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29 October 2015

What’s Happening in My World

I saw this meme on Rinda’s blog Gallo Organico and at Gail’s Odds & Ends I thought it would make for a quick blog post.  I took my turn at tweaking a question, as they had.


1. What’s the title of the last book you read?
I just finished, and thoroughly enjoyed, Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles.  It is her first Hercule Poirot novel.  We have the whole collection and I’m determined to work my way through them in the coming year.  I have seen TV or movie adaptions of most of them, so it is interesting to read how she actually wrote them.

2. What is the last thing you cooked at home?
The last new thing I cooked was beef stifado that Sian mentioned on her blog.  I hadn’t heard of it, or maybe I had on her blog in years past and forgot.  It seemed to ring a distant bell, when I started my research online.  There are plentiful recipes to be found, and I ended up combining three similar recipes – one using butter instead of olive oil, one that included raisins, and one that was a crock-pot adaptation.  I thought it would be an original way to use up some stew meat.

We then took a spur of the moment hiking, antiquing and aunt visiting jaunt, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Unfortunately, by the time we returned, the stew meat had spoiled in the fridge.  So I tried it with pork and cranberries instead of beef and raisins.  One of the ingredients, maybe the bay leaf, was overpowering in its smell until the halfway through the cooking, causing me a bit of concern.  But in the end, it turned out very flavorful.  Hubby gave it a thumbs-up, we cheerfully finished the leftovers and I will try it again with beef, of all things.

3. What is your favorite thing about Fall?
With the arrival of crisp cool weather, I tend to cook more, as hubby grills less.  I use the crock-pot even more often, so I have time to be outside enjoying the colors or inside preparing for the holidays.

4. Share one thing that challenged you at some point over the last week.

I hit an impasse in my organizing project in our son's old room. I successfully did the big sort using those categories you see there, and ended up with quite a few empty containers.  Now the biggest part of the project that remains is sorting through pictures and memorabilia.  I know I have commented before that scrapbooking has exacerbated my pack rat tendencies.  Time to fix the problem.

2015 October

I have set the table up that used to my project life station for this project.  But, the first box I need to tackle is a box that had organized pictures in it, until it was knocked over onto the floor – by me.

5. List three hobbies that you actively pursue or want to pursue.
Scrapbooking, of course, reading, and I keep toying with the idea of doing something with a needle – either attached to a machine or not.  I miss my church quilting days.

6. What is the most recent memorable TV event you watched?
On Sunday night I caught up on three episodes of the new season of The Good Wife.  Have you seen the new investigator this season?  Memorable.

7. Besides watching "live TV," what service do you use to watch TV or films (netflix, on demand, etc.)?
I do not watch live TV.  Except for the local weather channel briefly each morning, I record everything.  That includes the nightly news so that I can fast forward through the commercials and save myself almost 25% in time.  We subscribe to Hulu and Netflix mostly for the kids’ use.

I recently rediscovered reruns of Murder She Wrote, and watch those when I need to wind down.

8. Share 3 things about the person you last spoke to today.

Not including my husband, about whom I have no insights, it would be my friend L, she invited me over to see what else she had done in her "barn" getting ready for a party.  She loves to decorate for all holidays, but especially Halloween, is a natural born collector of family antiques and "junk" (her words) in general, and loves to sing but won’t do so in the church choir.


9. Do you have any upcoming trips?  Just short quick holiday travel to see family.  We have a couple of ideas for longer, farther trips but the planning keeps getting pushed back for more mundane endeavors here at home.

10. Do you remember your dreams?  For maybe 2 or 3 minutes when I first wake up (maybe I only think I am awake), and then they are gone.  My husband remembers his and he has a few that reoccur.  I don’t do “reruns” in my head, at least none of which I am aware.

There, blog post done by 4:45 a.m., it's going to be a productive day.  What's happening in your world?


  1. Admiring your energy in getting a blog post written by a quarter to five in the morning - do you always get up so early? I always enjoy this type of post, and getting little peeks into corners of your world, and thank-you for being prepared to share them with us. Agatha Christie is a great go-to favourite here too, and if you've just begun, there's a whole year's worth of pleasure ahead of you!

    1. Sometime I just wake up and feel like "talking".

  2. So many things to comment on here. I started reading Agatha Christie in the 7th grade. I was always so happy that I could never figure out the culprit. I haven't read any of hers in years. But recently, via Netflix, I've discovered a new show that reminds me of her books. Foyles War is about a police detective set in war time England. The stories are so involved and expertly woven that I can't figure them out either! Love The Good Wife---although I miss Calinda and am not sure about this year. Organizing---my forte'---wish I was there to help. We'd knock it out in no time!!

    1. My Foyle's War dvds are almost as well used as my Agatha Christie ones. Loved that show; Michael Kitchen is masterful with his understated demeanor.

  3. Loved reading about what's going on in your world right now! Great photos too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These posts are so interesting to read. We have a long wait for the new season of The Good Wife, usually around Feb/March here. I'll miss Kalinda, but having followed your link I think I'll get over it! Loved him in Grey's. I too googled Beef Stifado as I had no idea what it was. Michael Kitchen lives near me and I've seen him once or twice picking up a newspaper in WH Smiths.

  5. The Stifado recipe I use I got from a BBC Good Food programme about 20 years ago. I started serving it when we had a lot of guests round all at one. I once made one to serve 16! And because they liked it I have kept coming back to it over the years. I keep meaning to try a slow cooker version..but wonder if it would reduce nicely enough. I'd hate watery stifado!

    I always enjoy reading posts like this one

  6. Thanks for the reminder to go look up the Stifado recipe, which I meant to do when I read that post. I've clipped it and put it into the Evernote recipe notebook for Princess to try.

    Good luck on the sorting and decluttering - and ugh on the photos falling over :(

    I used to love watching Murder she Wrote - think I'll look out for them again. Thanks for that reminder too :)

  7. A bit late but I finally got a chance to read your what's up. Ok, you've got me wondering what stifado is so after I write this I'll be googling it. We have a channel here (I think it's Vision) and they always seem to have a Murder She Wrote on although lately they've also had Columbo and MacMillan and Wife. It was on so much that John used to say "It's Mrs. Fletcher time" like the old Howdy Doody time thing. I haven't read any of the Agatha Christie's - I really should load a couple on the kindle for our upcoming trip.
    I shudder to even think of going through my scrapbooking supplies but my photos really need to be re-organized. I tried a system a few years ago but it just didn't work for me so I need to get them back the way I had them before. Good luck with your organizing!