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04 November 2015

IKEA–An Epic Idea

IKEA: An Epic Idea – a Counterfeit Kit Challenge pocket page


Story: I have already shared our IKEA adventure and my lovely new IKEA Raskog cart with you. 

Style: This came together super quick because:
  • I had enough vowels left in the Cosmo Cricket alphabet I had used before (6 vowels out of 8 letters – whew!);
  • The matching journal card I had decorated was big enough for the story in 5 short blurbs;
  • I still had the IKEA paper tape measure from the store, a perfect companion to the “On A Scale of 1 to 10” card;
  • The idea for the title came from the little flair which was pointing to Epic;
  • The receipt was easily attached with one butterfly sewn to attach it to the tag and another to help anchor it, allowing for it to be extended if you want to see the rest of it;
  • And I added a few other tags and touches directly on the pictures to finish the page.
Stash: The only items not in October’s Free As The Wind counterfeit kit:  the chipboard numeral 1 in a correct size to match up with the mini flair, and the small black alphabet from Studio Calico which, of course, was stored on the top level of my Raskog.

Back soon with a pocket page about the weekend crop, which was the reason I was in Chicago-land in the first place.


  1. I wish I can get to scrapping those every day this ♥

  2. So FUN to see the record of your IKEA adventure!

  3. Love love love this! LOVING that you dedicated your page to Ikea and that you included the receipt!!!!!!!!!

  4. That's a lot of vowels in one, two word, title! I like the bold graphic 1,2,3,4,5 card. I'm always looking for ideas to make my own PL cards.

  5. I'm always happy to read an Ikea adventure! Those trolleys? You've persuaded me: I need to go back for another one..

    Love the colours in this

  6. I would go to Ikea every week just for the eye candy if it were just a wee bit closer :)
    Perfect pocket project!

  7. Are you going to continue with PL next year? I'm seriously thinking about it - again - as I notice that these are exactly the type of stories I want to capture but not necessarily on a full blown page! Great little slice of life and I'm so happy you now have a Raskog - you won't regret it!