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16 October 2015

Remember the Scrapbookers' Blog Tour meme - Part 2

Welcome back to the second stop on the Scrapbookers' Blog tour which I started on my last post:

Let's get going again.
4. How does my writing/creating process work? That is a really good question.  I do not have a really good answer.  I like writing my blog posts as much as scrapping layouts to share.  To save time, I formulated tables for repeated feature posts.  Structure keeps me from rewriting and tweaking time and again. I am trying to be more succinct (present post possibly excepted) because I know everyone’s time is valuable.

For other posts, I just write up one when an idea strikes me. I need to get back to doing more storytelling posts – to help with my memory-keeping. I should revisit my storytelling posts on the blog and finish those layouts.

Hey, storytellers, have scrapped all yours?

I do not jot down ideas in advance.  I do not keep any kind of journal. I toy with the idea of keeping a better list of projects, but in the interim, I keep a bin of printed photos to scrap.  I am not a planner (planning begins with P). I welcome spontaneity and serendipity (lovely S words, so you'd think they'd work with scrapbooking).

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired? When I am in the mood to craft, with a clean (optional) desk waiting for me, and inspiration lacking, I will look at old magazines, sketch books, or Pinterest boards for ideas I previously saved from reading blogs (like yours).  When I have done a fair amount of scrapping over a period of a few days, I will no longer be in the mood – and I don’t try to force it.

I often will look at something visual in my everyday surroundings and it will cue an idea for layout – but very few of those ideas stay with me.  I should take phone photos to save a few. I believe in last minute just-in-time inspiration.
6. What is my signature style? Over the last couple of years, I think my style has evolved quite a bit compared to the 5 years before that.   

Golly, S, you've been doing this a while now, haven’t you?

Thankfully, assignments from design teams have stretched my skills and enforced in my head the reasons I do things the way I do on a scrapbook page. In some measures, I am more comfortable with my "approach", although hard-pressed to describe my "style" as it is still evolving.  I feel myself being torn between clean simple pages

 and more involved pages.

I think doing pocket pages plays into this dichotomy.  They are clean and simple, so they carry over to pages.  At the same time, quick pocket pages, make we want to try more involved traditional layouts as well. So it's a struggle.  Clear as ink?

Geez, S, you're an accountant, learn to balance things - why don't you!

To sum up:  Let’s say my scrappy style is colorful with lots of pattern, and an old school low tech approach.  Does that match up with how you perceive my style?  Or am I just dreaming?

So there, an otherwise obsolete post has been rescued from near oblivion - and a scrapbooking blogger has another few days to come up with something new.

This meme used to include an invitation to others to answer the same questions.  So if you need a quick idea for a not-so-quick blog post (or two) - go for it!  Welcome to the tour!!


  1. Loved learning more about your style!!!!!!!!!

  2. Interesting to read how you work and get your inspiration. I am with you on the pocket pages - nice and easy to get photos intoalbums, but I too yearn for the more involved 12 x 12 now and then! Popping in as part of my blog comment challenge 300 in 30 days.

  3. I'm always up for learning a bit more about someone else's "process" (though I hesitate to use that word because I really don't like it!). I'm the same..I make my pages when my kits arrive, in a marathon so I get them done on time, and then that's enough for at least a week, maybe more. And I'm not like you..I depend a great deal on a blogging notebook in which to scribble an idea for a post as soon as it hits me. I'd forget if i didn't.

  4. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us. I think I'd have a hard time writing a post like this because my process is all over the place. LOL

  5. I enjoyed this little behind the scenes peek and I'm right with you on being torn between clean & simple and not so clean & simple. I guess as long as you're making pages that you enjoy, it doesn't matter how you classify them.

  6. I enjoyed these "tour" posts & reading more about your scrappy self!

  7. I've loved watching your style evolve in the (many) years since we "met". And as for your blogging, I never fail to smile at some point during one of your posts. You have such a great sense of irony, and lightheartedness. thanks for sharing