks for 15 minutes.  Of course, if I photograph it for the blog, I will notice another tweak, so perhaps I'm a 66 minute scrapper.

Notwithstanding that -  once in a while, I linger for several hours – and that provides its own reward too.  Just as long as it doesn’t become a regular thing.  I can putter around in the studio while cleaning up or reorganizing supplies for a couple of hours at a time, and enjoy that as well.  That is much less likely to become a regular thing.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment? I have recently rediscovered stamping, especially on pocket cards.  And I was in scouting and scooping mode on flair, everyday life cards, and alphabets of all sizes right up until October 1, when I started a deep spending freeze until the end of the year.  I've joined a Facebook support group. If I do well, I might brag a bit; if you don't hear another word about it, you know not to ask, right?

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll answer the rest of the questions.  In the meantime, if you missed the tour bus last time, you can noodle over the idea of jumping on board too. 


  1. Great post, Susanne! I, myself, have been wondering exactly where I'm going with scrapbooking. I know I'll never give up 12x12 traditional scrapping, but I'm afraid if I keep going my albums are going to soon take over my house. That's why I'm hoping that pocket style scrapping added in will maybe help me with that! Good luck with the spending freeze! I did that last year and am thinking about doing it again soon.

  2. I love pocket pages when I have an over abundance of photos to scrsp or for trip I take! I still love doing 12x12 layouts! Good luck with the spending freeze. Hoping to keep my spending budget low, too!

  3. An hour sounds good. If I could get myself down to an hour I'd probably have a lot more filled albums to deal with!

  4. I must admit I did not notice the counterfeited pocket page - that's how good they are! Wonderful post today & I had several chuckles because I thought you were writing about me a couple of times. Ah the sweet spot - nope, haven't found it yet. I think that's why (for me) the stash is building & the pages few, I spend a lot time wanting to be as good as _____ ( fill in the blank) & become frozen. Umm yes I need to sing let it go while scrapping ...

  5. It was fun to learn a little more about you and your process. I've been concentrating on stamping lately too and while I haven't found my scrappy sweet spot yet, counterfeiting kits has definitely streamlined my process. Good luck with your spending freeze!

  6. That was fun learning a bit about you and your scrapbooking. I'm sort of in a toss-up - some pocket pages and some 12x12 album stuff plus some online course things (read Cathy Zielske, Ali Edwards). I'm thinking the 12x12 will be for special things like special trips etc. Good luck with that spending freeze!

  7. I did notice that you've been doing pocket card kits for the counterfeits lately. I haven't been as productive lately, but think that will change once I get my new scrap space set up. :) I've rediscovered stamping a little lately, too, as I'm doing some in my Bible Journaling.

    A "deep spending freeze" sounds . . . interesting. :)

  8. I know what you mean about the "be more productive". I need to find a way to do more too. I want to. I don't just want to make up my kits and ignore them after that. I need to add that to my list for 2016 or at least my list that kicks off around the 22nd! ;-)